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New Asteroid–Shows Tragedy

SW guy behind tree

This was given to me by by beloved client, M. She uses asteroids like a pro. You want to learn about asteroids from someone who has used the asteroid because asteroids have to come out of the world of the conceptual into the world of the practical.
M says that this indeed shows tragedy. Tell me what you find and comment on my Comment Form!

18 Melpomeme( tragedy)

6 thoughts on “New Asteroid–Shows Tragedy

  1. amiannMichele

    Mine is conjunct Pluto in 3rd. Now, my Pluto is inconjunct Saturn in the 8th, and 8th House cusp is 29°. All I know is that my chart indicates much death and grief, so this asteroid thrown in the mix makes perfect sense.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Pluto can mitigate bad things though. It gives strength to hard asteroids such that if Deja is conjunct pluto, the person is a fighter for victims rather than a victim, per se.

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