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Welcome to myChristianPsychic

My name is Amelia, I go by the nickname Ami and would like to welcome you to my website. I have the title Christian Psychic but I want to explain more, so you can see if I am the right person for you. I am not a psychic, per se.  I am a Born Again Christian and a Messianic Jew. I had a very long journey to get here and I will share a little of that with you.

I am a counselor with a Bachelors from Duke University and a Masters from University of Virginia. I never expected to be a Christian. I never expected to be a psychic. In fact, these were the last things I wanted to be. I lost my son and that started me on a complete surrender to God. I ended up here, one could say.  This website is my passion. My readings are my passion. This includes all of them from the e mail to the Astrology charts.

I want my life to be of service to God and to the people whom God loves and that is everyone. I have many Christian clients and many non Christian clients. I do not see color, gender or religion. I see a heart. God did that for me and I am very grateful. I have the Gift of Knowledge which allows me to feel things that will happen. Every person who is Born Again has gifts, one or more.

I first became aware of my psychic abilities when any time a family member or a friend told me they were sick or not feeling well, I could immediately sense if it was something serious or not. I would get a curious but very definite, light or heavy feeling in my gut. As it would turn out,  I was almost never wrong.

I feel at ease with my abilities and appreciate how God has blessed me in this way. At first, I only did readings for my family members and friends, and it brought me great joy. I quickly realized that giving readings had become a real passion in my life. I also quickly knew that I wanted to share my abilities and help more people than just my family and friends. I feel very strongly that I am being guided to help more people, and that is why I have created this website. I have a strong need and desire to provide answers for people and provide a sincere and trustworthy service for those seeking or needing my unique help. I find people or they find me, because I am meant, for some reason, to help them.

Combining Academic Education with Psychic Gifts

I proudly graduated Cum Laude with my BA Degree in Psychology from Duke University. My minor for my BA was music, with emphasis on piano and playing music is still a very important part of my life today. I had laid a firm foundation for working with people, but felt I could do more. So, after my graduation from Duke, I decided to study for a Master’s Degree in Counseling. I attended the University of Virginia, completing a 2 year program in a year and a half, with a 4.0 GPA.

I believe my training and education shows that I am very serious about how I combine and apply both my formal training and my gifts when trying to help someone. I have a formal education and scientific background and have studied for many years on how to help people and use my abilities to their best effect. Whatever is going on in your life and whatever you are concerned about, I will try to counsel you and help you find new direction and perspective.

I did my internship in spousal abuse and worked in group counseling with men mandated by the court to attend counseling. I have also worked in a shelter for abused woman. If any of these are your issue, I understand what you are experiencing and can help you. After I graduated I moved and worked at one of the top holistic health centers in the world. Then I worked for a year as a holistic practitioner. This is when I studied acupuncture.

About Ami

Three years ago, I lost my youngest son and I was totally devastated and a bereaved parent. I never wished to develop the depth of psychic intuition I have, but it seems that I have developed them even more as a result of this deeply emotional experience. Whatever situation may be troubling you with your children, you can be sure I have experienced something at least similar. I have a great depth of understanding and compassion.

Why Contact Ami for your Reading

When you are looking for psychics, you are usually at a vulnerable time in your life, looking for answers. By reaching out to me, you can be assured of my integrity. I am doing this because I truly wish to help people and I get incredible joy from giving readings. If I do not read for people, I really sense a void in my life.

I am also a student in the study of astrology, and may ask you for your birth date as I do your reading. This will allow me to help you better. I do not believe that astrology has any conflict with Christianity or Judaism, it is simply a tool that enables me to better use my abilities to help you.

I will use all the skills I have developed over the years, to provide you with the answers you seek. My experience has always been highly accurate, and I am quite certain I can give you answers to your questions. If you call me you will become a part of my family and my friend, a part of my heart. You are important to me. You are someone who has come into my life for a relationship with me, if it is for only one consultation or for more.

When you call a psychic you are looking for human warmth and compassion. That is what I am here to provide. From the first time you hear my voice you will feel a personal connection. It will be a conversation between you and me. Please contact  me today so I can begin to help you find the answers to your questions. I am waiting and will be delighted to hear from you.