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Asteroid Aura(1488) and Your Vibe

girl in waterI haveย  a strange Asteroid Aura. It conjuncts Dejanira, the victim asteroid. *Sigh* However, Pluto conjuncts Dejanira, too. I have been thinking about the Asteroid Aura because a friend has this conjunct the Asteroid Kaali. Kaali is one’s vital energy. It is called Kundalini energy. For this person, her vital energy is too close to her Aura. She is very sensitive. This is why.

For me,ย  people seem to think I am weak. I must give off the Dejanira essence, which is the victim essence. However, when people come against me, they are surprised that I have an inherent strength. This must be the Pluto. Pluto is primal power. Pluto is the Id, in Freud’s terminology. In simple terms, it is the primal tiger in all ofย  us.

For me, I may seem like a victim with Dejanira conjunct Aura but people get a surprise when Pluto comes out and fights back like the primal tiger he is.

The charts prove to be accurate in all their magnificent detail. I hope you take the time to look at your Aura Asteroid and write on my Comment Form!

42 thoughts on “Asteroid Aura(1488) and Your Vibe

  1. amiannLuke

    I have Aura in Libra and in the 10th house, it semi-squares my sun, opposes my venus and semi-squares my mars, what do you think this could mean? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It depends how close these all are. In a conjunction, one could accecpt up to 3 degrees. In other aspects, not more than 1-2. Unless these are all super close, they would not pertain. With Aura, I would look at close conjunctions the most.I would not look at the semi sextiles and square. If it was a 1 degree opposition to Venus, you may kind of show your love and them pull back into your shell and kind of go back and forth like that. Does this fit, Luke?

  2. amiannVenusAS

    Aura is in Pisces. Semisextile AS at 0 degree, semisextile Venus and Neptune at 1 degree. Trines Moon at 3, Quintile Sun at 1.

    I think it was true, because like what I’ve said before I vibrated a soft and charming appeal. And I also vibrated this sensitive and overly-psychic aura that people could detect. Well, I guess Astrology explains everything.

    Again, I’m amazed by Astrology. People thinks it was just a bunch of craps. Well no. Astrology is more than that. It explains our attractions and ourselves. Astrology’s epic lol.

  3. amiannJodie

    I love asteroid astrology, it helps uncover so much more than just using the planets in one’s charts ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have Aura in Pisces, conjunct Saturn 1 degree, and conjunct Eros 3 degrees. That sounds interesting.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Jodie
      I would say that you have a seriousness about you due to Saturn conj Aura. You may seem sexy, too, from the Eros but it is a bit wide, so may be ambient lol

      1. amiannLovingMystery

        True. Ceres for me has a plutonic pain about her that I feel eris heals. After all in myth Ceres is eris’ mother. She has a strong motherly way with me and I draw her down deeper to help her come full circle with her pain.

  4. amiannvb

    how about aura in sag in 12th conjunct ascendent and kaali in 1st.. all less than 2 orbs apart..
    mercury in neptune in the 12th also but 7 degrees away from aura…

  5. amiannAbigail

    I have this conjunct my Sun, Bellona, Kuber (Vedic lord of wealth), Mathesis, Melete, and Parvati exact in the 4th house ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t look at asteroids in houses, per se, Shane. I look at what they conjunct or else a close other aspect, such as trine etc. You may show love in your aura, in this case, Shane

  6. amiannRoberta

    Thanks for your reply Ami. So aura opposite kali drains my energy and what if kali were exactly conjunct my husband’s venus and north node and my aura conjunct his south node exact. I feel drained especially when with his friends and family (south node?). It is like if he was taking my energy to look smarter to them. It is definitely annoying

      1. amiannRoberta

        Thanks a lot Ami. He has got natal mercury conjunct kali and the moon on his descendant, which make him a great manipulator. Unfortunately it is a bit late to get aware of it. Better than never though.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Mercury conj Kaali would be more losing one’s energy when one was around people kind of like being drained by conversation etc Roberta. Tell me about the whole story with him if you care to. Roberta.

  7. amiannRoberta

    Hi Ami and thanks for caring. His natal mercury conjunct his natal kali is retrograde too. I remember in one of your post you were talking about a woman with mercury conjunct kali as a false victim who lamented of others abusing her while SHE was the actual abuser. Anyway i tell you more about our relationship. When we first met, more than twentyfive years ago, he has just lost his brother and i was experiencing my saturn in pisces return. My angel conjunct his ascendant and mars in aries. I was the more in love and it started as a very hot thing (Venus kali conjunction, his scorpio juno saturn conjunction upon my neptune vertex conjunction, opposite my vesta in taurus conjunct his nessus. Moreover our eros conjunct in pisces). He is a dope smoker and past drug abuser. At that time we lived in different towns and it went on for several years as a very free thing. Then i moved back to my natal town, where my parents were getting ill and his were too, and i moved to his house. He was half happy and half protesting about losing his freedom. Then we decided to move to the country where we bought a house together even though i have been always the one who made the first step. I was not loving myself and i needed somewhere to hide and retire from the world which hurt me and couldn’t find a safer place. We had three wonderful sons together and i stuck in the country for twenty and more years housewiving and mothering (my capricorn moon/valentine conjunction is conjunct his valentine ) when it lately, suddenly occurred to me that for so long i had forgotten about my own needs and wishes and under my chiron return i could see more clearly thorough my past. I also read that with a moon conjunct descendant the subject is kind of manipulating the ones he is in a relationship with. It is like he is always telling something to prove he cares and soon afterwards something that hurts so that he keeps control of the ones around him. His sun is also in a wide conjunction to kali. Sorry for being so long… Love

  8. amiannJanay Matthews

    Besides the asteroids, Yeshuhusa, Valentine, and Ceres Trine my Ascendant and Aura, and my Aura conjunct Ascendant, I also have the asteroids Dick and Mentall on my Ascendant. How does that affect me overall because I seem to attract a lot a very negative and obnoxious people in my life?

  9. amiannMiapapz

    I found out I have aura rx conjunct my pluto rx in the 5th house of sagittarius trine my sun in the 9th conjunct eris in the 9th, and AC, adams rx, orcus rx in the 1st house, singer, child and that astroid of ageless youth in the 8th house!

  10. amiannJudith

    My aura Is in cancer (First house) opposite Kali capricorn (seventh house). It Is not Easy for me to manage my Energy and too often i pour It into others

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