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Aspects To the MC

ballet girlDave asked me about this. I appreciate the article requests because your desire for them gets me more  excited. So, lets see what the MC has to say. The MC is one’s public face. It is one’s face in one’s career and one’s face to society One’s face in one’s daily life may be quite different. This would be shown by the Ascendent.

The Sun’s Aspects to the MC

The Sun conjunct the MC is the sign of a superstar. It is rare but if you have it, you are destined to greatness.A conjunction is always the most powerful aspect, so keep that in mind. If one thinks of a fire, the conjunction is sitting right next to the fire. You feel the heat. You feel the warmth. It is very up close and personal. Hence, when looking at aspects, in general, scope out the conjunctions first. Degrees always matter and matter a great deal. The closer the degree, the more powerful the conjunction.

Lets look at the other aspects.

Sun Trine or Sextile the MC

The Trine is an effortless gift. One is graced by the gods. The sextile is a buried trine. It is a gift but must have effort to unearth. Both of these aspects grace the native with the self confidence to succeed in his career and to have an honorable place in society.

Sun Square or Oppose the MC

The square is a locked position, in my opinion. It cannot be changed but it can be worked around. Hence, the Sun square the MC would make for a difficult time putting forth one’s ego in a career. One may fight authority. One may not get along with bosses. One may leave job after job. The opposition is not locked in like the square. It is a swinging back and forth between opposite sides. Hence, this native may be confident, at times, and insecure and unsure at others.

   Moon Aspects

Moon conjunct the MC will show his heart to the world. He will be an open book in the area of career and public image. He may not be so in his daily life. This would be the domain of Moon conjunct the ASC.

Moon trine or Sextile the MC

This aspect allows the native to use his heart in his career. He will be gifted in this way. I don’t know if Mr. Rogers had this but he could have. This native may write or speak from his heart. At any rate, one would see his heart.

Moon Square  or Oppose the MC

Moon square the MC may not be able to show his heart to the world. He may be the cold, grouch in his career. He may be very different in his daily life but in his career, he may appear heartless. I think of Donald Trump, whom I love, by the way, but he seems like he is all head and no heart when it comes to work. With his family, he seems loving. This would be a good example of Moon square the MC.

Moon oppose the MC

This native may show his heart and then pull back and be cold. He may not ever be able to find middle ground balance. This is typical of any opposition.

Mercury ‘s Aspects

Mercury conjunct the MC will show his intellect and/or communication abilities to the world. He may be a speaker, actor or a writer. He will be a natural in the realm of communication

Mercury Trine or Sextile the MC

This native could use his mind in an effortless way to reach his goals. He would have good communication skills which he could use in his career.

Mercury Square or Oppose the MC

This person may feel that he cannot communicate well and this may be a stumbling block to his career.

Venus Aspects

Venus conjunct the MC may be beautiful and/or have a career in beauty such as a model or a clothes designer.

Venus trine the MC

This native could use his sense of beauty to help him in his career. He may be an art critic or a music critic. He could use his sensitivity to beauty in his career, in a variety of ways from hair stylist to photographer.

Venus Square or Oppose the MC

This native may feel blocked in applying his sense of aesthetics to his career. He may not have an eye for beauty and this may hold him back in his chosen career. He may listen to the music, but not feel the beat, so to speak.

     Mars Aspects

Mars conjunct the MC is a super goal oriented person. When one looks at him, one would see drive, drive, drive.

Mars Trine or Sextile the MC

This native can set a career goal and go after it, as easy as pie( or almost)

Mars Square or Oppose the MC

This native may feel blocked in his goals. He may feel as if he just cannot figure out how to get from Point A to Point B. He may feel as if his goals are always blocked or there is always an inordinate struggle.

Saturn Aspects

Saturn Conj the MC is an unfortunate position. The native feels a sense of insecurity, as if he can never measure up. He tries to do well and he may do well,  but inside he drives himself and is insecure in the process.

Saturn Trine or Sextile the MC

The Saturn trine is quite different than the Saturn conjunction to the MC. With the trine, the native can discipline himself to reach his goals. He can climb the mountain, slow and steady. In time, he will get to the top and look back with pride  at how far he has come. This native will mature as he ages and as he experiences life.

Saturn Square or Oppose the MC

This native doubts his abilities. He may be the proverbial Pigpen who has a cloud of gloom around him. He may doubt he will every achieve his goals. He may feel that one stumbling block after another is thrown in his path.

     Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter conjunct the MC gives wonderful luck in career. It, also, confers an optimism  and joy that makes the native well liked. Hence, he would rise his his chosen career.

