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Christian Psychic Readings——E Mail

I will describe how I do this reading. First of all, no matter which reading you choose with me, I pay the utmost attention to you and give you all the time that is needed. That is my commitment to God and to you. There are some cases in which I feel I am not the right person for the client. In these cases, I will not accept the reading because if I cannot do an excellent job for you, I do not want to do the psychic reading.

By the term “Christian Psychic”, I am not a psychic, per se. I am a Born Again Christian who has Gifts of the Spirit, as do all Born Again Christians. Also, the Holy Spirit told us he would show us things to come, as stated in the Bible.

I get my guidance from the Holy Spirit and not any occult sources. Be very careful when you choose a Christian Psychic. Please, interview them, so you can be certain you are getting your direction from God.

In the e mail reading, I ask you to describe one situation. I meditate on this and seek answers. In most cases, I can feel the answer immediately. If for some reason I cannot, I refund your money. It is rare that I do not feel guidance.

I stay with you and answer all questions until you are satisfied.

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