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Christian Psychic Readings——What Happens When You Channel the Dead?

This is a big question, but I am going to undertake it because it is very important. Many psychics or mediums attempt to contact the dead. The relatives may emerge with a sense of peace. The psychic goes into a trance, often, and calls us the dead. The dead that are called up may give information only known to them. This reinforces the idea that it was, actually, the person in question. “What is wrong with this?” you ask. I will try to explain.

With a fast glance, it seems as if the psychic has done a great deal of good. The psychic has helped grieving people. I wish this were the case, but it is not. Actually, the psychic has opened up doors which will not help the people, in the long term. The psychic has opened up dangerous doors. I will explain

There are two spiritual worlds with two spiritual rulers. One is God and the other is the spirit being known as “The Enemy”, “The Adversary” or Lucifer/Satan. Satan comes as an angel of light. Satan comes in a wonderful, helpful, and joyful manner. Hence, the people who have contacted their dead loved one are happy. However, WHO did they really contact? Was it the dead loved one, really?

This is the key. Christians are told not to contact the dead. The reason is is that the dead cannot be contacted, in actuality. NOW. there are times in which God will allow one to see dead relatives. This has happened to me, so I know it to be the case. However, I never SOUGHT contact with the dead.

When one seeks contact with the dead, one goes against the proscriptions of the Bible. In this case, the people who are contacting the dead are really contacting the Dark Side. The spirits on the Dark Side know information about you and your loved ones. They are called familiar spirits. This explains why they know personal information. However, anyone who contacts the Dark Side opens themselves up to it’s machinations.

Any spirit on the Dark Side wants the ruination of human beings. So, deleterious things may happen to you. I don’t say this to scare you. I say this out of love. You may find that you are depressed, anxious, prone to addictions etc/ All these things can be from the Dark Side. The Dark side seeks to torment human beings. All of the above are torments.

Please, be careful whom you contact for guidance.

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