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Virgo gets a bad rap. I think Virgo far surpasses others signs in certain ways. Virgo has a great deal of integrity. Integrity is in short shrift, today. Virgo takes his word, seriously. Virgo is a throw back to the old days when a man’s word was his bond. Virgo’s still is. Virgo is mutable earth. Mutable makes one flexible and able to adapt to change. This can be both positive and negative. Virgo will stand behind the scenes, rather than be the man in front. This is the nature of mutability. Virgo is earth. Earth can deal with the practical details of life. Virgo is the most gifted sign in dealing with details. This is no easy feat. Many signs cannot do this.

Virgo can be pictured in a double breasted grey blazer ( from Brooks Brothers). He may look like a docile pussycat. However, never make that assumption without looking at other placements. A Virgo with a Mars in Scorpio may be more like a tiger behind closed doors. However, his business associates may never know. This general rule of Astrology can clearly be seen with Virgo, as what you see may not be what you get. A Virgo with Scorpio placements is known for wild and crazy under the facade of cool and collected. This illustrates the importance of looking beyond the Sun Sign. The Sun sign is just one level, albeit the most important one. If you want to know your man(or woman) inside and out, look at whole natal chart.

Back to Virgo.Virgo’s opposite sign is Pisces. Virgo, who pays such attention to detail, is attracted to Pisces, who is the most amorphous sign. Pisces has one foot( or fin) in the next world. Pisces can hear the tune of the next realm of spirituality, mysticism and creativity. Virgo may like to shed his earth bound status and take a trip to the world in which Pisces dwells. That is an example of what opposite signs can do for one. another.

Virgo rules the 6th House. The 6th House is the House of service and health. Virgo takes service, very seriously. For all boss’s check to see if your potential employee is a Virgo. Scoop him up, as he will treat your business, as his own. This is another rarity in this day and age where the self is worshiped. The self is pruned, built up and beautified. Virgo is unique in that he cares to reach out to the other, with a genuine hand of altruism. If you watch Virgos, you will see this.

Virgo is thought to be too health obsessed. Virgo is thought to pay as much detail to his health, as he does to his organization. Virgo Ascendants have told me that they have travel medical kits, all organized and ready for any eventuality. Virgo is a consummate planner, in general, so this may be the case. If you want to discuss long range plans for your financial future(or your future, in general) grab your nearest Virgo. He is a whiz at this and it is a necessary skill which most signs do not have. Virgo is the opposite of “Fly by the seat of your pants”

The hardest planet in the sign of Virgo may be the moon. The moon likes to be in signs which have a close relationship to their emotions such as cancer. The moon is one’s feminine side. It is one’s deepest heart and deepest emotional layer. The moon in Virgo is a cold moon. It may plan and think, rather than feel. It may pay attention to detail rather than extend a hand and a heart. This Moon placement seems to feel burdened by it’s attention to detail, more so than the Virgo Sun or Ascendant.Virgo Moons complain about being “too anal”. I think most Virgo moons would rather trade their moon for one that was more feeling accessible. If one sees a Virgo Moon, one should look for emotional accessibility in the Sun, Ascendant or Venus. If it were not there, one should take note of this, if one needs a partner who has more access to his own feeling nature.

Virgo is gifted in any job which must pay attention to detail, by the nature of the profession. For a nurse, for example, one wants her to be precise about her patient care. One small slip up could result in tremendous problems. The same goes for a doctor, a pilot or an accountant. The Virgo probably has an organized work space, if it is only his at home desk. He probably has files for his bills and can access an account which is many years old. All in all, Virgo Sun is a gentleman. He will not go wild and crazy on you. He can be counted on to stay for the ride. He can be counted on to be true to his word. That is not too shabby in this day of microwave everything, most especially relationships.




* If you are interested in this beautiful picture, it is street art in Israel.


4 thoughts on “Virgo

  1. amiannolivia roldan

    tnx for the virgo reading,,im sept19,62.
    wanted to know if i posible for me to be admitted in applying to scotland as a care giver?
    and if i can still have a lifetime partner in lif,,,what itll be the right sign?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Olivia dear
      I would need for you to make an appointment for a private reading. You can see my options on the front of my website. If I don’t hear from you, I wish you wonderful success in your career and other life spheres!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Karen! No, I am a Gemini. How does it seem profound to you, Karen? I feel so happy you said that as I have to try to get behind the eyes of signs and sometimes I don’t know if I do a very good job. I have no Virgo in my chart.

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