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20 “Gift” Placements.

I call these blessed placements. Blessed means happy. Our charts are given by God. Our gifts are from God. Everyone has gifts. Let’s study some.

1. Libra Venus
Libra Venus personifies grace. She is refined. She has a natural dignity and poise.

2. Mars in Scorpio
He goes after what he wants and looks very sexy doing it *sigh*

3.Lilith Conjunct the Ascendant
Effortless sex appeal

4. Mars conjunct Venus
Effortless magnetism and sex appeal

5. Moon in Cancer
Kind and high in empathy

6. Apollo Conjunct the Ascendant
People will be attracted to you. People will, also, think highly of you.

7. Mars in Capricorn
Great placement for success. Will work hard to make something of himself.

8 Libra Ascendant
Very attractive in a wholesome girl/boy next door.May have dimples.

9. Scorpio Ascendant
Can have that “Michael Corleone” stare i.e stink eye

10. Venus trine the Ascendant-–Very Attractive

11. Mars Conjunct the MC
Will go after his goals

12. Moon conjunct the Ascendant
Very attractive in a baby faced way.

13. Venus in the 9th House
May date or marry out of her race

14. Venus in the 2nd House
Loves luxurious things.

15. Mars Trine Saturn
Good discipline in going after goals.

16. Moon Trine Saturn
Can remain centered when under stress.

17. Unaspected Sun
Was made to be a superstar

18. Unaspected Moon
Was not given enough love and nurturing, but is very loving and nurturing of others

19. Unaspected Venus
Has great social grace and social acumen.

20 Many planets in the element of Water
Has a lot of empathy.

6 thoughts on “20 “Gift” Placements.

  1. amiannJacqueline

    What do you think of Mars tribe Venus and Lilith tribe Ascendant? These two placements are listed above but with the conjunction so I was wondering how trine would change it?

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