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Ten Aspects I Have Seen in the Charts of Abusers

Here I go again. Cruising for a Bruising. Oh well, I am tough. I can take it and that is why I am so honest with you. Why bother to share astrology with you if you leave here with a lot of mush in your cute little head. I am all about being practical. So, on with the topic!
I have had a interest in true crime for the past few months. I study a case and then look at the chart of the abuser. I see certain traits in many of the charts, so I am here to share them.

As I was leaving the room to get a cup of coffee(vanilla latte), it struck me that there are two types of abusers. One is like Thomas Compano, the lawyer who killed his mistress. He was truly charming. He could get almost any woman. He was an accomplished lawyer. He was the Big Man on Campus in his private high school. Then, there is the abuser who can’t get anyone like Keegan Kline, one of the suspects in the Delphi Murders.These are the murder of two young girls. The kind of abuser who jumps out of a bush to grab a woman and the type who wines and dines her is a different fellow. Each of these types would have some cleart differences in their charts. I will talk about this as I move on.

Ten Traits in The Charts of Abusers

Nessus Conjunct the North Node
The North Node shows life themes. Nessus is the asteroid of the abuser. Hence, abuse would be a life theme of this person. I have found that the people who ACCEPT the hardships of their chart do not manifest these hardships as strongly. The people who deny them are more to be avoided. There are people who argue with me that they are not abusers even though the chart says otherwise. I never believe it.

Nessus Conjunct the Ascendant or MC
Likely this person is an abuser. Nessus conjunct the Ascendant would be seen more as an abuser in his everyday life. From the time he was a child, he may seem dangerous.The person with Nessus conjunct the MC would be seen as an abuser on a larger scale, such as an OJ Simpson, who I think has this aspect. The charts will play out. If you don’t believe this, use astrology enough in your daily life and you will see.

Dejanira conjunct the Descendant
That which conjuncts the Descendant we deny in ourselves in find in relationships. It is dangerous to deny the weak aspects of ourselves. Nothing can really be denied without coming out sideways. Hence, this native will be attracted to victim types.If he does not abuse them, per se, he will be attracted to them and deny this trait in himself.

Moon trine Venus
This is not an abuser trait. In fact, itt is one of my favorite aspects in a man. It is pure and utter charm. However, if a man has this and many abuser traits, such as Nessus conjunct the North Node, I would watch out. He would be the “wine and dine ” abuser like Thomas Compano, likely not the “throw in the bush” abuser like BTK or Keegan Kline.

Pluto conjunct Mars

I have found this in the charts of powerful men. This is a classic aspect for men who have a lot of drive. Steven Tyler has this. Kobe Bryant had this. Thomas Compano had this. From what I have heard about Steven Tyler, from a past girlfriend, was that he was very abusive. I have heard the same about Kobe. However, a man may have this and not be an abuser. However, this native will go after what he wants and have a great deal of drive in getting it. So, if this aspect is combined with classic abuse aspects, such as Nessus conjunct the MC, I would stay away.

Mars Conjunct Nessus
Mars is one’s drive. When Nessus conjuncts Mars, we have a person who will abuse as an integral part of who they are. That which conjuncts Mars, in general, will be a big part of the driving force of that native.

Jupiter With Many Hard Aspects

Jupiter is conscience. Hence, many hard aspects to Jupiter seems to be a person who does not have a lot of regard for others. I have seen this several times in doing charts. I don’t think someone with a well aspected Jupiter could abuse others too easily.

Introverted Chart

Not all people with an introverted chart are abusers.( Thank God) However, a person who cannot get gratification in ” normal” ways may take his anger out on weaker people. This is a definition of an abuser. An introverted chart is a chart which is largely lower half occupied.

A Strong Medea

I have seen a strong Medea in charts of Chris Watts and Casey Anthony. I think Casey has this conjunct her Mercury. If not, it is conjunct something important in her chart. Medea is a strong revenge trait. It is a very strong revenge trait that is beyond a normal feeling that you want to “get someone back”. A strong Medea would be conjunct the ASC, MC, Sun or Mars.

A Strong Sado

Sado is sadism. A strong Sado would be conjunct the ASC, MC, Sun or Mars. With these natives, one can expect sadism, which is something the normal person does not want to deal with.

The Fixed Star Algol

This may be the most evil Fixed Star. If Algol is conjunct the Ascendant, MC, Sun or Mars, I would avoid this native.

33 thoughts on “Ten Aspects I Have Seen in the Charts of Abusers

  1. amiannCurtis

    Thankfully I don’t any of those aspects:

    I do have Sado conjunct to Pluto by less than 1°.