Jupiter Trine or Sextile the MC

The native uses his wonderful personality and inner light to help him in his career. He will be a natural people person and naturally popular

Jupiter Square or Oppose the MC

The native may have bad timing. He may apply for the job the day after it is filled. He may give too much or give too little but he seems to not be able to find the balance.

   Neptune Aspects

Neptune conjunct the MC may be a great artist or musician. He may be a spiritual leader. However, he may be lost in his own dreams and do little, as well.

Neptune trine the MC

The Neptune trine is quite different than the Neptune conjunction. The trine offers the best use of Neptune’s gifts without the downside. The trine allows creativity to flow. The native may have a wonderful imagination and be a creative genius. He could have a career in the arts, writing, interior design or any career where creative gifts are needed.

Neptune Square or Oppose  the MC

Neptune squares are not easy. The native may get lost in illusions. This native may dream about a career but not have the wherewithal to go about actually getting one. On the other  hand, his creativity may make it hard for him to be linear to have a job with it’s daily exigencies.

Uranus Aspects

Uranus conjunct the MC would confer a unique, out of the box quality on the native. He would find it very hard to be a nine to five person in a corporate setting. He would need to define his own career and do it his own way.

Uranus Trine or Sextile the MC

This native could use his ingenuity to make fantastic out of the box contributions to any job. He would be known as the person who could think outside the box.

Uranus Square or Oppose the MC

This native may be too weird to hold a job. I am exaggerating, a bit. However, he may find it very hard to channel his weirdness( and we all have it) to his everyday work life.

  Pluto Aspects

Pluto conjunct the MC is a power position. One does not mess with this native because this native personifies personal power.

Pluto Trine or Sextile the MC

This native can take his immense personal power and channel it into a career. He has an inherent strength which he can use for his own good and that of others. Think of a Ted Cruz.

Pluto Square or Oppose the MC

This native may be too belligerent to hold a job. I exaggerate for artistic license. However, he may be the type to act rashly and punch out the boss instead of quietly leaving the room. His primal power may work against him because it is not channeled as is the Trine. Hence, he may lose job after job for anger displays.

Chiron Aspects

Chiron conjunct the MC is one of the hardest Chiron positions, second only to Chiron conjunct the ASC. Chiron conjunct the MC shows his pain to the world. One does not have much choice in any MC planet showing itself to the world. However, the last thing anyone wants is his pain on display. I think Casey Anthony had this. I am not commenting on her case, just saying that her pain was shown to the world and this placement fits.

Chiron Trine or Sextile the MC

This native can use his pain in his career. He may be a therapist or a writer of self help books such as a Wayne Dyer. The trine allows positive use of the planet, which is pain, in this case

Chiron Square or Oppose the MC

This native may be held back from a career or the career of his choice, by pain. He may not be able to get beyond his pain in order to succeed in a career.






69 thoughts on “Aspects To the MC

  1. amiannBritt

    Yus! It’s a strong priority to me to make my massage healing center as beautiful as possible. I feel that the aesthetic appeal of my business weighs heavily on its success.

  2. amiannGrace

    Nothing in the Midheaven but I do have Sun, Pluto, and Chiron oppose MC…

    But I’m curious what having Parvati or Lucifer in MC may mean

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lucifer is the “know it all” He has to be right and he likes to argue for the sake of proving he is one better than others lol. I would expect this trait from Lucifer conj the MC. I have not used the other one, my Friend.

      1. amiannGrace

        Thank you for the interpetation, lol

        I actually can’t confirm or deny this since I’ve been…sheltered most of my life (i guess that’s where the sun, and Pluto in the IC comes in?) I still am since I’m not 18 yet

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          You are welcome, my sweet Friend!
          It is wonderful you found Astrology at such a young age, so you can, hopefully, avoid some pitfalls that most of us fell in like terrible relationships lol

  3. amiannAlexandra

    I have Mercury oppose the MC and Chiron retrog. square MC, both nearly exact aspects. In addition, Saturn retrog. conjunct the MC (6°)… I do have difficulties communicating (although my sun is in house 3, capricorn) and finding my vocation… The trine aspects from my house 1 scorpio moon, nn and Venus to the MC don’t seem to help much. Is there a way I could use these aspects in a constructive manner? (also Pallas and Vesta trine MC)

  4. amiannBayan

    I know someone with sun conjunct midheaven and they’re not famous or spectacular…they are normal with a normal life. This person also has venus conjunct midheaven and she’s not beautiful nor particularly pretty and does she work with anything to do with beauty. She does payroll in a sector that has nothing to do with beauty.

