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ANSWERS To The Venus Quiz

Guess which Venus Sign is speaking?

1. My favorite store is Victoria’s Secret. Scorpio–Miss Black Silk

2. My favorite date is a museum. Libra–Miss Refined

3. I fall in love with your mind. Gemini–Miss Intellectual (My Venus and it is all true)

4. If you don’t like me, I will still chase you down. Aries—-Miss Assertive

5. Are you a trust fund baby? Capricorn—-Miss “Marry the CEO”

6. Take me out to eat. Taurus—Miss Munchie. (I wanted to say Miss Cow but don’t want any fights)

7. I like to stay close to home. I live with my mother and if you marry me, you will, too. Cancer–Miss Home and Family

8. I never date a guy who is prettier than I am. Leo—Miss “Look in the Mirror Too Much”

9. Do you like tofu? Aquarius–Miss Health Food

10. I will tell you right off the bat. I don’t commit. Sagittarius—Miss “These Boots are Made for Walking”

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