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You Asked For It——The Ten Darkest Asteroids in Synastry

SW wolfYou know you like the dark asteroids. Do you admit it? No. They are guilty pleasures .Your wish is my command. Onto the Dark Asteroids.

1. Nessus (7066)-— you know I am going to start with Nessus. Nessus is abuse. We all have one. However, it is not prominent in every natal chart.I believe a prominent Nessus in a natal chart will be an abusive person. People have written to me and said that they had a prominent Nessus and were not abusive. I am not saying that they lied. I just believe the chart over personal  accounts

God is the only force which is stronger than the charts.

If you do not have  a prominent Nessus in the natal,  Nessus can be activated by synastry. In other words, when one person’s Nessus touches another person’s chart, the Nessus person will want to abuse the other person. People ask me if the person has to abuse. I say no because I cannot say yes, for sure. However, I think it will be a yes unless the Nessus person has a true conversion with God. This is very rare, so my answer remains yes.

2. Dejanira- (157)– Dejanira is the victim asteroid. Dejanira is not dark, per se. However, when she touches a  part of the other person’s chart, she can become dark. Let me give a recent example. I wrote about it someplace else. However, it is illustrative of this point and worth repeating.

One of my website readers had Sado conjunct his Sun. He liked Sado/Macho relationships. He wanted to marry a woman with Dejanira conjunct the North Node. She will have to learn the lessons of victim hood. This is through no fault of her own. We don’t choose our charts. If we did, no one would choose this. However, we live out our charts. Hence, she was the perfect partner for him.

He may have been the perfect partner for her, too. This earth is not what we want it to be. It is what it is. The charts show us life on this earth. To deny that, is to live in unreality. To live in unreality is to be mentally ill. I grew up in a house where your reality was denied right in front of your eyes.That is why I strive so hard for absolute honesty.

In my opinion, Dejanira is an even harder asteroid to have than Nessus in the natal chart. It is easier on a person to be an abuser than a victim. Hence, my heart goes out to any person with a prominent Dejanira. By this, I mean Dejanira conjunct any personal part of the chart.

3. Sado  (118230)–  Sado is a recent addition to my asteroid list. Sado is just what it says. It is the trait of being sadistic. Strangely enough, the people with Sado conjunct the Sun admit it. I do not find this with many asteroids. People are reluctant to admit their faults. We all are. However, one must face oneself to change. As Jung said, “The Unexamined life is not worth living” I have Jung conjunct my Sun, exact. Also, I have seen too many people live fake lives. There is no  purpose to it. Each person was made as a gift to God. You were made as  a special package. You were made to unwrap that package, not paper over it like putting perfume on a swamp. We all have a swamp inside us, too. We all have the best and worst of humanity in us. The charts will help you open up your unique package. That is why I love them so much.

4. Bacchus (2063)–Bacchus like to have a good time, to the max.Bacchus is the asteroid of excess in all worldly pleasures. To put it in a word, if Bacchus wants a sexual encounter, he wants an orgy. If he wants a good meal, he wants to eat the entire table. I have seen Bacchus conjunct the North Node in a person with serious appetites,  shall we say. If your man has a prominent Bacchus, know what you are getting in for.

5. Casanova  ( 7328)--I discussed Casanova in his own article. He is not dark, per se. However, he is a smooth talker. We, women, fall for the gift of gab like nothing else, especially when it is about our beauty and charms. Casanova knows exactly what to say to get even the most genteel woman into his arms( and more) Hence, his tongue is a potent weapon to which most women cannot  resist. I put Casanova here, so you can check him out in the chart of that guy who seems out of this world in love with you. It may just be that he is a master of seduction.

6. Proserpina   (26)-— Proserpina shows up in the charts of people who had a very  traumatic rite of passage from teen to adulthood. I have seen  a  case in which family secret opened up  at the time of this man’s rite of passage. He was not the actual son of the father. I think that sexual abuse may be present in a prominent Proserpina,too.

