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Christian Psychics—————-Why Obama is Fomenting Racial Division—-The True Roots

Christian Psychics—Why Obama is Fomenting Racial Division

Christian Psychics—Why Obama is Fomenting Racial Division

Christian Psychics————-Why Obama is Fomenting Racial Division—-The True Roots

First of all, the reason Obama could have completed an eight year agenda and still be liked/loved/respected by half of the country is that that half of the country is “dumbed down”. I know this statement will bring outrage, but consider my reasons for putting myself out there for the level of condemnation I will get. I need nothing from Astrology. I need nothing from my website. I am financially secure. My purpose in this article is to wake up the few souls who will allow themselves to waken. I am a Libra Ascendant. I hate confrontation. I would rather talk about shoes, astrology, recipes or music. I hate teaching people who are hostile to what I say. I do it because I am in the world for a greater purpose than to be liked. Hence, please, listen with an open mind because I am doing this from a place of love and a place of service.

Now, the roots of the actions you see today are very deep. They go back many years. The young people of today do not understand their history. The do not understand the histories of other countries or other civilizations. That is the reason they can be manipulated with a glittering piece of fool’s gold. The people who have an understanding of history will be more likely to see what is currently happening. However, there is, also, a spiritual blindness. That blindness prevents clear sight. I will explain that, too. In my last article, I got lazy. This article will take time and effort to write. Also, I did not know if it was worth the effort, but if one person has a desire to learn more, it is my pleasure to do so. In fact, I am honored.

Let me start with a non related example. This concerns my son, who was a fast food worker and manager for many years. He and his friends believed that McDonalds should be forced to pay more to the workers. He believed that the minimum wage should be raised. It took me a lot of time to explain WHY this was a very bad idea. The original idea,that Obama is fomenting racial division, may look preposterous,as well. However, I hope I can explain Obama’s reasons, just as I will try to explain why raising the minimum wage is a very bad idea.If I can explain the minimum wage to you, I can explain Obama. Here goes.

Why Raising the Minimum Wage is a Terrible Idea and Harmful for People

I am taking this offshoot, so you, hopefully, can gain some confidence in me. I am taking this offshoot, so you can, hopefully, suspend some generally held notions. This needs to be done before people can open their minds to the premise of this article—Why Obama is Fomenting Racial Division. Onto the minimum wage. Let’s look at this from the side of the McDonald’s crew person. He works many long hours and barely has enough money to live. If the minimum wage is raised, he will have more money for food, housing, his children etc.WHY is it a bad idea?

The reason it is a bad idea is that the mentality behind this does not allow this person to ever OWN a McDonalds. That is where the big money is. That is where the comfortable life is.The reason the crew person cannot work his way up to owning a McDonalds or having his own business of any kind is the intrusive government with it’s rules and regulations. In our grandparents time, a person could make and own his own business without a plethora of government regulations oppressing him so badly that this dream is, nearly, impossible. I will give an example from one of my friends. One is head of maintenance for a large company that has rental properties.

One of my closest friends is a brilliant black guy. His race has nothing to do with the example, really, except that he agrees with me about Obama. People of all races can see through to Obama— a glittering piece of fool’s gold.I have known my friend for decades. He did not have the money to go to college, but he has had his own businesses since he was in high school. My friend told me a story of his own experience with police brutality and racial profiling. He is not a virgin to the disparities between whites and blacks. He is not a virgin to the woes of this society. However, he sees through to the larger picture of how life can be made better for all people.He wants to make a good life for himself and his family. He wants to do this by owning his own business. He wants the American dream, which Obama et al are killing. That is the purpose of this article:how they are killing the American dream. That is the true underlying purpose of this article. The fact that he is black simply helps to illustrate that this issue has little to do with color and everything to do with the DIGNITY of people.

To add to our picture of the McDonald’s crew member who wants the government to mandate an increase in the minimum wage, we need to ask why this is the highest aspiration for a person born in a free society. In our grandparents day, the work world had a plethora of opportunities for those who wanted to work hard. Business was booming. Manufacturing was booming. One could develop a widget, a gadget, a food product, a hair product, a better way to make or fix something and one could get rich or at least comfortable.

Now, there is little manufacturing in the US. Due to the governments interference, manufacturing has moved to other places. Now, if a person wants to open a business, he is OVERWHELMED with governmental restrictions, such that it is close to impossible. One must give the workers all manner of vacation/leave. One must have handicapped facilities. One must have health care for employees and many other such things.

WHY don’t the employees deserve this???? This is the key question.The reason is that business cannot survive in this climate Of course, the huge businesses are established and so seem somewhat insulated. I am talking about people like my friend, Dave. He wants to go from the middle class to the wealthy class. He could do it if the governmental regulations did not choke him. So, for the McDonalds worker who wants more money. HE may get it, but the societal mechanisms that allow others to truly prosper are not attended to.

