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Tamara Alexander OKC OK–second reading

I wanted to take this time to thank you for who you are as a person ; for what you offer and for what you’ve done for me, personally. You speak of real life events of which we all must endure. However, you take it a step further . You give what you believe to be honest advice. Because of your loving guidelines and suggestions, people will be able to take back control over their lives. People may not be aware of your kindness and dedication to what you love. When you have someone that loves what they do, their love tends to rub off on you . That makes you want to give back. You are special just because you are you. In the time we have spent texting, I have connected to you as one would connect to their psychiatrist or personal stylist. I respect you for what you do and hope that I may become of assistance for you in the future.

. Thank you Ami , you are a wonderful, wonderful person.

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