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Agnes Ross————————–Dallas, Texas


Thank you so much for working on my chart, it took me some time to get my thoughts together and write you back… 
I was crying today after reading everything all overagain!
As you said, your asteroid trined my NN, so, that’s true, I started receiving help and confessions about myself from the first email.
Some of the thing we talked about were my negative sides that I usually don’t talk about to anyone. I don’t even think of them as negatives. Talking about them felt good like loosing some kind of a burden, and I’m decided to consiously try to stay away from those behaviours.
I always felt about myself the way you described me in your readings, it confirmed what I thought about myself, both good and bad.

I think that if I’m so full of pain and feel stuck in that box of past, people around me feel it too, and it stands on my way to self actualization, which is to help others through communication, advice, love and kindness, and etc., all that I would love to do more of.
I want to think of myself as the one with a good core, and I want to do some work on myself to become that person.
Now I have more entusiasm about my future, some new plans and aspirations in my life, new short-term and long-term goals!