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Reasons I Think Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ

I am speaking as a Bible believer and a long time student of Bible prophecy. You can disagree, of course, but please try to be courteous and respectful.

1. He chooses his own songs for his rallies. One of them was “Sympathy For the Devil
2.He has deceived the “elect”. The Bible says the AC will deceive the elect. The elect are those who believe in Jesus. Very few Christians see Trump as he is.
3. Israel trusts Donald Trump. Jews do not trust easily. I cannot think of another world leader who is trusted by Israel.
4. Israel has Donald Trump coins and cities named after Trump. There is a song about Trump sung in Israel. It talks about Trump being like King David and saving the Jewish people.
5. Trump converted to Judaism. The AC is Jewish.
6.Trump once said he could kill someone at night and people would love him in the morning. This shows little conscience, obviously.
7.The AC will be the rider of the white horse in the Book of Revelation. Trump has a golf course in Scotland in which the spa is called the White Horse spa. It may be a restaurant but it is the White horse. The picture of the horse has several 6’s embedded in it.
8.Trump made the Abraham accord. The AC will confirm it. The person who makes an accord usually confirms it.The AC will make peace with Israel.
9. Trump has an Apollo theme in his penthouse. He has a statue of Apollo and wall decor of Apollo. Trump has a gold motif, too. Apollo is the Sun god. Apollo also brings in disease and cures it. Trump gave us the warped speed deal.
10. Trump says his pastor was Norman Vincent Peale, who was a 33rd degree mason, as Trump is said to be.
11. Most pictures of Trump have him making the V sign with his hands. This is a classic sign for the Illuminati.
12. Trump also will encircle his eyes in the “Eye of Horus” Illuminati sign.
13. Trump’s mothers name is Mary and his father is Fred Christ.
14. The AC will have a mouth that boasts.
15, Trump has tremendous charisma. If you think someone is the AC and they have no charisma, such as Obama or Macron, they are not the AC.

60 thoughts on “Reasons I Think Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ

  1. amiannChristine

    Wow! Your analysis is compelling, especially when it comes to #2. Although a lot of people see Trump as a joke, the elect have been successfully deceived! I always thought that the AC would either be more charismatic or come across as harmless to most people. However after reading your analysis, maybe Trump is the AC after all!

  2. amiannLloyd

    Trump is not the anti Christ and neither is Putin. They don’t fit the description. A month or two ago Pat Robertson said Putin is the anti Christ and we’re on the road to Armeggeddon. Pat has previously predicted such things in homophobic rants. Pat is hard wired for the end times but he is wrong. Trump is just a buffoon and a Mussolini wannabe. He has all the traits of pathological narcissism and I doubt if he will be president again. This country’s destiny is to go on without him. I could elaborate but it would turn into a 5 page disortation.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, no one else now can be the AC–of people we know. If the world had to be led by someone right now, it would be Trump but he may not be it.

      1. amiannLloyd

        That means that person has not shown up yet. May never happen. Hope it doesn’t. The first two were bad news. #3 would be too.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          The person may not be in the public eye yet but he has to have amazing charisma or else it is not the AC so you can get rid of most people on that alone

      1. amiannLloyd

        Then that means the role has not been filled. No one present at this time so we are not on a march to Armeggeddon as Pat Robertson said a few weeks ago.

      2. amiannLloyd

        Hillary has been extensively investigated but never indicted. She has never had the FBI show up with a search warrant either. Hillary’s problem is that republicans nominated her as their Boogeyman and you fell for their barrage of negativity.

  3. amiannJennifer Moira Mollett

    Re Trump being an anti christ! I am not querying this point but I am a bit confused about his relationship with Israel and converting to Judaism. Is that a bad thing ? Wasn’t Jesus born Jewish ?
    I would have thought that insiting racial hatred was the mark of an evil man.
    By the way I am Christian.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No about being anti Jewish. I am Jewish myself. The AC is a Jew is what I mean and Israel will accept the AC. Israel will not trust most people but they do Trump

  4. amiannRuth

    I believe that Evil exists, but I’m not sure about the concept of the Anti-Christ, at least not representative of one person. This is just a question of logistics. One person cannot have the amount of POWER necessary to do Evil to the whole World, therefore, it’s more likely to be a collective or group of people doing this and they may even be deceived themselves, but they definately will go about deceiving others. I’m afraid the POTUS doesn’t have that much power any more, however, Deep State does.

