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Justine R. Western Australia

Ami, thank you so much for your help and guidance. You have been such a huge part of this journey for me, even if only for a short time, it feels like you have really helped take 2 years off my shoulders. I have been to counseling and going through self-improvement this whole time and none of that has taken away the niggling feeling in me. You have cleared everything up because you could read into my situation so clearly! For helping me get past this I can’t thank you enough.

6 thoughts on “Justine R. Western Australia

  1. AmiRuth E Velasco

    Hi Ami. You are an awesome christian and an awesome psychic!!! I loved my reading!!! I also think you are very kind and nurturing. Your journal is also very helpful!! I am thanking God for you.

    Ruth E Velasco

  2. AmiChristine Jonker

    I’m one of those people who does NOT trust people … but I trust Ami 100%. I believe she has a direct line / link to the truth … which is a complicated thing, because truth is hardly ever simple or easy … often it’s contradictory … But your help is totally practical and easy to understand Ami, and for that I’m super thankful ^ ^

  3. AmiSara

    I have gotten several readings from Ami and so far all have been so accurate!

    Ami is caring and supportive. More importantly, she is honest and provides a straight forward and honest approach when answering questions.

    There are a lot of scams out there and Ami is definitely not one of them!

    Thank you so much for everything!

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