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Asteroid Ixion

Ixion  was the first murderer in Greek Mythology. The interesting this to me, about him, was that he had chances to repent and did not. He died unrepentant. He is associated with dark things like lust that goes out of control. The chart I was doing that brought Ixion to my attention  had Ixion conjunct Lilith. Lilith is raw sexuality. It is the chart of a female child molester. Lilith is a very powerful asteroid reflecting the power of primal sexuality. It is mind boggling that Lilith conjunct Ixion could be in the chart of a female child molester. The charts never lie. The only weak link is the reader.

43 thoughts on “Asteroid Ixion

  1. AmiTiffany

    I have asteroid Ixion conjunct Venus & Ascendant. They are also conjunct asteroids – Kitty, R.I.P., Quoar, & Adonis.
    Give me your best interpretation of these

    1. Amiamiann

      I would prefer just 3 asteroids at a time. Choose the ones you most want me to look at, Tiffany. A long list is too hard for me. Thanks so much. Ixiion conj Venus and ASC would be a very charming person who felt she could do whatever she wanted and break the rules that suited her lol

  2. AmiTiffany

    Ok…that certainly fits lol
    ..look at the asteroid RIP conjunct Venus first.
    Then look at My Moon & dejanira which is square Persephone and Kitty. They are within 2 or 3 degree orb
    Hope that’s not too much.

    1. Amiamiann

      I never heard of RIP. That is amazing. I would not know what to say to that. For the Moon/Persp, I would say that you had a very hard rite of passage from teen to adult with a lot of trauma and most likely sexual abuse xx

  3. AmiTiffany

    This fits…my parents were very mentally, emotionally, & physically abusive. I got in trouble for almost everything. I couldn’t express indepence or talk back to them and my Mom would use what I would confide in her to against me. My Dad was very strict & always told me No. I I always felt I was on lockdown. They always humiliated me and made me feel inferor/not good enough. Not pleasant childhood at all. Thats probably why I ended up getting pregnant at 16.

  4. AmiAsuka

    Hi Ami, I’m almost scared to bring this up, but I have Ixion conjuncts Lilith, too… but I’m no child molester. Please don’t call the cops Lol
    Do you know how else would this contact manifest?

    Also, a friend of mind has her Moon conjunct Saturn and Ixion. I know the Moon/Saturn contact makes her a serious person, but what if Ixion is in the mix?

    1. Amiamiann

      Ixion is lawless. It is doing what one wants with no care for anyone or anything. It must be a close conjunction to something personal in the chart to really count such as the Sun, Moon, ASC, MC, Venus, Mars or Mercury, most especially. It will count in other close conjunctions but the most important conjunctions are to personal places in the chart such as those I listed, A.

  5. AmiKim

    Hi Ami,
    Would Ixion conjunct Sun (less than 1 degree orb), opposite Lilith (less than 2 degree orb) have the same characteristic as described above?

  6. AmiA

    Could you please tell me more about sun cunjunct ixion opposite cheiron conjunct eris, it must be horrible? Oh lord, the tree of knowledge

    1. Amiamiann

      Well, Sun conj Ixxion is someone who is lawless or wants to be. Oppose Chiron would be pain from this and Eris is likes to stir up trouble, so you are prolly a wild child

  7. AmiRami

    I have Ixion conjunct someone’s ASC., and he’s got Ixion conjunct his ASC. What to make of this? I cannot figure it out.

  8. AmiKeka

    Helloo!! what about in a progressive composite nessus 7º08 conjuct part of fortune 8º45? and ixion 26º58 conjuct pluto 24º25

    1. Amiamiann

      I don’t pay attention to asteroids retrograde because that would take so much more time to do a chart and I already spend 4-5 days on one chart. SO, I only look at planets.However, if you wanted to evaluate it, it makes the asteroid trait deeper and more internal such as one would cogitate on it.

  9. AmiJune

    I have Ixion(26°19’ Scorpio) conjunct IC(24°37’ Scorpio).
    I also have Echo(23°07’ Scorpio) and Pluto(22°15 Scorpio) conjunct IC. Pluto is the dominant planet and it’s retrograde.
    Ixion is also in quincunx with my Sun(26°48’ Aries).
    Does Ixion mean anything in my Birth Chart?

      1. AmiJanay Matthews

        Wow!! It feels like you intuitively understand my chart inside and out and I only showed you a glimpse. As soon as a get a part-time job as the decade goes by, I may get a reading from you. You and my therapist can really help discover and heal my hidden wounds.

  10. AmiIvytruffle

    Someone’s Jupiter conjunct my Ixiom exact (2H Scorpio) in synestry…not so hot? Their Vesta is conjunct their Jupiter there so curious about the overall combo.

  11. AmiTessa

    Ixion stuck in close conjunction between Venus and Sun, with Quaoar and Part of Fortune for company? Some other asteroids and planets are present, sunny side, but they are far enough not to count for Ixion.

  12. AmiS

    I learned about this asteroid after reading your articles about the asteroid lilith. I have Ixion conjunct Pallas, in my 3rd house, and both trine my Jupiter. I’m not sure what to make of it. I know Pallas stands for (A broad definition) wisdom. Could it be related to dark thoughts? I have a lot of those.

    1. Amiamiann

      The trine with Jupiter would keep you safe from the bad side of Ixiion and also Pallas would be wisdom that would aid you. I would not worry about this!

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