    I know someone with sun square midheaven and they excel in career and what you write about sun square midheaven doesn’t apply to them at all.

    I think you need to be careful with these generic descriptions….

      1. amiannBayan

        I know. That’s why I pointed out that one should be careful withthe descriptions of the aspects on this site (and most sites) as they are generic descriptions. I was just giving examples to illustrate my point.
        These general descriptions should be dispensed with completely as nothing can be said for sure without looking at an entire chart. The descriptions on this site are completely hollow statements and I wouldn’t have cared if my little sister hadn’t come back to me crying because she had read some of these descriptions and thought she wasn’t going to succeed or had problems with authority (sun square mh)….all I’m trying to do is calm readers down who might be confused so that they don’t take these statements for bible truth.

        Nothing more.


  5. amiannAnnette Boel

    Please help. I have transit chiron square to my MC and at the same time opposition to my AC.

    Can somebody help by telling me what´s going on? I find it very difficult right now og extremely lonely.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      In which house is your Chiron. This houses pain may impinge on your job and your life in general Take a look at my article on CHiron in the houses, Annette. Then, come back and we can discuss it, xox

  6. amiannT

    I have Mercury conjunct Sirius and Canopus in 20′. MC in 6°10 conjunct Varuna in 4°40 Can and sextile my Moon in Taurus in 2° orb. Sun Cancer parallel Venus Gem orb 05′. Mercury squares nodes. Moon, Uranus and Alice form a grand T.
    My gift from God is an empathetic and emotional pen. My friends said my words sometimes like crying, sometimes like comfort foods and sometimes so empty that hurt they souls. The feelings significantly change such as from joy in several first words to desperate in the end of one paragraph.
    However, i have Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron square and opposite MC. Heart and mind, they are snatching and tearing me. Dishevelled.
    Until now, i cant quite my high income in bank to become a writer.

      1. amiannT

        Thank you Amiann.
        Sadly, i have to say i can not overcome the Chiron conjunct my rising point and northnode. It may be the reason that I always want to stay alone, far away from the crowd. In your experiences, how many people can overcome this? What did they do?
        Anyway, i cant register your site. It always said i put the wrong submit code

  7. amiannAce

    Pluto conjunct midheaven, lots of career issues for sure, treachery for sure. I’m of tall stature and all of the treachery was done by little men with little dicks.

    Personal issues would be with my Pluto placement and with a Scorpio ascendant is that I have been overwhelmed with being a success, but mostly have had a lot of failure. Sometimes I just shake my fist at God….I’ll give Him that He has an amazing imagination to come up with some of the stuff that has gone on in my life.

  8. amiannGabrielle Vivá

    I’ve been craving for a more specific interpretation of the conjunction between Nessus (20º 42) and MC (18º 04) on my chart. Working with abuse issues? Abused at workplace? By a work colleague? I need your heeeelp.

    P.s.: I’m graduating as Psycologist this year, just for additional information. It aspect makes sense somehow, but i need to know _how_ , exactlly.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome G! Well, it COULD be a number of things, but what it is is that people will SEE the Nessus and associated you with the Nessus. Now, it could be you are abusive and people will see or you could do work with abusive people and people would see your career.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Career may be hard from some habit you have or how you look etc. For one example pulled out of my hat. Let’s say you were very fat and you kept being rejected for job on that basis, that could be one example of the ASC thwarting the MC.

  9. amiannnicholas

    Also, what could the north node sesquisquare midheaven mean as well? Does this mean that my life’s purpose won’t be carried out through my career or that my life’s purpose won’t be recognized within my legacy?

  10. amiannMelissa

    Hello, I just found out what Chiron represents, mine is in 4th house and Libra, and I am so happy to know where my issues come from
    So as it is in the 4th house, I feel like my family doesn’t have my back, they always dissapoint me and let me down, rarely is the opposite, mother and 2 sisters. I just feel like we don’t have the same values and they don’t appreciate me. And that was like from the childhood, my father died when I was six and my mother caring I think wasn’t enough for me and I tend to think she is more selfish then she it seems
    Also for Chiron in Libra,
    I have something similar in relationship with friends, they usually don’t have my back and aren’t that loyal or I am just too demanding, that’s what at the end I think because Idk if these are my high standards that nobody can meet or I am just around wrong people, and they are not there in my bad times usually

    Cancer Sun square Chiron
    Aquarius Jupiter Trine Chiron
    Aries Saturn opposition Chiron
    Capricorn Neptun square Chiron
    Chiron conjuction Part of Fortune which is in Cancer I think
    Chiron Opposition midheaven in Aries

    I am Cancer, Leo asc, moon in Libra

    Venus and Mercury Leo
    12.07.1997 06:40 utc+2
    if that helps, thank you and looking forward to your answer

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Melissa. It sounds like Nemesis conj the Moon or the ASC or something, as well. I would have to do your chart to comment on all of the aspects, Love. It takes me several days to do a chart if I am going to do it well. Please, don’t be a stranger. I love your comment!

