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Confessions of a Christian Psychic–Heaven and Hell

This is a BIG topic. Most people think a good God” could not “send” anyone to Hell. First of all, this premise if flawed. God does not send one to Hell. God gave man choice. Herein is the rub. If God made man a robot, no one would go to Hell. No one would choose to love God, either. Think about having a robotic dog. You could program it to lick your hand, snuggle next to you and protect you against intruders. However, what would it MEAN if the dog had no choice?

In the same manner, God is a “person”, as we are. The Bible says we are made in God’s image. Hence, God has a sense of humor. God gets angry. God gets jealous and God loves. Man was made to be God’s friend. God wants a friend who chooses. Nothing means much if there is no choice.

That brings us to our subject–Heaven and Hell. Man cannot get to Heaven on his own. There is no amount of goodness on man’s part that will open to the doors of Heaven to him. There is no man who has ever lived who lived well enough to deserve to enter Heaven. One must be perfect to enter Heaven, you see. Only one man was perfect. That man was Jesus. Hence, Jesus was able to be the perfect man who had no sin and did deserve to enter Heaven.

When we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, we have a divine, spiritual exchange in which God sees OUR spirits as perfect. Hence, we can enter Heaven. There is no other way. That means that all other religions are false. After man dies, he goes to either Heaven or Hell. There is no in-between place. There is not a state in which man ceases to exist. Man will exist eternally in either Heaven or Hell.

That is enough for today :/

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