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Basic Basic Astrology—— What is a Chart?

There are some people who know nothing about Astrology. We have all been there.It is like being in a foreign country not speaking the language. For those people, I would like to do a series on Basic, Basic Astrology. The first article is THE most basic. What is a chart?

A chart is the picture of the Universe at the time you drew your first breath.The Universe existed the minute before you drew your first breath.However, you were not in it.When you took your first breath, you became part of the Geometry which is the Universe.You became a grain of sand in the vast Universe, with your own latitude and longitude. You became part of matter. Your existence is part of the great energetic make-up of the physical world. That is what your chart shows.It shows you, as a particle, which is touched by all the planets and asteroids in a PARTICULAR geometric way. All matter is energy at it’s root. The base of all of us and everything in the Universe is energy. Hence, your chart is a map of the energies at play at your birth. You become one with them, as part of the dynamic whole. Your address, on this earth, is your chart.Would God send us here, without a map? The Bible is His Map of Macro life. Our chart is our map of Micro life i.e ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Basic Basic Astrology—— What is a Chart?

  1. amiannBrandi

    I’ve been studying astrology for 6 months now. I always felt different, not sure who I was or why I reacted in ways that I do. I never felt like a Leo/virgo cusp. Sometimes lol. I learned a lot more goes into it than just the sun sign. Everything goes into it. You just have to scratch the surface. And it’s been interesting learning about the houses

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