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Lilly Melen Bronx NY 19 year old

I was going through a really rough situation before I met Ami i was in a relationship with someone who was not for me.He was much older and abusive. I was feeling extremely lost . I had so much anger and frustration because i thought I was going to have to go through this for my whole life. My friends were a great help but no one but Ami convinced me to stay away from him .Prior to this, I got so tired of not having someone to talk to and to help me get through things. Once I met Ami, I decided to learn more about myself and my life. Ami was very welcoming and gave me great advice about things that not even my friends could help me with . She knew how to get around me i guess lol She blessed me with her help … After I got to talk to Ami, my life literally changed because I haven’t been back to see him. It has been about a month, now. I’m doing quite well . I feel relief and blessed that I found someone to talk to and e-mail every now and then when i feel something is not going to end right or not good enough for me. Shes someone very special.. Thank You Ami

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