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15 Ways To Know You are Involved With a Sociopath


Bea asked me this question. It is a good one. I will try to talk from my experience, rather than list the usual list that goes in these kind of articles.

1. You feel like you have found your soul mate. This man appears to be the man of your dreams. You are walking on air. You never have been so happy.

2. You feel as if he knows you better than anyone in your life. You feel like he knows you deep inside.

3. You feel more understood than you ever have in your life.

4. You feel you found Mr Right times a million

5. He starts doing little things to take away your dignity. These start small.

6. When you call him on it, he acts as if he did not do anything and you are imagining it.

7. You think you ARE imagining it. This is the first step in Gaslighting which is a taking away of the reality of the other person.

8. He may go back to the charming lover you knew initially. You will feel like it will be alright.

9. He will escalate the Gaslighting behaviors.

10. You will probably blame yourself.

11. He will start to undermine you more. He will use your weaknesses to get you to doubt yourself and to lower your self esteem.

12. The above may go on for a short or long period but the person’s self esteem will suffer a great deal.

13. He may start to cheat and blame you.

14. You may start to think that he cheated because you were inferior in looks, weight etc

15. He will continue on escalating abusive behavior until you leave. The time frame on this varies from days to years to a lifetime.

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