  11. amiannJanay Matthews

    Hi Ami Anne. I have Moon, Venus, and Pluto Sextile Midheaven, Neptune trine Midheaven, Mars inconjunct Midheaven, Jupiter square Midheaven, Mercury conjunct Midheaven, and North Node opposite Midheaven.

      1. amiannJanay Matthews

        Ok. What do you think that means overall? I also have asteroids Sappho and Maniac conjunct my Midheaven. Maniac also is conjunct Mercury. There is alot going on in my brain/mind unconsciously and out in the open for the world to possibly see. LOL!!

        1. amiannJanay Matthews

          Remember that Nessus and Dejanira are also conjunct my Midheaven which both conjunct Vesta that’s 6 degrees away from the Midheaven (I know that Vesta is a little too far).

          1. amiannJanay Matthews

            Overall with Nessus and Maniac conjunct my Mercury and Midheaven, I thought that I was depraved or crazy in the head especially from all the abusive and harsh people in my life. You were only a bit stern and honest about my Nessus placement and I didn’t feel degraded or torn apart. You read my aspect compassionately with little to no sarcasm. I can’t wait until this Spring coming up to start work. I know that you said that God has all the answers but I’m still determined to get a natal chart reading from you even if I have to wait until the mid spring or summer coming up. I’m excited to listen to your reports even if I have to wait at least a few months for my time to come.

  12. amiannMichael

    I don’t have any planets in my MC, but I do have six squares here. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Chiron. Anahita, Balbastre, Ceres, Damocles, Humptydumpty, Persephone conjunct MC.

  13. amiannVivian

    Venus, Uranus, Neptune and sun trine midheaven

    With a Pluto opposition which sucks. I won’t punch out the boss tho, surprisingly with an Aries moon I should but that’s squared by Saturn and I have peaceful Taurus midheaven. People notice that I will stand up to the boss and tell him off if I think he has been unfair but that’s about it

  14. amiannCeln

    Mercury, mars and pluto sextile MC
    And my north node and neptune trine to midheaven. But neptune herself, opposed all my 8th house stellium planets (Sun, mars(0°orb), mercury) Will it be difficult?

  15. amiannPiscesMc

    I have Chiron trine my cancer asc, & pisces Mc. I also have mercury & venus in Aries both 10th house & Jupiter in pisces 10th house also. So would all these tenth houses play a role in my Mc? And my Mc is fueled from Chiron?

  16. amiannBrandy

    Hi Amiann,

    I need your advice on a problem that I’m becoming more aware of. Can you please help me find a solution to my Moon 1st House (Pisces) Square Midheaven Sagittarius/ IC Gemini? I understand Squares are hard to manage, but I am determined to transform into a stronger being… I have no problem dropping my ego to admit that I need help following through, I just can’t stand being viewed as weak just because I’m holding back the parts of me that can definitely hurt someone when I’m disrespected, but even then I don’t know how to manage my words carefully, which I just learned because I have a Mars trine Ascendant and Mars Conjunction Mercury. And still trying to blend the understanding of Lilith trine MC and Lilith Opposition Sun (Libra). I don’t necessarily need help with my chart at this time, moreso just guidance, Amiann.

  17. amiannBrandy

    The point that I was trying to make, that this is one of my biggest challenge that I struggle with in my life …my emotions conflict with
    my work/home life regardless of astrology…. and I just happened to notice particular aspect is quite strong and just wanted some advice. But okay smdh…. I see that you didn’t quite understand my struggle at all, you just practically just pushed it away. Thank you..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      My advice is it may be a struggle but each chart has struggles like this that really cannot be totally changed. One can try to work on them, but they are still there at some level.

  18. amiannLeo Rock

    I have Midheaven in Capricorn
    Saturn sextile MC
    Neptune conjunct MC
    Uranus conjunct MC
    Pluto sextile MC
    I also have Moon in 10th house
    Someone told me that i will have a great success in later part of my life. Is it true? I am 24 years old and have little success till now

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