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Leo is Fixed Fire. Leo rules the 5th house: the House of children, creativity, hobbies, romance and fun. Leo, himself, has the open heart of a child. Leo is fire which gives a natural self confidence. Leo is Fixed which adds to emotional stability, as he can stick to his own ideas and principles in an unwavering i.e stubborn . Leo may look like a lion. He may have a beautiful head of hair. He may love to look in the mirror, too, as Leo is known to be vain. However, he has such a sense of childlike affection and general good nature, that people forgive him his vanity. Leo is one of the most generous signs. Leo will go to great lengths to get you the perfect present, as he likes to give you joy, too. Leo is generous with his time and his possessions. In turn, people reciprocate. Leo has many friends and is much loved.

Leo has his faults, as we all do. He may not think outside of his own navel. In other words, it may be all about him. He can be chided on this score. He can try to change. However, he may, always, be on the self centered side. The jokes about Leo, as a lover, abound. He has sex and asks, “How great was I?” I can’t say if that is the case. You, partners of Leo, will have to enlighten me.

Leo has a thing for beauty. He will come out and tell you,. Leo loves physical beauty. Leo likes a beautiful partner on his arm.Leo may be the King of arm candy, as well as King of the Jungle. Leo Venus may be the most well known for this. His date must make him look good. He has admirers/fans who are watching, mind you. Leo loves to glam himself up, as well as his date. He may drive a fancy car and sport jewels. If not jewels, a Rolex. It will be real, mind you. Leo likes the best. He does not go for ersatz. Leave that to a cheesy Gemini. Leo’s home may be decked out, as is fit for a king. He may have throne like chairs. He may favor red, gold and purple : the colors of royalty. He will decorate with grandeur, as much as he can afford.

Leo may be too sensitive, as far as his feelings. If you insult him, he may not be able to step back, as can a Gemini. He may look as if you slapped him across the face. Your heart will break a little, as if you, literally, hurt a child. In these cases, you need to shower your Leo with tender, loving care and attention. He will brighten up, if you do.

Leo is at home in the Sun. Leo Sun is in it’s domicile, which is it’s most favorite place. That is why Leo has a natural self confidence. Leo likes being the moon sign. Leo moon is sweet, affectionate, giving and loving, as a child. In fact, he never grew up. You,as his partner, will experience the magic of the child,. Leo Venus is a Glam guy or girl. He likes black tie affairs, so he can dress to the nines. His date will be sure to make the other men drop their jaws. Beauty comes before brains and most everything else. That is Leo Venus’ little secret. OOPS, I let it out.

Leo likes to be in Mars, as well. Mars is drive. Leo is fire, so Leo and Mars do just fine. Leo is Fixed Fire, so can be stubborn and persistent, as he tries to reach his goals. He may even be a showman. However, it will be done with so much self confidence, that people will applaud his efforts, instead of resenting his success.

The Leo Ascendant is not the best place for the Ascendant. In fact, I think it is the worst. Leo does not do well, at this pivotal point in the chart. He goes too far, with his self confidence until it reaches the point of cloying. Leo Ascendant makes “all about him” into an art form. In fact, it is the rare Leo Ascendant who has risen above this and can be a good listener and helper to others. I have a Leo Ascendant friend who is a superlative listener. I asked him if he was always this way. He said that he had to learn. He used to be so obnoxious that he would have lost all his friends, if he did not change. For all you Leo Ascendants, don’t take up all the air in the room. leave some for the other creatures of the forest.

2 thoughts on “Leo

  1. amiannDave K

    Hi Ami, I love this article. I’m a new member on the Mars in Scorpio page on Facebook and have Leo Sun, Moon and Venus.

    You’re right, I love to be sweet and cuddly, happy and innocent with my mate. I ask her how I ”
    perform ” only because the biggest turn on in the world is a woman who is sexually satisfied. I love to impress a lady, and treat her like a princess when in love.

    But on the down side is when it all falls apart. It is very hard for me, as I’m sure it is for everyone, but I take loss particularly hard.

    Recently my wife and I had some issues which lead to her leaving and I didn’t handle it well. It’s been almost 3 months and I would say 90% of the days have been a volatile explosion when we talk. Maybe that is more the Mars in Scorpio. Her Mars is Capricorn and Mercury in Pisces so we don’t communicate well.

    When she made the decision to leave, it was the most hurtful thing to go through I remember the painful shock to my heart. She wanted space to work herself out and she regrets it to this day. I feel like she wants me back, she will always love me but when I ask if she wants to work on it or try, she always says no and that too much has happened. I tend to agree, but she is so fragile and innocent, I can’t help but want her too. She has no family, I was her everything and now we are apart, she feels like she has noone which breaks my heart.

    I’m a bit lost myself.

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