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Christian Psychics——–What is “Man’s Sinful Nature?”

From a Christian Psychic—————-What Do You Do To Get Faith?

From a Christian Psychic—————-What Do You Do To Get Faith?

Hey, why not give an article defining Sin or Man’s Sinful Nature? I think your stream lined practicality in writing could really help those seekers who read your articles.

I got this question from one of my favorite people,Josh. I will try to answer in a simple and practical way. First os all,man is made up of a spirit, a soul and a body. Everyone knows what the body consists of. The soul and spirit are,often, misunderstood. The soul is your personality,conscience and your will. The spirit is the part of you which is either connected to God or connected to the dark side.

There is no middle ground here. You are connected to the one,true God or you are connected to the god of this world, known as Satan,which means the enemy. You may say that you are not connected to either one.Well, you are wrong. You just don’t know it. Man cannot feel his spirit. The Bible teaches us about the spirit. If you don’t believe the Bible and think you can make your own rules, one day you will realize you are wrong and I am right. I know this will make many people angry, but that cannot be helped. Truth has a way of enraging people.

The soul can be felt by the human because it includes his emotions. In the soul is the conscience. God gave every man a conscience. However,it is not completely reliable.Some people are too guilty.Some people are not guilty enough. If one’s conscience is in right relationship to God, it is likely to be reliable. This would be the case with a Born Again Christian—-a person who has made Jesus his lord and savior.

Now, to try to answer the question—-What is Man’s sinful nature? Man’s sinful nature is partly his body and partly his soul. All men want to do things their own way. This is the root of the sinful nature. Every human being wants to do things his own way,even the people who seem the most holy. Every man has a sinful nature and every man sins all the time. Jesus was the only man who never sinned.He was the only man who could take our sins and absolve them, hence,allowing us to be reconciled to God.

I am not going to explain this doctrine now because it will be too lengthy. I am just trying to explain that every person has a sinful nature,with which he was born.He sins as a result. If a man accepts Jesus into his heart, that man has connected his spirit to the Spirit of God. In his spirit, he is free of sin,but his soul/flesh/body will still struggle not to sin until he dies. It is simply the nature of man.

Find Jesus while you can.After death, it is too late.

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