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Confessions of a Christian Psychic–Why Does Man Need to Get Born Again?

This is not a confession, per se. This is an informative article. However, I will put it in this series, “Confessions of a Christian Psychic” for ease of use. I hope to make a whole series of articles to answer commonly asked questions about Christianity, Psychics, Jesus and the New Birth.

Why Does Man Need to be “Born Again”?
Man cannot be in God’s Presence because God is pure holiness. God is pure “everything”. God is pure love. God is 100% holy, which is something we cannot conceptualize, as human beings. At any rate, man cannot come in to God’s Presence . God loves man with a love that man cannot understand. Man, certainly, does not deserve it, but God IS love and so His Love is unfathomable. I wrote an article on the Fall. When man disobeyed, man lost his pure state and took on what is called ” the flesh”. The flesh is everything bad about human nature. It could be called our ego. If you look to any human pain, you will find man’s ego at the root of it. Once man “fell” from man’s original, sinless condition, God wanted to find a way to get man back to Him. The way that God engineered is the “new birth” i.e.being born again.

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