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Asteroid Medea(212)

queen mary girlThe hard thing with Asteroid Myths is to hone them down to practical usage. Anyone can write an esoteric tome that sounds good, but is it practical? That is always my question and is always my quest. Let’s see what we can do with Medea.Lets start with Medea who was a sorceress. She fell in love with Jason. He promised to marry her if she would give him an item he desperately wanted. She did so. After the marriage, Medea used her  powers for great ill. She murdered her brother,  for one. This is the back story of Medea but the myth continues. Medea loved Jason very much. She bore him two children. Then, he left her for another women. Her revenge burned deeply. It was deep enough that she killed her own children in order to get back at Jason. Many accounts of Medea portray her as the aggrieved spouse. However, she did bring evil down on herself due to her own actions.

What can we take from this story? The Asteroid Medea is about love lost and revenge. It is not a story with a happy ending. It is a story that ends as badly as it begins. Hence, a person with a prominent Medea may take great revenge when scorned. This would be my take away from this asteroid. Please, check your charts and tell me your experiences.





35 thoughts on “Asteroid Medea(212)

  1. amiannLesley

    This is not me, but I know someone who has Medea in exact conj. with their moon. I think that would be a very prominent placement, as the Moon is someone’s deepest feelings. Thankfully, this is not me. Could this person be so hurt from love that they will seek revenge, in a physical or emotional way, on someone else or would it be on the person who hurt them? This feels like one of the worst placements for this asteroid to be.

  2. amiannLesley

    Hi Ami, I have been quite good the last little while. I have been really focussed on finding a job (just a job for now) and will be beginning a job in a home store in a couple of weeks. I don’t believe it’s my destiny, but for now it will do to fund a career in the near future. I am still attending church, and am really feeling good about being there. (without S. being in attendance). He actually was there a couple of weeks ago with his family, as his daughter was having her baby boy dedicated. It’s funny, every time he came close to me he turned his head and would not make eye contact . I am on the hospitality team now, so I was kept busy greeting people. Kept me occupied. I was a little awkward and his family aren’t the happiest people on earth. They would not smile back at me when I greeted them. Oh well. And yes, the Medea aspect is his. An exact conjunction. Anyway, it just opened things up a bit for me so I checked this asteroid in his chart. Do Nessus attractions ever totally dissolve?

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            To answer your question about Medea. Is she conj the MC. If so, you may be in a situation where you are betrayed and exact revenge.

  3. amiannLovingMystery

    Revenge…mmm I try with all my might to avoid negativity. My scorpionic nature is strong, sometimes fierce in that if pushed ill tell it like it is. I get warrior like.

  4. amiannKristieJenkins

    I find it rather intriguing that both Medea as well as Tantalus are in Virgo (11th) with my NN in Virgo in the 12th. The reason I find this rather intriguing is because the man I’ve been married to, been to HELL & back with had his Moon in Virgo. Needless to say, having both of these heifers where they are, makes sense, to me.

    1. amiannKristie Jenkins

      I don’t know why I worded it as “HAD” he HAS his Moon in Virgo & after all I’ve learned since the day I posted that. Yes, it’s right. I’d like to add to the above that My NN is conjunct his Moon & Juno trine’s his Moon…
      As far as Medea goes, she shows her revenge in our synastry chart. She’s in my 11th in Virgo bi-quintile his Moon, I’ve put him through severe pain once I was fed up with the mental & emotional abuse, looking back I can see it as an unconscious revenge, even though, I had no feelings, I thought, I felt numb. She is in his 10th house, in Taurus conjunct my 8th house, being a Scorpio Sun, I feel that the 8th house energy was used against me by him (through her)… meaning that, in the emotional & mental abuse (Gemini Mercury… and Venus & Mars, too) – he would kill who I was, who I truly was, because I was never felt to be good enough for him or never met his expectations as a wife, even though I’d stopped my whole world in trying to bring him happiness. Those days were dark dark dark! So glad to be able to LOOK BACK, on them now & actually be able to talk about them. Shows healing. Let me add that we have Chiron conj Chiron in our Synastry chart.. …

  5. amiannA

    Hi! Could you please let me know abit more about Medea conjunct IC..? I have a Leo IC – Aquarius MC axis, I am the black sheep of the family, with a mother who wants to be served like a queen. I became a total anarchist. I always felt like I was a burden, not loved by my family. What is going on with this Medea here..?

