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Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor–The Composite




comp anne and henryOnce again, we have a fascinating chart for these two  lovers  whose, seemingly, fated story both fascinates and repels us. The Composite comes into play at the time of marriage and is the chart of the marriage.

The ASC is the frozen 29th degree. The 29th degree is a very  unfortunate degree. It freezes what it touches. By that, I mean that there is a feeling of being stuck. One cannot go backward. One cannot go forward, so one stays as one is, albeit with a sense of ennui. People who have the Sun at 29th degree may feel as if they  cannot  rev their motor and get on with life. It would be similar to the idling of a car or the  treading of water. You move but you do not go anywhere. If one has a Moon at the 29th Degree, one may feel as if one’s emotions are frozen.One can apply this to any of the planets or angles.

This is a very unfortunate degree to have on the ASC of a Composite. It shows a stagnation and a trapped feeling. The DSC is 29 degrees, as well, as they are always in opposite signs and the same degree. Hence, their romance was stagnant,as was their life. The ASC is the  daily life of the relationship.

It is interesting that both Lilith and Ceres conjunct the ASC. These are powerful  asteroids. Ceres is unconditional love, such as a mother has for her child. Lilith is raw sexuality. Both of these together are as potent as dynamite. I think there was a real romance. However, Henry had come into absolute power, as a result of the break from the Papacy. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Hence, Henry started his rule as a benign and kind ruler. He ended it as an despotic, churlish dictator.

Capricorn Moon conjuncts Juno in the 7th House. This shows a true and devoted heart love.However, the Moon  and Juno make some strange and telling  squares.Some are not close but the Moon can have up to a ten degree aspect and still count. Hence, we will discuss the   Moon squares.

There is a classic violence/accident  aspect in the 10th House. It is Mars  conjunct Uranus. This is quick and sudden violence such as  in a sudden car accident. The fact that this is in the 10th house, which is the House of society shows us that the violence in this relationship will be public. To add to the creepy factor, the Moon squares this. The Moon is the heart of the relationship. The relationship started as a close bond. We can see this in the Moon conjunction to Juno in the 7th House. Juno embodies all the qualities of a loyal and devoted spouse. The Moon placed in the 7th house shows the importance of the relationship to both Henry and Anne’s hearts. However, the square to Uranus/Mars foretells the  violence.

The name Henry conjuncts Mercury at 2 degrees. The random chance of this is practically nil, once again showing us the unerring accuracy of Astrology. I would interpret this aspect as Henry’s mind ruled the relationship. It was all about Henry, one would say, in modern parlance.

The Sun has a 4 degree conjunction with the Asteroid  Queens. Four degrees is wide. I will go up to three degrees in a conjunction. However, this was too amazing to ignore, so I put it out there for you. This relationship WAS  all about getting Anne to be Queen. Henry changed the religious and political  structure of an empire to achieve this.

Pluto conjuncts the North Node at 2 degrees. This tells us that primal passions will define this relationship. Primal passions made Anne Queen. Primal passions resulted in her death.

There is an interesting sandwich between Graves, Eris,Kings and Moira in the 11th House. The 11th House is the House of Hopes and Dreams. Henry had hopes for a son. We cannot understand the obsession of a monarch for his legacy because we live in a different time period. However, the  issue of an heir was Henry’s burning passion, both personally and politically. Eris is an explosive kind of asteroid. It niggles and irritates until structures break. People who are strong in Eris will annoy, fester, and uproot existing situations. This can be good or bad. Some people who are strong in Eris simply like to annoy for the pleasure of it. Some like to shake up social conventions for truly humanitarian reasons. Hence,Eris is a shaker of what is.  Graves is said to be actual graves.  Kings is kings, obviously. Then, we have Moira at the end. Moira is fate. One can put this together in the obvious way. A king’s hopes and dreams were  shaken up and death resulted.

Chiron is  in the 5th House. The pain of this relationship was that it did not produce a male heir. Anne miscarried a boy. If she had borne a son, she would have been safe. The miscarriage sealed her fate. Hence, the Chiron for this relationship MUST be in the 5th House. This helps us to know that we are on the right track with this Comp. There is really no other House in which Chiron would fit, for me. I use Chiron when I want to help a person figure out his birth time. One’s greatest pain will always be in the House of Chiron, in my opinion.

Saturn in the 4th shows the coldness of the home and also the restrictions Anne had to deal with as she was the mother in the relationship. The 4th house is the House of the Mother.Saturn opposes the Sun in the 10th House at 2 degrees. Saturn opposes the Asteroid Queens at 1 degree. This is very telling. Saturn makes for restriction and struggle. The Queen in this relationship, Anne, lost it all because she could not be a mother to a living son. I think we can see this in this aspect, as well as others. Themes will always be repeated in charts. It is as if God is telling us to watch out for the same thing. I find this to be the case in all charts I read.

Before I leave this chart, I should look at the Fixed Star, Algol. It is the Fixed Star of evil. Many serial killers have it in a prominent place, often the ASC. In Henry and Anne’s Composite, Algol makes an exact quincunx to the North Node. This shows us that what happened did not have to happen. It was a possibility and it was a choice. The quincunx is the aspect of transformation. It is the only aspect which allows for a birthing of a whole new entity from the existing ones. Hence, Henry was not fated to do what he did to England or Anne. He did it of his own free will and his own primal passions. Remember that Pluto conjuncts the North Node, as well. Pluto is primal passions. Henry’s life was one which included  great evil and so, the Fixed Star Algol is right where it should be.

I did not mine all that the chart had to offer but I hope I offered some interesting and educational food for thought!



17 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor–The Composite

  1. amiannnany

    hi ami ! a question on 29 th degree- how would the lunar nodes behave at this degree (north-south node capricorn- cancer axis). thanks

  2. amiannnany

    Yes Ami! I find it very hard to discipline (capricorn) myself to achieve my goals. still i wont give up but yes its hard…. True to the word….i feel frozen sometimes

  3. amiannnany

    Where has my question gone? Lol! Ok Ami ! I would request your interpretation of 29 degree north south node Capricorn -cancer axis…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok Gottcha Nany

      The problem is that I answer the Comments on the Comment Form and not the articles and so sometimes, the questions are not next to the last question. At ANY rate, I am very sorry for your hassle. I did answer it somewhere but who knows where it went 😛

      OK–I would think that you may feel that you don’t know HOW to get to your life purpose, as if you are frozen about how to get what you may even know is your fate. Does that fir, my Friend?

  4. amiannVivian

    Wow a very interesting article

    i have moon in aries at 29 degree exact. My emotions is moon but am not sure how that affects me ??

    here I was thinking that 29th had something to do with entering the next sign

    would this work for signs at 28th degrees as well as my capricorn north node is at 28th?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Actually, I screwed up and did not remedy it. It is the wrong Henry Tudor lol . It was his son who died. YES, the Moon at the 29th degree makes emotions seem frozen—very hard. Do you relate> The 28th degree is totally different–usually a gifted person.

  5. amiannVivian

    Oh its ok.

    well Ive always had problems with telling people how I really feel but I thought that my moon square saturn was responsible for that

    now with a frozen degree ..uggh ,,problems

    also I have pluto inconjunct moon. I am really complex , I think. My moon is in the 9th house, I hope this does affect my studies 🙁

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