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Christian Psychics————-What About Channeling?

Christian Psychics————-What About Channeling?

This is a great question. I am glad I asked it :/ Now, we are onto being serious. This is a serious question. I am asking it because one of my oldest and dearest clients has been seeking Christian psychics who use automatic writing. I addressed the topic of Christian psychics and tarot cards, yesterday.

Today, we will talk about channeling and what role, if any, this practice has with a Christian psychic or any psychic. First of all, channeling is getting guidance from a spiritual source. The big question here is the NATURE of the source. There are two spiritual sources—God and the Dark Side. One does not rule his own spirit, although people argue that they do. They don’t! People will have God ruling their spirits or the Dark Side ruling their spirits, namely Lucifer/Satan. Those are the only two choices!

Back to channeling. A Christian Psychic gets her information from some spiritual source. For me, it is God. I do feel that God works through me. I feel that I “channel” most of my articles. Channeling from God is perfectly healthy and perfectly good for the person and will, truly, help other people. However, if a Christian psychic or any psychic channels from the dark side, the client will, ultimately, be hurt.

Now, the information to foretell the future may be correct. Satan knows the future, in many cases. However, if a client delves into the world of Satan, the person will not prosper. How this may happen, I can’t say. I can say that Satan has come to kill, steal and destroy human beings. He hates human beings, so there is no good end in letting Satan into your life, in any manner. Going to a Christian psychic or any psychic who channels the Dark Side IS allowing Satan in.

What does a client do who is searching for a Christian psychic or any psychic? Technically, I am not a psychic, per se. I am a Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew. I believe in the Bible as God’s word. I get my information from God. I will never tell you anything that contradicts the Bible, so you will be kept safe. I am not writing this to get clients. I am very busy and, sometimes, too busy. I am writing to help to keep you safe. Please, inform yourself about what I have said. Pray that God will show you the way. Pray with a sincere heart and He will!

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