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Asteroid Picks–Algol

481987_306453709450358_1873654673_nAlgol is a Fixed star, not an asteroid. I have not picked it, per se. People have told me that they have it and I have tried to feel that person out.I don’t think one could feel out Algol conjunct anything but the ASC, Sun or Moon. In other cases, one may need to know the person quite well. I am referring to Algol conjunct Venus, Mars or Mercury, here. However, I think one could feel out Algol conjunct the ASC, Sun or Moon.

People who have Algol conjunct the ASC, Sun or Moon seem to have a propensity for evil.If they do not do evil things, they want to. They are drawn to evil and dark things as a moth is drawn to light. It is not their fault. It is the nature of their chart.

Recently, I talked to a young man with Algol conjunct the ASC. He thinks he is a sociopath. He says he does not have much conscience. He said that he has a really bad temper and when it gets going, he could really hurt someone before he could stop. He has done this.

If we could call something the Fixed Star for serial killers, it would be Algol. Fixed stars are powerful. Does a person have to be a serial killer if they have a prominent Algol? No, however, they will be drawn to the dark parts of life. They could do evil easier than someone without this. That would be my conclusion on the matter.

I wish I could add more of a practical nature. I don’t have more. I wish there was more information on the web, of a practical nature. I ask for your experiences, once again. That is how we all learn.




71 thoughts on “Asteroid Picks–Algol

  1. amiannMel

    There is a powerful business leader I know- well enough to know the exact time of his birth, but not enough to say that he is a friend or acquaintance.
    He has Algol conjunct his sun. Exact.

    I don’t have any personal experience with the guy. He’s a Taurus with Scorp Moon and Mars in Aries… I would imagine he could be ruthless about going after the things that he wants. And this is true, judging by what he has accomplished.
    Potentially at any cost though as Algol would suggest.

    Could Algol create illusions as to what is “evil” or “exploitative” ? I would imagine that being unburdened by such trivialities would aid in financial domination. Do they always know what they are doing or thinking?

  2. amiannDiana

    I have the sun one degree from Algol. Sorry, I don’t have even one evil bone inside me. Dishes may be flying when you push my buttons, but I wouldn’t hurt you. And I think that’s more to do with my mars square pluto. Friends have told me that they are amazed at how much suffering I can tolerate in order not to hurt anyone. I would not hesitate though to punish someone who did something evil, like hurting an innocent. I think Algol can only play out when there is other factors in the chart that support this tendency to evil. Then again I am drawn to “dark” and mysterious things when it comes to Art, Music, Interior, Clothes even people, but never evil 😉

      1. amiannDiana

        Yes Ami, but definitely not to “evil”!!! In fact I strongly dislike anything evil. What draws me to the “dark” is the raw, primal, intense energy.

  3. amiannBlackSeraph

    Algol has this propensity to draw me in, period. In my natal chart Algol is conjunct asteroids but not fixed points or major planets, however I do have a few experiences with people/things that do. I also tend to use a 2 degree orb for Algol (only other stars I use more than 1 deg orb tend to be Scheat and the Behenian stars (the list escapes me atm though).

    As for asteroids:
    – 14917 Taco (24

      1. amiannBlackSeraph

        There indeed is a Taco asteroid! I was surprised when I saw it myself.

        Depending on the toppings, they can be. Especially with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and cheese. Could partially explain the waistline hit. Salsa’s good with them too.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It is interesting that you ask this, tmo. I asked the guy with Algol conjunct the ASC to send me a pic and he did. He looked really sexy in the way that vampires do lol

  4. amiannTiffany

    * Algol is conjunct my panacea and paine and is opposing my ascendant .
    I know panacea gives us the power to heal ourselves
    * Algol is also square: Hylonome which shows where you will make the ultimate sacrifice, who and what you will die for and Apollo representing (True leadership)
    * In synastry Algol is conjunct the other person’s sun.

    Hopefully these interpretations will help in the translation 🙂

    Give me a description of both.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      * Algol is conjunct my panacea and paine and is opposing my ascendant .
      I know panacea gives us the power to heal ourselves

      You may struggle with feeling you want to do evil impulses but it is a struggle and a tug of war.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        * In synastry Algol is conjunct the other person’s sun.

        I would not want this. I would be afraid of abuse. I can’t really follow the others, Tiffany dear.

