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Asteroid Child Conjunct Asteroid Dejanira

I thought I had Asteroid Child conjunct Asteroid Dejanira. I wrote many, many articles on it. I just realized that I do not have it.

I am not going to go back and change every article due to the pure time that would take but more so because what I wrote does apply to people with that aspect.

I have Nessus in the 8th oppose Child, almost exact. I somehow interchanged these two aspects.

I hardly look at my own chart because I am doing so many others lol but the upshot of both aspects is that they are, virtually, the same.

Child conjunct Dejanira is a child who was victimized. Nessus oppose Child is a child who was abused.

4 thoughts on “Asteroid Child Conjunct Asteroid Dejanira

  1. amiannlookupatthestars

    Hello Ami,
    I was reading your blog and your posts and thought they were very interesting. Your posts have provided a lot of insight into the astrology of suffering and being abused. I do feel like as a child I sometimes wasn’t respected and had difficult relationships with my family. However I am not sure what you mean by the term ‘victimized.’

    This is a term in psychology and although I have searched for a definition it is still not clear to me. What would it mean to be victimized? What is difference be between being victimized and being abused? Isn’t it the same thing?

    In order to grow we first must understand our own stories and what happened to us and how to define our experiences so I think it would help a lot if you could help me understand what being victimized is.

    In this post you mentioned how “Child conjunct Dejanira is a child who was victimized. Nessus oppose Child is a child who was abused.” What would the difference be between these two scenarios? How would they play out? Wouldn’t they interact almost in the same way as in both cases both targets become targets of abuse? What about Nessus conjunct Child, compared to Nessus opposition Child?

    Here is my understanding of abuse: I understand that there is an abuser and there is a victim. The victim is the receiver of harsh and unjust treatment that personally violates their sense of space, freedom and individuality. This treatment is imparted upon by the abuser.

    I understand abuse since now a days its a common term however I have rarely heard the word victimized.

    Thank you for your time,
    Lots of love,

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