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Islamic Sexuality ——A Survey Of Evil

18 thoughts on “Islamic Sexuality ——A Survey Of Evil

  1. amiannOptimistic Rose

    I’m really surprised of the amount of grudge and hatred that female speaker has!
    She claims that Islam is not a religion, and says it’s a political system!!!!!
    Wow, this is really new, as I’ve never heard of it before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Religion means a way of living, or in other words a complete and perfect solution to every single side of life.
    So, if Islam gives human beings a complete guidance regarding and limited to:
    1- Political relationships between countries.
    2- Social relationships within the society members.
    3- Commercial rules to be committed to.
    4- Spiritual life.
    5- Scientific facts (about human being, animals, universe……etc).
    6- Health tips.
    We Muslims believe that the core of all religions and the reason all prophets including The Greatest messenger and human, Muhammad (peace be upon him) as well as Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Solomon, Noah……..etc (peace be upon them all), those great messengers where sent by Almighty ALLAH to people, to guide people to worship the only true God; Almighty ALLAH and follow his instructions for them to gain the best life on Earth and enter heaven safely at the day of judgment, besides resting in piece in their graves.

    By the end I would like to ask you how come you’re a psychic and put such offensive videos on your website and without even making sure their content is correct!

      1. amiannOptimistic Rose

        In Holy Qura’an, Almighty ALLAH told us to address you Christians as well as jews, when we want to tell you about Islam, as the following:

        “Chapter: Al Imran, Verse: 64” (the meanings translation in English):
        (Say, “O People of the Scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you – that we will not worship except ALLAH and not associate anything with Him and not take one another as lords instead of ALLAH.” But if they turn away, then say, “Bear witness that we are Muslims [submitting to Him])

        If you agree that we both seek the truth, seek to worship the only true God whom ever he is, then let’s start with pleasure.

        By the way, do you know what is “Al Imran” which is the name of the second biggest chapter in Qura’an (that I just quoted from here above at this message)?
        It is the name of the family of the great lady Mary (the Mother of Jesus The Christ-peace be upon them both), Almighty ALLAH has honored her by giving the second biggest chappter in Qura’an her family’s name, and you know what? There is even another complete Chapter in Qura’an named “Mary”, to honor this great faithful lady by the creator of the universe, and there is no single chapter in Qura’an named “Fatima” who is prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him- beloved daughter, or carrying the name of any of his wives, so if the Qura’an wasn’t the word of Almighty ALLAH, and was prophet Muhammad’s own words, he would have then honored his daughter or wives by putting their name on any of his book’s chapters!
        Do you know how Qura’an described Mary-peace be upon her?
        Let me quote (a translation for) an example from just the same Chapter “Chapter: Al Imran, verse:42”:
        (And [mention] when the angels said, “O Mary, indeed ALLAH has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds).

        Still there is much more to say, and I wish you know that I wish you all the good, I’m not your enemy Ami, and I care for you and wish I was by your side when you went through those difficult circumstances you mentioned here on your website.

        May The True God guide us both to know him and worship him only (who ever he is)…….Ameen

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          This is just 100% against the True God. I really don’t like it on my website but I will keep it here for a bit in hopes that you will find Jesus.

          1. amiannLinda

            You know, this attitude is really, really horrible.

            Who do you think you are that you know who the “true God” is? Oh, I know, I know, your preacher, your childhood, the Bible sez, Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell and all that

            Far be it from me to question the teachings of childhood, but I would like to point out:

            All of these sources are HUMAN, and therefore “Fal”liable.

            In what world is it OK to treat another human this way, someone who’s written to you in a very gentle and friendly manner? Even if you DO think they’re wrong and you’re right, even if you DO think they’re a “sinner” and you’re “going to heaven,” even if you DO think you know all the answers and everyone else is an idiot?

            It’s how you treat others that matters, and in the very instant you just wrote that, YOU are exhibiting a most UN-Jesuslike attitude.

            (And you aren’t representing the Christian faith in a very beautiful light, here, I have to say.)

            This kind of attitude is what’s wrong with religious fundamentalism, and what’s wrong with Christianity today.

            Who’s to say Allah and the Christian God aren’t one and the same, and all these discrepancies we hate and kill one another over aren’t the simple human foibles of simple little humans trying to understand the divine?

            We’re all doing the best we can. Drop the judgmental attitude. You are NOT God, and, clearly, from posts like that one, not at all fit to judge what’s in someone else’s heart, mind, or religious background.