This is a movie version but if you watched the Sopranos, Paulie found out that his mother was not really his mother. His aunt was his biological mother and she was a nun in Italy. This is a movie version of Proserpina. However, truth can be stronger than fiction and these kind of things happen and more often than you may imagine. This example will help you remember the nature of Proserpina and that is my goal.

7.Nemesis  ( 128)— Nemesis is  very telling. I was thinking about it this morning. Do you know when you have the feeling that a person is your enemy but you doubt yourself? The person may be a friend, family member or lover? You feel like they are not on your side. You think you must be imagining it. Often, you are not.

The asteroid Nemesis shows an enemy. If a person’s Nemesis touches your chart in synastry, I would watch out. The charts will play out. I have never seen a chart  not play out. I think it is hubris for a man to think he can overcome the chart. Only God can, as I, often, say.

8. Lust (4386)  Lust is not dark, per se. It describes a slice of sexuality. However, if  lust is all two people have,  it does not bode well for a  lasting relationship. If your synastry is Lust dominant with few soul mate aspects, know that you will, most likely, have a fling.

9 .Nymphe(875)  Nymphe is what the common use of the word suggests. It is a person with sex on his mind. If the synastry is Nymphe dominant, don’t expect a trip to meet his parents with you dressed in a sweater set, pumps and pearls.

10. Prey(6157) Prey is what it seems. I have seen it play out in synastry in just the same way that the word suggests. You may feel like you are the prey of another. If so, check your synastry and you very well may be. Astrology can help you avert a disaster.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and please Comment!






85 thoughts on “You Asked For It——The Ten Darkest Asteroids in Synastry

  1. amiannMelanie

    Haha so Bacchus shows up like you described. People always wonder where I put it (the food…lol)
    I wouldn’t be one of those Nessus liars hmm? I’m an ass. I work in customer service and some people get triggered and go off on me, this may be some aspect? Of course it’s also when I’m not doing everything I can to help them

  2. amiannjeff

    Hello Ami

    what about Nemsis conjunct Dejanira contact in synastry? What would Nemesis person be doing since Dejanira is victim?

  3. amiannJeff

    oh i wish i could put a smiley on it, lets just say like you say it ” the chart never lies”, its OK, I always knew its not where i was suppose to be, there were signs

    tnx Ami have an awesome day

  4. amiannLivingMystery

    People’s: Whatever dark or light astro symbol we have there is always a perfect way to be with our imperfection. My Sado is a faultless expression of my fault. And that’s what makes my sadistic role divine thankyou very much miss Peachy Weach. Happy to see I’ve inspired you darling even though your once again fuckin lopsided. But I’ve come to accept your faulty faults.

  5. amiannbritt

    So has exact conjunction of nessus on her sun, and said on her Jupiter. But my dad has neither of these placed prominently. But my dad was the abuser! My mom certainly enabled him. I’m confused how this works. I wasn’t the only one dad abused.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, it would be a complicates situation. One could see it all from seeing all of the family’s chart. However, she could be abused and still have all these placements. It is not like it could not be. When I have my Forum, Britt, come and put all the charts up.

      How are things going with that situation we talked about??

  6. amiannBre

    Hi Ami,

    I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning of Nessus in my chart for a while. I have Nessus opposite my Sun at 2 degrees.
    My stepfather was very physically abusive to me growing up. I don’t need my natal chart to confirm what I already know per se, but I think it would be crazy to have that strong aspect in my chart since the abuse was so long term and really affected my life.

    Thank you! Hugs <3

  7. amiannAlin

    I’m also have mercury conjunct prey. Especially all the conjunct aspect mentioned is exact. 0°05 with moon and sado, 0°25 with mercury and prey, nessus(2°41 sag) conjunct ceres(2°20sag) 0°21 orb. I also have 0°18 conjunct sun and nemes. I’m alin comment in my natal chart
    I always want the upper hand. even i try to cover my nature (asc libra) sometime, my friends said they scary my eyes(dark black and seems i am touching they souls); my voice is nice (a lot of people like it) but several times(when debating) , i unconsciously used the coldblooded accent which menaced most of people. i know i did not hurt (physical or mental) anyone (though sometimes i want and i know how to do this-i love psychology)
    I never had any problems with mom and dad, how can i explain the nessus and nemes?