  5. amiannzakiahakakatie

    I just found out I have Algol conjunct Venus by four degrees. I am not evil, I hate evil and what it starts but I am human and I do have a dark side. It comes out when I lose my temper(I assure you, that doesn’t happen a lot) and I become scary. I could not live with myself if I murdered or hurt someone; but I wouldn’t have a problem seeing someone punished for a terrible crime such as murdering children and the like. I am quite protective of the people I love and will not hesitate to stand up for them; I can come across as a bit scary and intense when I do so. My mom once made a comment about me being a tiger and not being afraid to bare my teeth if I have to lol

  6. amiannTia

    Okay this is not true. No asteroid or fixed star can determine whether a person is “good” or “bad”. It’s your CHOICE. If you grew up in an Algol type environment, you have a CHOICE to still be loving and kind. Algol is an intense energy, it can be utilised for good or bad. If you had a “perfect chart” you could still be harmful.

  7. amiannTia

    Sorry if it came off that way, I guess there is little information on the topic. Nice interpretation though! I am not sure how to upload my chart though..

  8. amiannKaia

    I felt it was hard.. I don’t know really. My mother and I had to move a lot, switching schools many times, and my parents got divorce when I was young. He abused and cheated on her, all in all not a good father. I lost contact with him when I was ten, and I never had a particuarly close relationship with my mother. We just didn’t understand each other at all, so we would get into heated arguments a lot. She went broke from the divorce. I don’t know if that constitutes as a horrible home life, everyone has problems in their families, I can’t really complain about it.

    Also, I’ve always been extremely withdrawn and being around people was draining, I just liked being alone, even as a kid. Though this could be because I have Sun and Venus in the 12th & Neptune conjunct ASC. I’ve heard Kaali could be the draining feeling, but thats 3 degrees away from my sun, and that could be a little too wide…

    Sorry for the long story, It’s hard because it feels as if a lot has happened and I can’t put it into simpler words.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Don’t be sorry, K. I am here so people can talk about these things. I am going to make a Forum in a few weeks and I would LOVE to look at your chart and discuss it with you <3

  9. amiannJenny?

    Algol conjunct ASC Chiron Rising here…..
    The being drawn to the primal darker aspects of life, yes.
    seeking to live on the edge emotionally and mentally, yes. Thereby inviting fully sometimes dangerous situations and relationships.
    Once I understood how What and how Algol operated In my chart, it helped me understand my instinctive impulses so much better. We want to talk , we want to visit, we want to dive into the waters that the status quo others would rather ignore or just skim. Because we want the treasures that are buried at the bottom of the ocean’s floor. Because this gives us material to create and to heal ourselves, our very world and the world of others. I feel from my own experiences that in Algol, we carry the medicine and we carry the venom all in one look, all in one touch, all in one move. It is frighteningly beautiful and ethereal.
    Like anything, I’ve found it is how you choose to use this power.
    Much love.

      1. amiannAstrojunk111

        I completely agree! Youre so right, it IS ALL about how you use the energies. And your post helps clarify algol on DC. Being pluto-esque im also very comfortable in and drawn to the dark, but i dont have the deaire to search it out or explore it in others and explore. I tend to keep it private unless im veryose w a person. So, If you are drawn to others for diving in w algol on Asc, Ive better understood that (having algol Opp asc) im drawing the dark too me, wether consciously or not!

        Thanks for your post.

  10. amiannAstrojunk111

    I have algol conjunct descendant exact.

    So after reading all the algol material i could find, let me just tell u…im totally godsmacked. Epiphanies galore. I ended up here on your feed searching for algol/DC info. Not finding much abt it anywhere (for the first time ever) im compelled to post to a feed. I hope others w this aspect can also find this and Ami thank you for collecting all the astro data youve posted. Its a treasure chest for beginners and I hope sharing the following info helps you w Algol. Im very private so….here goes nothing 😉

    Needless to say I’ve definitely had trouble w relationships. Two of which unexpectedly became voilent. One attack a blunt head injury and the other a headlock/choke from behind. Talk about loosing heads!

    I can spit “venom” verbally (gemini sun/varuna conjunction in 7th/Scorpio Rising w 8th house mercury, eeek). I DONT like violence at all but have held my self back from slapping a few peolpe, and i will defend myself if need be. But what gets-my-goat most…seeing others being bullied (maybe due to having grown up in a somewhat Bully-ish enviornment) It hits a nerve i guess…Im Exteremly sensitive though you would never see this, i got the stone-like exterior and tend to cry in private.

    Many people admit to wrongfully judging me always being surprised and feeling shame when upon meeting me at how “nice or cool”. My answer always being “well im glad to have been part of one of your life-lesson!” And crack a joke style segue to another topic. Some even have said my presense scares them which has always baffled me being a social/open/friendly person. Bitchface maybe? And on the otherhand a lot of people tell me secrets/problems/troubles. Complete strangers even…or i am able to easily access confidential info, sometimes stubling upon it accidentally prooving my hunches about dirty tricks others are up to. Which are rarely wrong but this ease of access didnt come until later in life. As a young person i was shy and totally oblivious of public enemies but they periodically made sure i that i knew they were there…Sometimes i think it was the people i was closest to at the time.

