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Christian Psychics: Why The Anger At Us?

Christian Psychics: Why The Anger At Us?

This is a good question. All of my questions are good. I get a lot of hate mail. In a prior time, I could have been the one sending the hate mail. Many Christians think I walk on the dark side. I understand that. The term “psychic” connotes a person who derives her information from dark spirits. This is a pretty scary thought, if you have given any study to dark spirits. They are a realm in which one does not want to entangle oneself. However, many people do and many people do not know they are doing so.

The dark side is a true spiritual realm. Demons are as real as angels. However, angels are an easier pill to swallow. Most people accept the existence of angels, who are spiritual beings from God’s spiritual realm. However, those same people would be very uncomfortable with the idea of demons. There are two spiritual realms. You are connected to one or the other. There is no nether land in which you control your own spirit.People do not like this idea. Man is very independent, by nature. The thought at anything controls him puts fear and anger into him.

However, every man has a spirit and every man has a RULER of his spirit. The ruler is either from the dark side or God’s side. That brings us back to Christian psychics. I have the name “Christian psychic”, but it is not the proper name for me. I am, simply, a believer in God, Jesus and the Bible. As such, I have been given the Biblical promise that I will feel things to come. The Holy Spirit will show us things to come. This applies to all followers of God. Some seem to have easier access to this than others, I suppose.

I do feel things that are to come. If someone contacts me, I can, usually, feel out their situation. If I cannot, I refund their money, obviously. However, this article is really not about me and what I do. It is a generic article about Christian psychics:who they are and what they do. If a Christian psychic does not believe in the ways I described above, I would run. I would not allow any advice from the dark side into my soul. There is nothing that can be gained by communing with the dark side. It may feel as if it is helping you in the short term, but this will not last. The dark side wants the destruction of human beings. Hence, one can never trust it, even if it appears as an angel of light, as did it’s founder, Lucifer.

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