  8. amiannmoonlibra

    his nemesis conjucnt my eros, my nemesis opposes his dejanira but there are also some good aspect his venus, sun and marcury conjunct my asc, moon conjunct pluto, jupiter conjunct juno (double whammy), jupiter-mercu aspects and lots of other good aspects. I’m fastinated and scared at the same time.Shall I run away?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Why don’t you choose 2, my friend. The list would take me a long time and I would really need to do a chart for you to answer in a professional manner.

  9. amiannLucifer

    I have nymphe in the first conjunct psyche, and trine my nessus in the 5th, which actually makes sense for the kind of person I am. My lust is in the 3rd and, I have Eros in the 5th. Seems my chart explains why I come across so sexual without generally meaning to. All of these also have at least one aspect to a lilith, generally trines or sextiles.

    Also, if you don’t mind could you tell mre how you’d interpret nymphe trine nessus? I want to make sure I’m interpreting it correctly.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        This would be a mixed bag cuz you would be comfortable with lust but lust may bring pain, too, so all in all, I would not like this aspect, due to the Chiron, not the other planets, Kat.

  10. amiannAnia

    I find it hard to agree with this understanding of Nemesis. I believe that in every case, all aspects of the native chart should be carefully considered. My Nemesis is in conjunction to my ASC and Jupiter (in the 12th house) and my Nemesis is also in conjunction to my mother’s Nemesis. My childhood was a nightmare. Subconsciously, I sensed my mother’s hostility toward me, with whom I was very emotionally connected. As a result, the whole family became an enemy for me and constantly imposed on me the role of a scapegoat, which I humbly accepted (I have great triangle in water signs, moon in pisces, Jupiter in the 12th house, Chiron square Pluto, trine Venus, trine north node, opposite my mother’s Moon, Neptune and Uranus in conjunction to IC). In each group, people behave hostile to me, even without thinking whether I am a real threat to them. I was ridiculed, provoked, and threatened. Now my Nemesis is in conjunction to MC of my beloved, so he treats me as I will be a threat to his reputation and private life. He married someone else and wants me to be his lover (his BML is in close conjunction to my Sun). Btw. his Kaali is in conjunction to my ASC and I have my Kaali in conjunction to my DSC (our Kaalis are in opposition to each other). The energy of kundalini sometimes interferes with my normal functioning. I feel it even when I do not have contact with my beloved anymore.

  11. amiannFra

    My sun in 17 Virgo and Sado is 13, in Virgo too… that makes it conjunct right?? I am not sadistic at all man!! Believe it or not. I am an empath actually. . So… don’t judge a book by just one conjunction, you have to see how it all plays out together.

  12. amiannWayne Roach

    Hello dearest Ami,

    Today I must say I’m quite disturbed … what do you make of the following in my natal chart ?

    Sado Conjunct Dejanira (Sagittarius)
    Bacchus Conjunct Neptune (also Sag)
    Proserpina Conjunct Nessus
    Nemesis Conjunct Chiron (Aries)
    Prey Conjunct Moon (Pisces) which is square my Sun and Saturn

    All are with 2* as always I value your insight and pray for a quick reply

      1. amiannWayne Roach

        I suppose Nemesis Conjunct Chiron (Aries) in the 12 house square North and south nodes (nn in the 9th, south in the 3rd)
        Prey Conjunct Moon (Pisces In the 11) which is square my Sun (in the 8th) and Saturn in the 1st house

        And I completely understand this is a busy time for myself as well … but I do completely appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions (which seem to be more and more the deeper I research !)

        Bless you

  13. amiannDeath

    You need to study mythology for about another 20 years and your writing is so judgmental rather than detached in a positive way as a counselor should be.