  6. amiannNighta Day

    I have Medea conjunct my NN exact. It’s in libra 11th house with my moon Circe conjunction (also exact) with Pallas (2.47 degrees). Chiron Aphrodite conjunction (exact). I’m not a vengeful person. And I’m especially not some psychopath lol. I always leave things to karma unless it’s directly affecting me.
    Does anyone have any idea how to interpret what this conjunction being with the NN could mean?

    This is my first post on this forum and you can probably tell I’m a novice in terms of astrology. My Christian psychic has taught me a lot of what I know and reading your list of asteroids got me so intrigued to investigate my own chart but now I want to know more!

    Thank you

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much. It means you will have a Medea theme in your life and likely will have a strong desire to get revenge when you are wronged, so be careful. Think before you act lol Chiron/Aphrodite is pain with love and beauty somehow

  7. amiannNighta Day

    Thanks for replying to me Ami. And yes I will be careful.
    On what you said about the Chiron Aphrodite conjunction- I have had two abusive relationships but that could be due to my Venus conjunct dejanira in the seventh house. I never really felt like a fiction though. I understand it was me who chose my partner’s in the first place and put up with it. I do however get really hurt when I establish friendships with men who turn out to be attracted to me in a more sexual way (this happens in almost every relationship I establish) It really disheartens me as it makes me feel like I am only valued for my looks. It also makes me feel uncomfortable, as if I am prey. Could this be what you are talking about?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow this question would need a one question chart cuz there is prolly a lot going on, maybe Lilith conj the MC or something sexual conj the ASC so that men see you this way.

  8. amiannDamla

    Hi. My Medea conjunct his jason. His Medea and asteroid Karma(also his Medea and Karma conjunct his natal) conjunct my Saturn and astroid circe. His hekate conjunct my moon. My asteroid Karma conjunct his name asteroid. Please,anybody explane this situation? What does it mean?Sorry my English . I am not native speaker

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t use many of these asteroids. His Hekate will help you understand your deepest emotions. Your Karma shows a fated relationship but we can’t say more than fated from that.

  9. amiannTina

    Hi Ami 😘
    Yet another great article!!
    OMG…this is unbelievable!!
    So, I’m reading up on your articles, to gain more knowledge on the asteroids, and more (crazy) pieces of the puzzle are coming together.
    I wasn’t even thinking of that cray cray, but how can I not now, after realising how it’s all playing out in synastry.

    I know I’ve mentioned some of her aspects before, but I really have to again, so I can share with you the entire picture. I’m shaking my head typing this up.

    I just knew that my Venus placement sends her nuts, and it all makes so so so much sense now!!!

    Her asteroid Zavist is conj her ascendant, which is opposite my Uranus (exact) and Venus (they’re conj). Her ascendant is square to her Medea, conj her IC, in equal house system. Her Medea is square my Uranus (conj her DC exact in equal house) and Venus (conj her DC too, but not exact), and her Mars (which is conj her aura and lie) conj her MC in equal house, is square my Venus. All this malefic energy from her to my beautiful Venus!!! And in that grand cross…yuck!!

    Could you please share your take on how this energy is all playing out?

    Would you suggest I look at asteroid Jason, to see how that’s also playing out? Or, would that be more specific if I knew a Jason personally. xoxo

      1. amiannTina

        Thank you Ami xoxo
        Yeah…you can say that again!!
        I do have to say though, as horrible as she has been to me (really horrible), it’s been an absolutely interesting case study, astrologically wise. All the bs I received from her, and the psychic downloads I’ve received about her machinations, are all spelt out so clearly in the chart/charts. So, as much as a horrible and nasty person she’s been to me, she actually has helped me become a much better astrologer. Not that she did any regarding the knowledge I’ve gained. All the credit goes my way. And also yours, and other astrologers I respect. But if I didn’t experience it, and look for the answers in the chart/charts, I wouldn’t know as much about astrology as I do today. 💋

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