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Aquarius is an Air sign. It rules the 11th House, the house of hopes and dreams, and of service to those in far away lands. Aquarius is fixed Air. This means that Aqua is intellectual and stubborn, to put it in simple terms. The hallmark of Aqua is that he loves humanity, but does not like to get too close to living, breathing human beings. Cancer is the sign of the mother. It was made to nurture and nest build. Aqua is quincunx Cancer. This means that cancer and Aqua do not understand each other. They are like two separate species: a wolf and an alligator. The sign of Aqua finds mothering to be difficult. Aqua wants to be out feeding the poor and saving the whales, not wiping chins and kissing scraped knees. Aqua is a masculine sign, as are all the Air signs. However, Aqua seems the most aloof and the most removed. Aqua seems as if they spout wonderful aphorisms, but these aphorisms stay in the realm of their heads, not their hearts. Aqua seems to be shallow while espousing ersatz depth. I do have a personal bias here, as I have met many Aquas who fall into this mold. I know that many do not.


In Aqua’s defense, they will do action for your good. They will jump in and help you clean the house, burp the baby and make dinner. However, if you want a hug, they may stiffen. Emotions come hard to them, it seems. They are not comfortable in this realm. However, they were not made to be a warm fuzzy, smooch-smooch kind of person. They were made to be do-ers of acts. Those acts are how they serve, not by holding your hand. Certain signs do not go well with other signs. One must look at moons, here, as the moon is the most intimate part of oneself. Check the quincunx to your own moon. The quincunx is 150 degrees. It is the sign one side over from the opposition. For example, if your moon was Aries, Libra is the opposite sign. Bordering Libra are Virgo and Scorpio. These signs are quincunx Aries. You can look at the quincunxes to your moon( or your Sun, Mars, or Venus).

Back to Aqua. Aqua is different when it is the sign of the different planets. Aqua Sun and Aqua Moon seem to be the most aloof. Aqua Venus and Aqua Mars do not seem that way, to me. Perhaps, a different Sun or Moon colors the Aqua aloofness and makes it warmer.Aqua Ascendents seem to have a true passion to help in causes. I have found that to be the case. The Aqua Ascendant can get so upset about injustice that he will cry. He will go out of his way to help someone he does not know, who lives far away.Often, he will never meet the person. There is a quest to right wrongs that drives the Aqua Ascendant.

I am not sure who the Aqua is most compatible with. It’s opposite sign is Leo. One is, usually, attracted to one’s opposite sign. The opposite sign has traits which complete one. Leo is very different from Aqua. Leo is very warm and personal. Leo is very affectionate. Leo will hug and kiss you, with no shame that he is in public. Leo’s warm must be an attraction to Aqua’s aloofness. Aqua’s aloofness must be a match to Leo’s warmth. This is how it works with any opposite signs.

Each sign of the Zodiac is unique for it’s particular contribution. We resonate with some signs and not others. We can get behind the eyes of some signs, and not others. Such will be the case with all of us. The problem comes when you have a parent with a sign which is compatible with yours. I suppose this could be the case for a boss or any person with whom you are forced to associate. In these cases, your best bet may be Astrology, as it will help you understand the way in which that person sees the world. Other than that, try to run.





4 thoughts on “Aquarius

  1. amiannscorpiomama

    I can totally agree with this, as my progressed ascendant is in Aquarius, soon to conjunct my natal Pallas. I do have a true passion to help other countries in need, even though I never visited these places. Of course, I do not have the funds, but I do fantasize about re-building broken down places. It hurts me to hear about the unemployment rate going on, and seeing the homeless everywhere. I truly hate to see a soul become delirious from suffering. A couple of weeks ago as I was sitting in my bus, I noticed a homeless man walk past my bus, pick up a small milk carton that was on the ground, and drank from it!! It was so normal to him. He never cringed! I wished I had cash on me instead of these debit cards so I could get him some real food. There was a Popeye’s Chicken across the street, but I couldn’t help due to no cash. So yeah, I can definitely feel the Aquarius ascendant along with the detachment as well. I cannot comfort you by holding you or telling you it will be ok. I can only imagine myself helping materially, not emotionally. Interesting enough, my progressed Moon just crossed my progressed descendant, and will conjunct my natal Vertex in a couple of months. This spring I think. Maybe I will have an “emotional” moment. lol. We shall see. I will keep you posted.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Very, very interesting about the Progressed ASC. I have not worked with Progressions much, but you got me excited about them! Please, keep me posted, as I love how clearly you write.

  2. amiannAquacheeka

    “The sign of Aqua finds mothering to be difficult. Aqua wants to be out feeding the poor and saving the whales, not wiping chins and kissing scraped knees.”

    Ami, I honestly think you deserve an award. I was built for friendship not mothering, I have felt this way since I was a child myself. I have never known a single Scorpio, Cancer or Leo woman who felt the same.

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