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Synastry of Chris and Shanann Watts—Murder of an Entire Family

I tried to write another article on this and it got lost somewhere in computer land, so here we go with this.

5 thoughts on “Synastry of Chris and Shanann Watts—Murder of an Entire Family

  1. amiannTerry Robinson

    I feel like I must be missing something. Other than her Uranus opposing his Mars, both in the eighth house, and her sun squaring his moon, I’m not really seeing a lot of violence. The Sun moon square isn’t usually indicative of a violent relationship. If anything her chart looks more problematic than his, with Pluto making an out of sign conjunction with Mars and Uranus conjunct Venus. Did she push him over the edge?

    1. amiannTheresa

      The asteroids Astarte and Ishtar create wars and conflicts in a relationship. Her Ishtar conjuncts his Scorpio Ascendant 1 degree. Her Jupiter conjuncts his Astarte 1 degree. HerJupiter is in Sagittarius But is in the 9th house of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which conjuncts her Ishtar 2 degrees. That is just One indication of a full scale war and since he is a psychopath we are talking a nuclear explosion. His Scorpio Pluto conjuncts her Mars in Libra 3 degrees. That is another abuse red flag on top of the other numerous ones.

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