Also, one of the many reason so many adults have minimum wage jobs is the breakdown of the family. Children need a nuclear family in which they are attended to in ways such as making sure they do well in school, so that they have more aspirations than a life of a McDonald’s worker. This life will never be abundant. Also, the huge levels of drug use prevents ambition. Why is there so much drug use? Hopelessness and apathy. Part of this is that there are not the opportunities available to move upward economically. I am not judging anyone who is a McDonalds worker. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who works.This article is a social commentary, not a judgement on any human being.I hope I have shown some of the roots of why the minimum wage being raised does not address deeper problems. This is not easy to explain to people who have been schooled with an agenda that their employer and their government owes them a living, to say it outright.

Now, to move onto Obama. The half of the country that loves Obama seem to be divided into several categories. There are the super wealthy, who will,always, have enough money to live, the people who like Obama because he is black and the people who have few aspirations. This group is happy with a minimum wage or if they are not happy, they accept that the best they can do is to live a life of very low means. To these people, Obama destroying the economy does not matter or is accepted with an attitude of resignation.Why did I choose Obama as a focal point when there are many people with this agenda. HE is black and can use this huge firewall to do all manner of things that another person could not.Hence, Obama opened a door that allowed his agenda to gain great momentum.

Now, Obama’s agenda is not as simple as I wish it were, for purposes of writing an article. Obama is a Muslim. Anyone who is not living under a rock can see this. Obama has an agenda which is beyond the particulars I described above. Obama wants to destroy this country and put in Sharia Law. The way to destroy this country is to divide it. He tried to destroy it in many ways, economically, too, such as Obamacare. This was a failed system meant to destroy many businesses and many individuals. It was never workable and he knew this when he lied to us about it.

Standing with Obama is the elite class. Their agenda is that they want to remain the elite class. These would include people like John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, many of the liberal Republicans,as well as most of the Democrats. Why are the politicians exempt from Obamacare. They are the elite and YOU are the peons.

I realize as I write this that I need to write ten pages. However, I hope this small contribution will spark you to study these things in an independent and thinking manner. If so, I am so very happy.

5 thoughts on “Christian Psychics—————-Why Obama is Fomenting Racial Division—-The True Roots

  1. amiannShelley Michaelson

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  2. amiannWinners win!

    The very real problem with your line of thinking lies in the extremely narrow lens of capitalistic greed and racist propaganda through which you approached this article or rather post. Corporate CEOs make millions while the workers on whose backs they make said millions barely have enough to survive. These CEOs unwillingness to shift one iota of their astronomical salaries to achieve some sort of realistic pay parity for low skilled workers is rooted in greed, plain and simple–not government regulation. The reason government regulation is needed is because in the absence of accountability, industry will (and does) abuse the rights of its workers which includes rights to clean air and water in addition to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Next…Racism is as American as apple pie and baseball. It’s been here and in full effect since the first white person stepped foot on these shores. Obama by virtue of being an educated, savvy and conscientious black man holding the highest position of power in the country was enough to require an answer like Trump–an idiot with no moral compass. I just wish you’d simply admit that you don’t believe that black people should hold any positions of power much less the highest one in our country. Then we could reasonably discuss how racism obscures the focus from class and economic disparities. Interestingly, Trump is experiencing the same level of resistance from House and Senate Republicans that Obama did. But I don’t see a post from you about why that is or why he is the least popular in American history right out the gate. I’d rather see an insightful piece about the astrological basis for Trump’s eventual impeachment. Got any comment on that?

  3. amiannIsabel

    No, Obama is not a Muslim, he is a weak and controlled puppet of the Chinese Communist Party. Whether or not he is a true party ideologue I am skeptical. I believe he is a drug addict who has been bribed with money and power, and it’s likely they have blackmail on him, which guarantees he won’t betray them.

    Many political leaders on both sides are blackmailed by the communists. It is why the NSA surveillance was created, to entrap more people.

    The Communist Chinese are an atheist religion and see all religion as a threat to their power. They persecute the Muslims in their own countries but they use Islamic terrorism and immigration to destabilize the West. Muslims are “useful barbarians”. They will be exterminated as soon as communists come to power.

    The Democrats are 100% controlled by the CCP, which strongly views middle easterners, East Indians, blacks and Latinos as inferior races, “useful idiots” they can manipulate for political power.

    They believe the Chinese are the only race to NOT come out of Africa, and they target whites for genocide because they view white countries – and particularly the USA – as a threat to hegemonic power of a global economy.

    So, Obama and other leftists foment animosity toward whites as a scapegoat, just as Socialists did with Jews in Germany, tapping into the worst of human nature: greed, fear, contempt, and envy.

    This is a very convenient racial ideology to have because Africa and Latin America are resource rich, and Chinese involvement in those continents has colonial motivation.

    Just as Hitler was able to confiscate a lot of Jewish gold and wealth, and improved the economic standing of many Germans, the Communist Chinese Party is enriching many of its Chinese people. They do this so their own poor do not revolt against the State which in its own was a failure. The Chinese Communist Party needed the USA to supply them for wealth. The majority of the money goes to building the military and communist party elites. But the rest of China has been lifted out of extreme poverty which helps communists stay in power. If USA hadn’t sent all the jobs to China the people there likely would have revolted against the communists by now.

    Outsourcing and “free” trade with China has been done at our great expense and peril. We have in fact enabled and allowed this to happen.

    This is a long term strategy by CCP and Trump appears to understand the communist strategy

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