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This is written for one of my most beloved clients. It is written for me, too. It is written for most everyone, I think. I may be wrong in things but this is my opinion.

I think life is like the cliches in high school. When you are outside of the cliche, you think the cliche KNOWS how to do it. By “it”, I mean life, relating. The rules are not what one thought. They are very lonely rules. The rules are that you are, always, alone. That can’t be known until you see the group from the back, not the front.

The cliche extends to life. The right people seem to know how to do “it”. You don’t. You seem to fail and watch from the outside. However, the inside is just as empty, as are movie lot houses, facades.

I love Donald Trump. You may not, but he said what I am saying. He said that it is lonely at the top. He has done it all, or most of it, and he is saying what I am saying. One is alone and how well one navigates depends on how well one can hold this close to one’s bosom without despair.

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