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Christian Psychics———-The End Times Destruction and You

Christian Psychics——The BEST Teaching on the Timing of the Rapture

Christian Psychics——The BEST Teaching on the Timing of the Rapture

Christian Psychics———-The End Times—Destruction and You

I know this is a creepy title. However, just look around at the erratic, destructive and violent weather, for one thing, and you will have to admit that ominous things seem to be on the horizon. There is more than the violent weather. We see the breakdown of morals in the society. We see violence at the level never seen prior. Muslim terrorism is becoming commonplace. People do not feel safe in places which used to be safe spots in the American ( and other Western) cultures, such as malls, concerts and airplanes.

Everyone who is honest will admit that they feel a sense of doom coming upon us.The Bible has the answers to all questions and I mean ALL questions. The Bible tells us what to do when our human reason fails. So, when we want to understand the End Times, we turn to the Bible. In this article, I will try to explain where the human being is in God’s time clock. The clock is clicking. It is clicking down to destruction. YOU have to be on the right side of all of this. That is my point in writing this article.

I have been studying two very important End Time events. I may not have all the details right, so I will link you to two videos in which all the details are explained correctly. You will see how many details are involved when I begin. First of all, on September 23, there will be a celestial sign that was foretold in the Book of Revelation—Chapter 12. This day is the Feast of Rosh Ha Shana, the Feast of Trumpets. God’s time table events in history fall on the Jewish feasts. Google the subject and study for yourself. That topic is too vast to detail here. However, the next event in God’s time table is the Rapture of the Church.

In the last two years, we have had two Red Blood Moons. These tell us there will be judgement on Israel. Coming up, we have an eclipse over the USA. The eclipse foretells judgement over Gentile nations. The Red Blood Moons are often two years before prophetic events. Google this subject, too.

Now, on September 23, 2017, there will be a picture of a woman in the sky and she will give birth to a son who will be snatched up to Heaven. The constellation Virgo is the woman/virgin. Jupiter has been in her womb for ten months, going in Retrograde motion. On that day, Jupiter will come out of her birth canal. Also, there is the planet Nibiru. He is the Red Dragon/Satan waiting to snatch the child. Read Chapter Twelve of the Book of Revelation to see for yourself.

Niburu is a vast, vast subject. I have been studying it for a few weeks. I do not have all the details correct but it comes in and out of our solar system when there are huge events in God’s timeline. It passed the Sun and made a four hour eclipse at the crucifiction of Jesus. It passed the earth during the plagues of Egypt. Now, it is coming again in October and scholars think it foretells the Tribulation.

I will leave you the details in the videos that follow.Please refer to them. My point in writing this is to tell you to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior,so you can escape the Tribulation. God is gong to pour His wrath out on the world. You escape out is belief in Jesus. Then, you become part of the Bride of Christ. The sign of the woman in the skies on Sept. 23 is the sign of Israel giving birth to the Church/Bride of Christ. The child is snatched away to Heaven. You will be too, if you are His Bride. Love you guys.

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