    It brought to mind that saying: “The biggest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he doesn’t exist”. So, to my mind, you’ll find more people supporting Evil who are liars and deceivers because it’s such an important part of what Evil requires to exist…. and most importantly to have INFLUENCE as well as POWER.

    If DT really was the AC, his ego would not allow him to not acknowledge it Plus, he does have a sense of humour. However, it’s his ego and his ability to trust the wrong people that got him into trouble right thoughout his presidency. As an outsider observing the election of 2016, DT was only ever meant to be the ‘stawman’ in the race. He was never meant to win. At the time, I felt it was a ‘race’ between a sociopath and a narcissist. He did win in the end, and ‘Deep State’ never left him alone after that. I consider Deep State to be something that’s truly Evil, all the while presenting the ‘do-gooder’ face to society. It is a highly evolved parasite. That is why it has to lie and deceive because it cannot live on, control, or destroy it’s host, if it’s host knows what it’s up to, or even if it’s there in the first place. So no, I don’t think the AC is representative of one person, but a collective of evildoers.

    Oh, and someone told me a really neat story about the V sign – both forward facing – a sign of victory and backward facing – a sign of defiance. I have to admit it made sense to me at the time and why it had such a profound effect on people at the time. It had to do with the longbowsmen. For about 150 years wars were fought and won by people who could shoot projectiles from a very long distance away. Those two fingers (and the longbows they used to shoot the projectile) were what won wars – and why the enemy chopped them off if they captured them. They represented death and destruction from a distance. Therefore waving those fingers around tended to mean something incredibly intimidating at the time.

      1. amiannLloyd

        There is a basic problem with being pre-programmed for disaster. We end up looking for it everywhere. Better option would be to encourage new development to combat climate change. Haven’t people suffered enough?

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I think his great charisma is from the dark forces and I think when he steps into his true power, we will see the other face. Marie, Look at Enter the Stars on U tube and the Friday the 13th decode. It is about Trump. WILD.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Obama is gross. Look at him with the mom helmet on the mom bike. Not to be too graphic but if Obama were in bed, I would be in the bathroom gagging.

          1. amiannLloyd

            Can’t judge a book by its cover. George Bush Jr left office with the country teetering on the edge of a depression. He appointed a new chairman of the federal reserve and solved that. Then the US went on a long expansion. And you don’t find him physically appealing? Irrelevant.

  5. amiannAnonymous reader

    Whom else had you researched as the AC?
    How about the man who wears crown whom from a side view appears as a white robe as a Babylonian priest might like nimrod?
    More specifically a Dagon priest from VATlCAN city… he has clearly and publicly spoken blasphemous words opposing Christ including referencing him as a failure.
    Live broadcasts have clearly shared songs sung live exalting “Lucius”.

    So much more could be shared.

    The Bible references many AC’s yet 1 will cause 2nd “dark age” similar to 538 to 1798.

  6. amiannAbigail

    I thoight trump would be too hated to be the ACcbut very interesting points, especially since I thoight you loved trump!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I was fooled by Trump as most people were and are. The AC will deceive even the Bible prophecy experts. I have studied these things for a long 5time and I was fooled too so this is another sign he may be the AC, Abigail.

      1. amiannLloyd

        Can’t judge a book by its cover. George Bush Jr left office with the country teetering on the edge of a depression. He appointed a new chairman of the federal reserve and solved that. Then the US went on a long expansion. And you don’t find him physically appealing? Irrelevant.

