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Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting opens the window into your deepest soul. I have studied Handwriting for over 20 years. I can know a person better by looking at two paragraphs of his writing than knowing him for 20 years. I am offering Handwriting for the reason that charts give our potential, but there is no way or knowing what the person will do with this potential. I need the handwriting when I do counseling with a client or I am missing a piece. The handwriting tells me what the person needs and what is holding him back from a successful life, which is what we all want. Handwriting shows the PRECISE strengths and weaknesses with which he struggles. My goal is to help you understand yourself. The unexamined life is not worth living. Truth is love. These two quotes are how I live my life and what I want to offer to you. I am offering a several paragraph analysis of your writing. You may email me and ask questions about your reading, as well. Your satisfaction is always my greatest desire.

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Handwriting Analysis is $79.99.

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If you pay for a reading, know that it is very important to me that I get back with you quickly to set up the reading. If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, know that my email has probably gone into your junk folder. I respond very quickly to my valued clients. You honor me with your trust and I take this very seriously, so please look for the return e mail from Thank you and look forward to talking with you!

5 thoughts on “Handwriting Analysis

  1. AmiLena Warren

    Hi Ami!
    I just want to say you have a wonderful phenomenal story to tell! I enjoyed reading your profile, sorry to hear about your loss. I enjoy meeting true sincere hearted Christians and enjoy hearing how they became Christians. I look forward to having a reading from you soon! I wanted to ask is the live chat affective as the phone reading? I am thinking about starting with the live chat reading first just for price reasons right now. Anyway, i look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Amiamiann

      Thank you, Lena. You truly made my day. Honestly, I think the natal chart has the most to offer. I am doing on now and I am going to put up some of what he says in my Testimonials. The natal chart shows the blueprint of who you are. The other readings are for guidance in situations. I do not predict the future, per se. I get guidance from the Holy Spirit for current situations, so you can consider what you would like. My chart reading rate is very low for what I do but I want more people to be able to afford it so I brought it from 400 to 150 lol

      1. Amiamiann

        These are some comments from my current chart client and dear friend

        Wow 300 asteroids are u serious! My God you’ll never end with my chart. God bless, you a gift from Heaven!!!

        Your very lovely!!! Hey I gota sleep now. Your gift at giving has been endless. $150-I’ve won out on this deal.

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