    Theres also a history of sexual manipulations/assaults through life. The first being at 10 y/o a man flashed his genitals at me while walking home alone. Upon telling someone the reply i got was “just dont look at him then”. Mmmmmk…example 2, at 19yo my bestfriends boyfriend came onto me (making me extremely uncomfortable as i never ever would be attracted to him nor had ever flirted etc) I called my bestfriend immediately and told her. Once confronted him abt it he succeeded in twisting the story where she ended up blaming me for coming onto him and our friendship of 8years ended sadly and they went onto be married and have a child. That one hurt. So ya, I do definitely see a “blamed victim” thing. Always “paying a harsh price” for anothers whacky manipulations/behaviors, direct or indirect and never ceasing.

    And then theres always the possibility this all could be due to other aspects in my chart ie:
    Rx Hesperus venus 0°can conj epimethean Dx merc in 8th
    sun 7th sq saturn/mars 10th & opp nept in 1st
    Uranus Rx at malefic 22°Sco Rising/12th squ moon near 4th cusp 0° pisces
    etc etc.

    From what i understand i have a problematic chart. Lol

    1. amiannWhat a Gem!

      Wow Astrojunk111, I could’ve written some of your post myself!
      Algol on Dsc
      Sun, moon, mercury, varuna conj in 7th house Gemini
      Sun opp 1st house Neptune but not quite squaring 9th house Mars/Saturn
      Scorpio rising
      Relationships with threats of violence, verbal venom, hate violence but have had to hold back slapping a few people, can’t abide bullying, ice maiden exterior, people are usually scared of me when they first meet me (which I find ludicrous) then later tell me how shocked they are that I’m lovely, people are always confiding in me despite the fact I openly admit I’m hopeless at keeping secrets, then there’s the history of sexual manipulations/assaults…..

  11. amiannana80

    I have algol conjunct ASC and i’m like the opposite of evil. i’m like a hippie inside. Opposing algol, i have a stellium on my DSC in scorpio (venus, moon, uranus and mercury). when i was younger, teenager up to my early 20s, i used to dress as a goth, then i went punk-ish for a year or so, then i thought it was all dumb and dropped all that urban tribe thing.

    I’m drawn to dark/mysterious art but also to silly things like weird/bizarre youtube videos. 🙂

    Algol manifested in other uglier ways. i am bipolar and suffered quite a lot and did a lot of mess until i found the right cocktail of drugs to put my mind at peace and be able to be logical and rational about things. physically, some people say i have sad eyes even though i am not a sad/depressed person. i’m a sagittarius who doesn’t take life too seriously.

    hope this helps!

      1. amiannana80

        yes, actually it does!
        it really did feel like a fight inside, the bad years with my bipolar stuff. i felt that i have purged some kind of evil or violence — not sure if they’re the right words — but it’s out, the black stuff. like i expelled it from me. and now i kinda know where i stand.

        i think algol also gives you strength somehow. i think of a steel tower when i think of algol.

  12. amiannCourtney C S

    Algol is one of the things that led me to your website. After an intense night of dreams last night making me wake up thinking randomly about Medusa, I decided to dig a little deeper. Enter Algol, I have an exact YOD to Chiron and Mercury. So I’ve always paid close attention to my Chiron. Now, I’ve learned that I have Algol exact Conjunct my Chiron and Mercury in my Taurus first house. Needless to say, it was like putting the “cherry on top” of the word suffering. I would like to consider that this aspect explains why I would rather be the victim myself than see someone or something else suffer. I know deep down I can handle the pain better. I wonder if it may be the reason that I willing self sacrifice so much. Anyways, looking forward to working with you.

  13. amiannS. Wayne Roach

    I was actually quite shocked to find My ASC (27*)Conjunct Algol (26*) (also conjunct the asteroid Tyche @ 25* (part of a large multiple planet opposition)… I found somewhat confusing and … Being the Ascendant is basically your outward appearance, energy frequency (vibe ?) the impression one makes and one’s outward mask. Tall, DARK, handsome and ….lucky ? it does seem somewhat enigmatic as i know in my heart I am not evil …