            I come on here and read some good knowledge of astrology … and then to find a post like that. WTF?? Clearly, you need to walk a spiritual path … a BIT farther.

            I wish there were some way to block you from coming up in a Google search.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Do you know what the plan is for people who are ignorant like you? Sharia Law. If you want fewer rights than an dog in the USA, then keep being an ignorant fool. A woman can be murdered by her husband in Sharia Law and there is no consequence to him. A woman can be forced to have genital mutilation and she has absolutely no say in it. A dog in the USA has rights. A female in Sharia law has none. A woman has NO rights. Get that, Genius? Grow up and educate yourself before you pollute my site with your filth!

  2. amiannOptimistic Rose

    You said to me here at you reply: Maybe you are here to come out of that awful place you are in with the horrible lies and to find Jesus. I pray you will
    My answer:
    I believe Jesus The Christ-peace be upon him- was one of the top 5 messengers of Almighty ALLAH, as this is what Islam teaches me, and I believe that his mother Mary-peace be upon her- had him miraculously without any male intervention, but the parting of the way is that I don’t believe he is God or the Son of God Almighty (begotten not created son), as God Almighty is above such an animal act of begetting.
    Also I ask you to tell me a single place in the holy book (the New Testament) where Jesus the Christ says I’m God or worship me.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have been in “discussions” with Muslims who want to talk around the issues and it is a waste of time. I am just being honest. If you are interested in finding Jesus, I will talk to you. If not, I really don’t care to.

  3. amiannOptimistic Rose

    You say: This is just 100% against the True God.
    My answer: You are a psychic, and this means that you are supposed to be objective and possess a logical way of thinking, as you have got a scientific background.
    Based on that, would you kindly let me know why you consider my reply against the true God?
    Or how about we both start from the main point any religion on Earth is built on………….God.
    In other words, how about we together search for who is “The True God”, but with a condition, that our search is backed up by proves.
    Because if for example someone from India comes and tells me the cow is God, then I’ll ask him for proof, as I think that’s fair enough and logical as well.
    And starting from that point, let me tell you something, Ami, you know that there is something called ‘ Possibility’, so even if you think the possibility that I’m correct is soooo little or even none at all, it’s still a possibility, and as it’s related to religion, which is the most important aspect in human’s life, as it’s what we build our whole lives on, and we pay for this choice at the hereafter life too (which is the more important and eternal life) , then I believe it’s worth you discuss it with me.
    Do you think I’ve shown up here for nothing? Or I maybe someone whom God sent you to show you something.
    By the end, I leave the choice for you, Ami, as no one can ever force anyone to have a certain faith, but if you are willing to start with me that journey, searching for true God, honestly and logically too, then I’m here waiting to start.

  4. amiannOptimistic Rose

    First, I’m sorry for the late reply, as I got too busy, but I will do my best not delay my replies for more than a day.
    Second, as I have spoken a little about my religion, I find it fair to listen to you.
    So, kindly let me know more about Jesus-peace be upon him- from your own perspective, Ami.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, I am a very honest person, so let me say this. I have no interest in learning more about Islam. I will never change my mind about it, so, please, don’t spend time with me if it is on the premise that I will do otherwise. If you want to learn about Jesus, I will spend as much time as you need.

  5. amiannOptimistic Rose

    I appreiate you being honest.
    But allow me remind you of something, we can never be sure of what’s going to happen even to us, in future, and I believe you share me this point of view, as you mentioned here on your website, telling about yourself: “I never expected to be a Christian. I never expected to be a psychic. In fact, these were the last things I wanted to be”.
    But, any way, as I can see you’re willing to tell me about Jesus-peace be upon him- from your Christian point of view, then let’s start, ok?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      From what you write above, I think that you are trying to leave an open door to promote Islam. My time is valuable to me. I don’t want to waste it talking about Islam, which is something I would never embrace. Please, enjoy my website, if you care to, but I don’t want to have a personal discussion with you anymore.Take care.

  6. amiannSteven

    Hi, Wow. I side with you. I came from a suburb of Detroit that is about 50 percent muslim called Dearborn., Michigan. I lived amongst these rude people during the 911 period. They are not peaceful. We dont really know why they came to our town but it sure wasnt the automobile jobs. I hadnt thought about Satan yet as being involved, but moving away from that area has left the idea there.

  7. amiannMichele

    I am new here and was afraid to open this category for fear of finding out you were liberal in your views. On the contrary, I now love you to the moon and back.

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