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Lali Washington State

Your insight has been very valuable to me. Throughout our conversations, you have brought heavy issues of mine to my attention in a helpful way because you are there to discuss them with me. You are wonderfully intuitive.

I can tell that you are very open and caring, and dedicated to what you do. You realize that there is really no separation between the people you are helping and yourself. Thank you, Ami 🙂

4 thoughts on “Lali Washington State

  1. AmiHeather

    I’m a sensitive and I need help, I’m terrified of the spirits I sense/see and I need guidance. Preferably I’d like to talk face to face with someone. Please help me, no one in my life would understand my dilemma and I don’t want to live out the rest of my life in fear.

    1. Amiamiann

      I can help. It will be OK. Contact me and we will set up an appointment.If you don’t want to to that or can’t, I will talk to you here. Don’t worry.I can help you!!

    2. Amiamiann

      I will be happy to help you on here, if you would like, Heather. I have you on my mind. I can hook you up with a friend of mine, too. He sees spirits! xx

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