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Synastry of Chris and Shanann Watts—Murder of an Entire Family

I tried to write another article on this and it got lost somewhere in computer land, so here we go with this.

7 thoughts on “Synastry of Chris and Shanann Watts—Murder of an Entire Family

  1. amiannTerry Robinson

    I feel like I must be missing something. Other than her Uranus opposing his Mars, both in the eighth house, and her sun squaring his moon, I’m not really seeing a lot of violence. The Sun moon square isn’t usually indicative of a violent relationship. If anything her chart looks more problematic than his, with Pluto making an out of sign conjunction with Mars and Uranus conjunct Venus. Did she push him over the edge?

    1. amiannTheresa

      The asteroids Astarte and Ishtar create wars and conflicts in a relationship. Her Ishtar conjuncts his Scorpio Ascendant 1 degree. Her Jupiter conjuncts his Astarte 1 degree. HerJupiter is in Sagittarius But is in the 9th house of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which conjuncts her Ishtar 2 degrees. That is just One indication of a full scale war and since he is a psychopath we are talking a nuclear explosion. His Scorpio Pluto conjuncts her Mars in Libra 3 degrees. That is another abuse red flag on top of the other numerous ones.

  2. amiannKam

    I am so glad someone posted about this as I’ve been thinking about this case and looking at the astrology usually helps me spot red flags about something so senseless. Please don’t take that to mean the victims are to blame, as if they could have prevented what another person chose to do if only they studied astrology. They are not and they could not. Really, how could anyone have known? Domestic violence is so insidious and subtle sometimes and you got half of society condoning or denying it half the time on top of it. So, this is just me looking at the astrology to further study.
    Usually, I like to look at individual charts because the interplay between charts has a lot to do with the individual’s relationship to themselves first.So, for Chris Watts I noticed his yod right off the bat.Yods are fated and unbalanced. In Chris’ chart, the sextile (soft energy) is between Mars (masculine, action) and Venus (feminine, receptive) and that would make him attractive to women and able to get along with both men and women, but both Mars and Venus are relating awkwardly with his Ascendant in Scorpio (how we present ourselves, our physical body). Scorpio can be secretive as well as seductive, playing thier cards close to thier vest, and people that say they knew Chris say he was shy and a little awkward but was a “nice guy.” I use the term say they knew him because again, he would be good at putting up a mask if #1 he’s a sociopath and #2 scorpio ascendant (don’t confuse the two). Used properly, a Scorpio Ascendant can be cooly seductive (Grace Kelly, Jackie O). Since you balance a yod by looking at the opposite angle, in Chris’ case that is the Descendant (marriage partner, open enemies). He would have wanted to balance himself in getting married and Shannann’s communicative, confident nature was good for Chris, bringing sociability to his life. When he no longer wanted to be married to Shannann, instead of doing what a normal person would do by getting a divorce, he says he was “compelled, could not stop what he was doing” and killed her. A yod reaction/balancing in the most malefic manner. ( I just want to say, lots of people have yods and are not psychopaths. Princess Diana, Martha Stewart, and Karl Marx are some examples) That’s what I love about astrology, there are so many factors to consider and ways planets play out.
    I also look at the timing of events and at the time of the murder it was two days past a solar eclipse, that had Jupiter (hope, confidence) and Pluto (power/control) battling it out. That eclipse was in a series and if you look at the chart for July 27, 2018, there was a very dangerous and rare central lunar eclipse being activated by Mars(war) and Uranus (sudden violence) at 18 degrees Leo. 18 degrees Leo is very sensitive in Chris and Shannann’s composite chart. If you look at Shannann and Chris composite chart they had a very dangerous yod with the apex pointing to Mars at 21 degrees Leo in the 7th house of marriage. The other two planets in the composite yod are Sun at 22 Pisces and Jupiter 22 Capricorn within orb of Shannan’s Sun at 19 Capricorn. So that final eclipse triggered thier Sun(life, vitality) and Jupiter(Faith) to be activated by Mars(War/destruction) yod in thier relationship. I think the anger/resentment from July 27th eclipse was brewing in thier relationship and exploded suddenly in Chris two weeks later. The August 11, 2018 eclipse was also squaring Chris’ 18 degree Taurus north node, Shannann, very poignantly did not have defense wounds.They think she was sure that Chris wouldn’t really kill her. (Jupiter faith and confidence vs. Pluto control/abuse of power). That, to me, says there was probably a pattern of subtle and psychological violence between the two and it attests to Shannann’s strong and capable character that she just really did not think he could go that far. No one did.
    I want to say that Chris was/is a psychopath and/or sociopath and perhaps psychologists can explain why. Shannann and her 3 beautfiul children are angels now and I pray for them and thier family. Astrology doesn’t explain everything or always answer why but with study we can hoepefully spot red flags / danger zones. I operate alot like Ami in that if I see some red flags, I may walk away. When the planetary energy is influencing us just as the moon controls the tides, it pays to pay attention.

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