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How Do I Work as a Christian Psychic?

377045_173745539388988_166402636789945_294815_2092619533_nI described that I am not a  traditional psychic, per se, in my last article. I have the Gift of Knowledge. This gift allows one to know information not known by the five senses. In many ways, I work the same way as a traditional psychic. However, in many more ways I am very different. A traditional psychic is not Born Again. The way I use the term Christian Psychic denotes a person who is Born Again.

A traditional psychic does not have God’s spirit living inside him, according to the Bible. Hence, a traditional psychic gets his information from the dark side. It must be so because he is connected to the dark side.  All people who are not Born Again are connected to the dark side. One must accept Jesus into one’s spirit in order to be connected to the light, according to the Bible. Hence, a Christian Psychic, as I define it, does have God’s light within him and gets his answers from God.

I will describe how  a phone consultation with a client may go. A person will call me because he will have a problem. It is quite pressing or he would not have called me. I ask him to speak from his heart and I will meditate and see what I can hear. I stop the person when I hear something, so I don’t lose it.

What comes to me comes from outside. I can’t control it. I can’t make it happen.If it does not come, there is nothing I can do. . Often, I am surprised by what I hear. Often, it is opposite to what I would have thought. I will , always, take the risk to share it with the person, even if it seems silly to me or is embarrassing to say. My integrity is very much a part of what I do. I answer to God, not man. God let me know, early on, that I needed to act with utmost integrity. God was trusting me with His people and He took that trust very seriously. Honestly, I am more afraid of disappointing God than man.

In a rare percentage of cases, I cannot hear anything. When this happens, I tell the person that I am not able to access information because I am not supposed to do so. I don’t know why. It does not bode ill, in any way. It is just not for me to do. I have an interesting story with my son.  He asked me, recently, to feel something about his job. I told him that wall was going up where I could not feel. Then, I got the sense that he was depending on me too much and God wanted him to access God for himself.  He did just that with wonderful results.

I am there to serve God and the client. I am scrupulously honest. If a person is not happy with our consultation, I will refund his money. I do not want a single person to go away and feel they did not get a  wonderful service. I try to far exceed what the client expects. I do the same thing with my charts.

Back to the phone consultation. I will be called upon to deal with all sorts of situations. If you think of the many things that cause people pain, I will be called upon to meditate on these. Many people call me with relationship questions. This is the most common issue. Some people have family problems. Some people have health problems.

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling but I am a natural counselor. One is born as such, not made. I have  the Asteroid Jung conjunct my Sun, exact. I  counsel people, whether or not I do it as a career. I am a good listener and people seem to talk to me. I have Cancer Moon conjunct the MC which means I was made to show my heart to the world. People tell me they feel understood when they talk to me.

Some people will ask me if I can feel the future, such as will they meet a man and what will he look like etc? I really do not do this. I have been trying to stretch myself and see if I can see more future things. I am feeling that I am but this is my stretching of myself and not what I offer. When people talk about their situations, I feel God’s leading and what to say to them. If someone calls me and wants me to tell them the future, I  tell them that I do not work that way. I have had a few people do that. I wrote an article explaining what I do and how I do it  and have not had this situation since.

I offer e mail readings and live chats, too. My e mail readings are very reasonable because I want to reach everyone who is interested. I will spend as long a time on the e mail as needed. This is my passion. I want the person to feel as if I greatly exceeded his expectations. If this is the case, I am happy.

Whether or not I do an e mail, live chat or phone reading, the process is the same. One cannot buy genuine caring. One cannot buy a genuine desire to help. I have these because this is truly my passion. If I could find another me, I would go 😀



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