  7. amiannKim

    This is actually your first post that I really disagree with. The anti-Christ will come out of Europe, per the Bible. I think Trump is way too controversial (and hated by many) to be the anti-Christ. I think you are reaching, but it’s your opinion to have and I always enjoy your posts regardless.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I know people think the AC will come out of Europe but it may be his ancestry is this. One big thing is the elect, the Christians, cannot SEE the AC. Trump is loved by most Christians.We may be reading the Europe thing wrong but I appreciate your post Kim!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Look up the U tube channel—Enter the Stars. Casey is brilliant. He taught me a lot. Also, my son could see that Trump was not what he appeared to be. After the election loss, which seemed like a fraudulent thing, Trump did not fight. Trump obviously won. Why was this great fighter not fighting. That was what started me on this path? xoxoxo

  8. amiannLloyd

    All of us are a combination of all of our planets. The sun is conjunct to both Uranus and the north node and opposed to the moon conjunct the south node in the 4th in Sagittarius. He has an ability to communicate. Conjunct the north node in the 10th he has spent this life and prior lives developing his public personal. Uranus exaggerates that to show it’s uncompromisingly so. Uranus in Gemini also indicates he does not think logically and prefers intuitive hunches. This conjunction of sun, n node and Uranus is opposed to moon in 4th house. Oppositions find us usually living on one end of the opposition or the other. My assumption is he ignores his emotions (he has all 9 symptoms of narcissism which says he has no emotions) and has ignored them for as long as he has pursued developing his public persona. The moon is defined by a Saturn Venus conjunction in cancer. Saturn in cancer shows his emotions are cold, indifferent and formal. Venus conjunction to Saturn shows his values also are constricted and cold. Pluto is in the 12th house in leo. The 12th shows our undoing and what we often are denied. He lusts for autocratic power (Pluto in leo) but it is his undoing. Mars is 3 degrees from his ascendant in leo. While in the 12th it is still on the ascendant and defines how he developes his self identity. Leo is the sign of royalty (I am all that). Mars doesn’t think much but instinctively seeks to engage the world. Donald doesn’t understand why we simply cannot recognize him as king and ruler of the world. That is his Mars seeking to dominate his personality. It is noteworthy that he idolizes Putin who happens to have Pluto in leo conjunct the 10th house cusp also conjunct the south node. Putin is in a culmination life after a series’ of lives where he was what he is now, an autocratic leader. It is interesting to note that Putin identifies with Peter the Great. Putin is what Donald wishes to be. It is also interesting that trump has Neptune in his second house along with Jupiter. His exaggerated pursuit of wealth will also be a part of his undoing. Narcissism is caused by severe neglect of a caregiver between 6 months and two to three years. A child needs to bond with a caregiver for those emotional areas of the brain to develop. That did not happen. With Saturn in cancer I would say she suffered from depression, possibly post partum depression and Donald suffered as a result. His father was controlling and manipulative. That may explain her depression. The father trampled the life out of her. Astrology will always verify what exists in life. I can use actions and quotes of trump to verify all 9 symptoms of narcissism. He can only think of himself. Leaders need to be compassionate to be good leaders. When Obama addressed the people of Sandy Hook he wept on stage because he could feel their pain. That is what I refer to. Trump? Called dead American soldiers buried in France who fought Nazis, losers. Trump is the very last person who should have ever been in public office. You need to look at Donald for what he really is. All of you have been conned by his ability to communicate in spite of his crass rude behavior.

    1. amiannMarie

      Enjoyed reading your interpretations Lloyd , some great points were made. Loved ” Uranus exaggerates that to show that it is uncompromisingly so” ( Gemini Sun/Uranus conjunct NN in 10th opposite Sagittarius Moon/SN in 4th ) A maverick for sure. Sagittarius Moon combined with SN might also indicate what he needs to outgrow or move away from. Negative traits of Sagittarius Moon- egotistical, self centred and short sighted behaviour. We are here to outgrow the limitations present in our chart. Do you think he has made any progress with this?? When i think of his Neptune and Jupiter in the second it makes me feel that he can manifest anything he wants, negative or positive and this does seem to be the case. He portrays an untouchable kind of image. I for one totally believe that no harm will come to him. This aspect shows that he is a master manifestor ( and he knows it, as you said he has been working on this for lifetimes and has that level of confidence )
      One thing i cannot agree with is Obamas sincerity, i find him plain and unrelatable.

  9. amiannPisces Rising

    I don’t believe this is the case. Remember that God used imperfect vessels to do his work. Remember Saul – Paul? He was actually murdering Christians. And God turned him around. President Trump is always saying God first.

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