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Pisces is a sacred sign. I have saved it for last, as it inspires awe in me and I don’t really understand it. For those who believe in reincarnation( and I don’t), they say that Pisces is the last sign on the reincarnation journey, as Pisces has learned his lessons. Pisces does not quite belong to the earth bound dimension. He stands a bit above other men. One can’t see it with the physical eye, but one can discern it with the spiritual one. Pisces is best known for his sensitivity. All Pisces are very sensitive. They have a raw sensitivity. This is because Pisces is the closest to the next dimension which is etheric. The next dimension vibrates at a higher rate than this one. One must access the next dimension, if one is an artist or a musician. That is, actually, what the great artists do. They can touch a place that we, mortals, cannot. All Pisces come closest to touching this place than the other denizens of the Zodiac. The next dimension is one of spirituality, creativity, mysticism and addiction. It is very hard to be such a sensitive soul in this harsh, earth environment. Pisces, as a Sun sign, is sensitive, but the Moon bears the largest brunt. The moon in Pisces feels more than any moon, bar none. The Moon in Pisces will not be able to handle the rigors of life as well as other Moons. If you see ANY person with a Moon in Pisces, they will suffer more than any other Moon sign, in my humble opinion. If they seem super secure, it is an act. They need a hug and a warm word more than others. Give it to them. I make sure to see below the surface when I see a Moon in Pisces. I will do kind gestures to that person. I will send them little notes or inquire about their day. I will, often, find a true friend, as most people see the outer facade, which may be tough. I can assure you that the inner soul is not tough. This is an example of how Astrology helps you figure out people and life.

The Pisces Ascendant has the outer veneer of Pisces. Inside, he may not be as gentle and sensitive as he appears. However, he will appear as such. He may look as if he is actual creature of the ocean, in that he looks watery. By watery, I mean very sensitive. He may have large eyes that look like they have pools in them. Pisces makes for a very beautiful Ascendant.

The Pisces Sun is not as deeply raw as the Pisces Moon. The Pisces Sun will be a gentle, sensitive soul who may like dreaming and going into his imaginary world. Pisces rules the 12th House. The 12th House is the House of all hidden parts of society. They are hidden because they are unseemly. These hidden places would include hospitals, hospices, prisons and mental institutions. Most people cannot bear to enter these domains. However, the Pisces Sun or Moon may flourish where others would drown. Pisces can give succor and nurture to those cast off from society. It may be because he is very close to them, in his soul. Pisces has suffered, in his own way. Pisces will be the first sign to offer a hand to a fellow sufferer. It is a true hand coming from a true heart.

It is interesting that Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus is very sensitive, very refined, very ethereal. It loves the Pisces energy. The Pisces Venus is often a poet or an artist of some sort. No matter what his other placements, the Pisces Venus is a beautiful soul. Know that, as you know the Pisces Moon needs an extra boost.


13 thoughts on “Pisces

  1. amiannRicha

    I have my venus in pisces and I totally agree with you. I really like the line” It is very hard to be such a sensitive soul in this harsh, earth environment”. I totally agree with you on this as I keep struggling with my sensitivity that really sometimes makes it difficult for me to take things lightly or open up to people, only for the fear of being taken advantage of.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks so much for commenting, Richa. My articles are a very personal part of me. When people like them and can from them, it is a warm fuzzy, of inestimable value to me!

  2. amiannlunaeamethyst

    My boyfriend has Moon in Pisces and this is so true! He has a deeply sensitive soul and I think its beautiful, for some reason when Moon in Pisces is mentioned I see a very beautiful image inside of my head.. ethereal, sensitive, and delicate… complex indeed. I love Water moons!

  3. amiannabhishek

    hey ami i am pisces too. everysingle word written above is as true as life and death. i am so sensitive creative etce etc but i dont know about venus or moon……

  4. amiannabhishek

    hey ami i am pisces too. everysingle word written above is as true as life and death. i am so sensitive creative etce etc but i dont know about venus or moon…… hey

  5. amiannabhishek

    i have read it manytimes but everytime i read it i seems i get to know something more about myself but i am not happy of being pisces honestly even though trying to be good i have often been misjudged i have lost most of my loved ones because of it and i have become so lonely that i fear making new frnds girl or boy coz i know someday they are going to leave me slapping me on my face and im gonna miss them and cry for them…… Its a bitter experiance i have had many times in my life and it was always the same

  6. amiannAsuka

    I’m pisces moon and I agree with every word you put up there. My surroundings affect me so much that being in the presence of a pessimistic/emotionally volatile people takes such a toll on me… It feels so suffocating that I have to distance myself from those people for a while to be able to enjoy their company again. I’m aware it is a tough sign for the moon to be in, but I like it. I believe it’s part of the reason that I am empathetic to anyone. I don’t mind the asteroid Valentine conjuncting it, either 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks for that post, A. You describe it very well. With a Valentine conjunction, I bet you are wonderful to the person fortunate enough to be your partner!

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