    What is your interpretation of that aspect(Sado conjunct to Pluto)?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The asteroids have 2-3 in a conjunction and 1-2 in other aspects. With planets, I use about 6 except in Sun and Moon and I use 10. Welcome Julia!

  2. amiannTheresa

    conjunct N Node 2 Degrees. (I don’t know him personally but was sort of interested at one point )The confusing part is he donates to domestic violence awareness groups and he says that he’s anti animal abuse. Would there be any aspect in the natal chart that would negate the nessus conjunct North Node and make him become the opposite? Or is it a front to hide his abusive nature?

  3. amiannTheresa

    I have a FB friend his Nessus conjunct N Node 2 Degrees. (I don’t know him personally but was sort of interested at one point )The confusing part is he donates to domestic violence awareness groups and he says that he’s anti animal abuse. Would there be any aspect in the natal chart that would negate the nessus conjunct North Node and make him become the opposite? Or is it a front to hide his abusive nature?

  4. amiannJulia

    This is interesting.
    I once met a female who proved untrustworthy. I now give her a wide berth.
    She has Nemesis conj Sun, Apophsis conj Asc, Nessus conj Mars and also Algol conj Mars.
    Although she appears quite benign, there is quite a lot below the surface it seems…
    Any comments?
    I shall continue to avoid her BTW !

  5. amiannJak

    Hi Ami,

    I know someone with Algol conjunct (just over a degree away) Jupiter retrograde in natal chart. How do you think that would manifest in the native?


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This would not be as bad as personal planets because Jupiter stays in the same place for 2 years, I think but I would not like it either. The person could have an evil strak

  6. amiannJ

    Hi Ami,

    also I know a female with ASC right on Nessus (in the chart it’s just a thick line, it’s that close) and North Node is just over four degrees away from them. Also she has MC just under two degrees from Medea. She also has Sado half a degree from her tight Sun/Saturn conjunction (also I’m not sure what you think about square aspects with regards asteroids and fixed stars but Algol in her first house exactly squares to the degree the Sun/Saturn/Sado). Would you say her chart is seriously afflicted?

        1. amiannGen

          So just to clarify, because it is the sun, you would consider it conjunct with Algol with a 6 degree orb? Can that person still be good?
          Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions you get. 🙂

  7. amiannGen

    Also Ami, you stated a strong sado would be sado conjunct Mars in a native’s chart indicating a natural drive to be sadistic? What would the opposition of sado and Mars(within 1degree) indicate? Particularly if sado is in the 8th house with Mars in the 2nd?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question Gen. In this case, there would be times a person would be sadistic and times they would pull back and not like this about themselves. It may be that when it come to money, this issue could be worse

      1. amiannGen

        That is interesting Ami. Thank you. My husband has this aspect and others, but also has victim aspects like dejanira conjunct his moon. If I remember correctly, you stated this could indicate severe childhood abuse which he did suffer. Anyway, it did not take long for him to become entirely financially dependent on me after promising it would be the other way around when we first started dating. Being with him has ruined me financially.

  8. amiannR

    I don’t have any of these, but my mother has Nessus Conjunct Mars. Also, my father has Nessus Conjunct Moon, what would this mean?

  9. amiannİlk

    I know someone his mars, mercury and neptune conjunct sado. He is so sexy and a lot of girl really love him. But for me so disgusting.

  10. amiannSara

    My ex has Nessus conjunct MC square Saturn. Pluto conjunct asc, Medeia conjunct Mercury. His Nessus is opposite my Venus and his Medeia squares my Moon. His Saturn also squares my Venus.
    It ended very ugly. He had an affair with his co-worker behind my back. Suddenly I noticed I was pregnant. He wasn’t happy at all and pressured me to have an abortion. Next week he told me that he doesn’t love me anymore and moved together with his affair partner. I thought I knew him but I was soooo wrong. We were together 8 years but it was a lie after lie. Astrology has helped me a lot. Thanks Ami for your interesting blog 🙂

  11. amiannBonnie

    How about the trial with Johnny Depp and Amber? They both have venus conjunct fixed star Algol but Johnny has his mercury also conjunct Algol?

    But for sex offenders (pedophiles and rapust) Who are abusers have some different conjunctions right..
    Like venus conjunct mercury or mercury conjunct pluto..

    1. amiannBonnie

      Good to see i inspire you for a New topic Amiann! About Johnny Depp, im curious if you see any abuse.
      So far in trial what comes out is about his verbal abuse which explains his mercury conjunct venus conjunct fixed star Algol, i wonder if his MC trine his mars in 1st would actually be physical.

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