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Asteroid Orchus

I met a man, recently, embodies Orchus. He has Orchus conjunct the North Node. The North Node chart shows our life purpose. This mans life has been a study in Orchus. Orchus forces one to survive against harsh odds. This man had such a life story. He left home at 14. He met the love of his life and they married. They lost one child , at birth, from a genetic kidney disease . He and his wife donated a kidney to another child. He is a successful banker and wants to have an orphanage for children, one day. One of my Astrology teachers said that Orchus is Rocky, down for the count. Rocky uses all his strength to stand up. Orchus forces the native of an Orchus dominant chart to do the same.

14 thoughts on “Asteroid Orchus

    1. Amiamiann

      Thanks so much, Mirage! You touched me so much. I can’t tell how I needed it, at this moment! I am not sure if they are the same. Sometimes, the Greek and Roam asteroids have different spellings. See, if they have the same story. Let me know what you find, Sweetie!

  1. AmiDavid

    Hello beautiful radiant friend!
    My natal chart has Orcus at 25° 9th house cancer ♋️ conjunct Saturn 0° tenth house Saturn conjunct Midheaven opposition Mercury 6° in 4th house Aquarius.
    I am a video/YouTube Internet marketing producer/promoter. Perhaps we can explore a trade? I also previously studied hand writing analysis however I am not yet professional with handwriting analysis.

    1. Amiamiann

      Thank you David but I will have to decline, my Friend. I am happy with my smaller scope. This is my passion not my living but I am honored at your request and thank you!

    2. AmiDynamicDavid

      Amiann, Any insights on my Orcus as specified in prior post? Or would it be similar as prior poster? Brave, hero?

      I just simply have many questions and want answers while also contributing, Thanks!


  2. AmiMiapapz

    I have orcus rx extremely close to my AC as my AC and orcus rx is also conjunct adams rx all in leo as they are in a far conjunct to Bella rx virgo in the 1st house.

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