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A Repulsive Person in the Natal Chart

girl fish on mouthYou gasp that I would have an article like this. It was sparked by a person who has her Asteroid Sado conjunct her Moon I could not see it. I could not face it. It conjuncts my Neptune. As a shiver of revulsion swept through my body, I started thinking of what I find repulsive.

1. Sadism–I find this repulsive. The Asteroid Sado can show sadism. However, without this, there can be a planetary configuration which is linked to sadism, in my opinion. Jupiter, which is conscience, has many hard aspects. Uranus will be aberrant in some way. In one sociopath, it is Unaspected. In one Malignant Narcissist, it is an exact opposition to Jupiter. The Moon may be  a cold Moon like Libra or Aquarius. However, I have seen non stressed Moons with sociopaths, so one must spend time on the whole chart to find the trait of sadism. I know one sociopath with a lovely Moon which makes a lovely trine to Venus, so one is never safe making generalizations because just when one is comfortable here, something will tear it down.


2. The Asteroid Lucifer—-I find this repulsive. Lucifer is not evil, but pride. It is spiritual pride. Lucifer would not bend his knee to God. He wanted to be God. He hated that God was above him. That is the story of Lucifer. Lucifer wants to be God. His pride is repulsive like the snake that came to symbolize him and that still evokes revulsion in us, so many years later.

3. A Cold Moon–I find a cold moon mildly repulsive. I cannot say that one’s moon IS who one is, exactly, but if one had to choose one planet to be the core  of one, it would be the moon. I do have a mild revulsion with certain moons. It is mild, yet I could not  see myself marrying what I call a cold moon. I could not be best friends with a cold moon, either. Deep down inside, I feel a snake. Do you hate me for saying this? Probably, but if you learn Astrology, it will be worth it.

I will explain what I mean about Cold Moons when I get back.


I will be back —

13 thoughts on “A Repulsive Person in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannLivingMystery

    I’m best buddies with sadism the snake and the ‘cold’ truth of the heart and soul that you call the moon. And still your attracted as hell to me lol lol lol.

  2. amiannzakiahakakatie

    Ami writes the truth and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to read it…Ami isn’t a negative person, she is one of the kindest, warmest people I know! The truth hurts and if you embrace it then you will transform as a person…build character.

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