  14. amiannRoberta

    Hi amy my husband has his mars ascendant on my prey in aries, his juno saturn on my neptune vertex in scorpio opposite to my vesta conjunct his nessus. Moreover he has an angular moon on his seventh that makes him a a bit of a manipulator.

  15. amiannSharra

    Hello Amiann 😊. I have Lust Square Neptune and Conjunct Chiron. I Have Nymphe Square Mercury. I Have Prey Conjunct Venus and Square Pluto. I Have Ascendant Opposition Dejanira. And Midheaven Opposition Nymphe.

  16. amiannJenny

    Now this is fascinating stuff….
    To be honest I never paid much attention to asteroids in the past, but you bet I am now sat up and taking notice !
    My exH had Sado conjunct his Sun & Asc and it was opp my moon.
    He could be nasty – quietly verbally abusive and manipulative which increased as the marriage progressed.
    When I called him out on it he admitted that he’d spent all his life saying nasty things to people and didn’t know why he did it.
    He cheated on me and I divorced him. Then he married his affair partner. I asked him if he was being nasty to her? He replied “Oh yes, she know how nasty I can be”.
    And there you have it, just as you said. No explanation, no apology, just ‘that’s how I am’.
    All I can say is that her capapcity for taking his abuse must be much greater than mine was!
    Her Nessus conjuncts her mars and squares his Mars – hmmm – I think he might have met his match there.

    Great sitekeep it coming

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Jenny. Comments like yours keep me going. That is super interesting about her. SHE gives it back to him if she has Nessus conj Mars. She is prolly abusive but remember these asteroids have to be close (1-3 degrees)

  17. amiannAnnette

    The author of this article can’t be a professional, right? Please tell me it’s not a “professional”. I have had it with self-prophets projecting their black and white thinking onto their “clients”… it’s toxic.

  18. amianneyl

    Hi! What do you think about our Nymphe aspects? They scare me a bit.

    – His Nymphe
    conjunct my Sun (Scorpio),
    opposite my Moon (Taurus),
    sextile my Mars (Capricorn),
    conjunct my Casanova (Scorpio).

    – My Nymphe
    conjunct his Venus (Capricorn),
    trine his Mars (Taurus),
    conjunct his Lilith (Capricorn)

    Do you think he likes me sexually? But his Nymphe opposite my ASC, so can we say he doesn’t like my physical appearance?

    Thanks for this fascinating post.

  19. amiannL

    There is a guy I’ve been silently attracted to. On the surface, we have good, light, supportive synastry. I kept thinking though, knowing my Venus square Neptune self, if I was that attracted to him, there must be something either darkly dysfunctional or incompatible about him. Maybe he’s not a psycho, but secretly gay? Only interested in furries? I finally figured out where to look up “bad” asteroids and wow. My Moon & Venus are within 8° of each other. Smack dab in the middle is my Dejanira. (It’s interesting to learn my victim planet is so close to my romance planets. That means anything conjuncting either could potentially conjunct my Dejanira.) Anyway, his Nessus is 1° conjunct my moon. Yikes. Thank you.

  20. amiannMarianne

    Hi Ami!

    My boyfriend’s Bacchus conjunct my Mars.
    My Bacchus opposite his Mars.
    Also his Pan square my Mars, and mine conjunct his Venus.

    What should I think? I feel disappointed because everything seems too sexy and superficial. :/

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, I can see why you would feel this way but I would need to really study the chart to see if there was more in the relationship to build on

  21. amiannVesta

    Hi. What does Prey conjunct Ascendant mean in synastry? Also almost all of my personal planets square his Prey. What should I think about that?

  22. amiannGooddaygood

    Hahahaah It’s really interesting to me because I love food…. And my Bacchus conj NN, lust, venus, hera hahaha
    I guess it’s my destiny to like food Ahah

  23. amiannGoodday

    What do you think of vertex conj sado? My partner has this Pair, and my sun conj his anti-vertex, Sun/Moon midpoint. Will this affect the relationship???

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