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WHOM Do Your Serve?


WHOM WILL YOU SERVE? That is all you have to worry about. Each man will be called to account for his life and his choices. If you are truly Born Again, you have the Holy Spirit inside you. He will guide you into all truth. That is a promise. Get Born Again, first. After that, ask God for wisdom. Study the Bible. Find a good Bible teacher who does not have Replacement Theology, which replaces the Church with Israel. God is a jealous God. There are many promises of blessings for those who love Israel and the Jewish people. There are many promises of curses for those who do not, and those who hurt Israel and the Jewish people.

Find the one true God. Find Him soon, as one can see how the earth is being shaken.We, all, know there are huge shake-ups coming. Seek God, Friends. Seek Him, while you have the freedom( and time) to do so.

This is my one message.


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