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Christian Psychics—Do They Use Tarot Cards?

I call myself a Christian psychic, but I am not a typical Christian psychic or psychic of any stripe. I am a Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew who can feel things that will happen. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will show us things to come. Hence, one can appropriate this Bible promise.

I am writing this article because many people who call themselves Christian Psychics or psychics, in general, get their information from the dark side. This will not help the client in the long run. The psychic or Christian Psychic may tell the future. The dark side and it’s ruler, Satan, knows things that are to come. However, he does not want the well being of any human being.

Satan is an angel of light. He does not appear to be deceptive. He appears to be HELPFUL. Hence, people begin to depend on him. At first, there may not be a problem, but in time, Satan demands more from the person. The person may become addicted to a psychic who can tell him the future. The person may find his life becomes worse, in some way. His finances may suffer. His relationships may suffer.

When we open the door to Satan, our life suffers in some way.

Hence, be very careful of anything from the occult realm. The occult realm opens up in our lives when we obtain any information from a source that is not the one true God. This God is the God of the Bible. We access Him through a relationship with Jesus. If a person obtains information from tarot cards, for example, that person is opening himself up to dark forces/occult forces. Please, be careful and take what I say into serious consideration.

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