      1. amiannWayne Roach

        I would have to (much to my chagrin) agree … from other planets/asteroid aspects it would appear that I’m drawn to Intellegent (Mercury) mysterious (Neptune) and very sexual women (BML) that always seem to be darker than myself ( opp my ASC) (more so in my youth but there is still that inexplicable attraction to certain types) and i’d have to say my taste in music, art, music etc does seem to be somewhat dark or Scorponic (?) Although this has lessened considerably as I’ve aged . I believe it was you that had said that we have no choice but to live our charts and well I’ll share some examples with you .. I have been Strangled to the point of blacking out on more than one occasion, have sustained many hits to the head , twice in fact bicycle accidents left the right side of my face covered with road rash and even though the wounds healed I was left with subtle scars … one injury rather close to my jugular … a piece of aluminum channel was the culprit of that one … and the man on the other end that wasn’t paying much attention …. and lastly although there has never been any beheadings … while under the threat of violence (after I’ve been struck) I have lost my own head and don’t remember first hand what had happen (although I’ve been told by witness) but “blacked out” it’s a pretty scary thing for me… I abhor violence … but when it is inflicted upon me .. I have become violent (extremely, apparently) but I’m much older, wiser, and I’d like to think I possess the strength and will power to control my darker impulses via my own spirituality, meditation, prayer etc

        But that begs the question are some people simply born evil with nasty aspects and all (which I suppose would mean free will is an illusion ..?) or do we always have a choice to be the best version of ourselves dispute our charts ?( Maybe that’s a discussion for another thread )

  14. amiannJenny

    I have ASC conj ALGOL
    I wonder how my appearance is?

    I am not a serial killers but I do have a propensity towards the evil arts and sexuality
    And I have a complex understanding of good and knowledge

  15. amiannSandy
    Here is a link that is most educational upon the topic of algol.
    I have Algol conj. my ascendant and once I looked into the meaning of it I felt so much peace.
    I don’t have a propensity towards violence, I used to rescue flies from the dishwater and felt guilty slapping mosquitoes.
    However, I CAN totally relate to being abused both physically and mentally and always surviving. I am calm when everyone around me is panicking.
    I can’t stand it when people are unjust or fake. I always stick up for the little guy. Even when it is dangerous for me.
    I am a little woman…lol
    But I have stood up to some pretty scary characters. Sometimes they leave me alone just because of my words and I guess because I look so fearless…not sure.
    Afterward I shake my head and wonder where it came from.
    I think it helps that I also have jupiter conj. my ascendant.
    I also ALWAYS have men flirting with me or even propositioning me when my husband went to the bathroom at a pub. I don’t know what it is that attracts them. But my hubby assures me it’s sexy.
    I would say that Algol is a truly feminist fixed star. The most important part being that Medusa was a beautiful woman who was raped by a God and then blamed for the very hurt thrust upon her.
    Good luck everyone!
    Blessings friends in astrology.

  16. amiannMarga

    I have Algol 1 degree from ascendent plus Sun conjunct Nessus. Am I evil? Well, I can imagine beeing evil, really evil. I know that under some circumstances I could do some very bad things. But I know the price and logically – IT is not worth “right now” (and the price I mean not monet per ce but also for example pain of my daughter if I would go to prison).
    Also since ever I was fascinated by dark side of humanity, trying to understand the motives of people.

    My appearance – I don’t think i am attractive. But I know other people find me attractive. And I’m dark. Black hair, olive skin, hazel eyes i north-east Europe is not so popular. I also have kind of vampiric/demonic appearance too.

  17. amiannJenny

    My Chiron conjunct ASC is conjunct fixed star, Algol.

    I wonder if you could feel it in my aura, in my vibes.

    I love this thread. I’ve been following and adding to it for years!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Love, for being here and for your comments. I could not feel it over the internet on here anyway. I have felt it on the internet in other places though lol

  18. amiannKayla

    Do you think it’s possible that Algol energy, admittedly being a “darker” type of influence anywhere in conjunction in the chart, would also imply that the individual could either cause and/or be drawn to extreme evil or extreme good, depending upon the individual’s own personal ability, want, level of self-awareness, etc. to overcome the lower vibrations, i.e. evil, of Algol?
    Perhaps because of its aforementioned intensity, most people with a conjunction may have to…work really hard to overcome its inherently negative influence and/or causative role in their life or the lives of others?

  19. amiannTalia

    One of my girlfriends who I finally ended my friendship with after many years has Algol conjuncting her ASC 2 degrees and squaring my moon 0 degree. I didn’t know this when we were friends. She ghosted me twice during our friendship,slept with my ex boyfriend. There were times she was really nice though. I told her to get lost after she contacted me years later about her mom dying and wanted to give me dishes I admired her mom had. 🙄. I said no and goodbye. Her Chiron conjuncts my Chiron. I’m glad I ended that friendship.

  20. amiannGigiNYC

    I just discovered that Algol is only 5 degrees away from my Descendant at 0 degrees Gemini which of course also means that it’s opposite my Ascendant. What are your thoughts on this? How far away from a planet or point should a fixed star be before it is no longer considered as forming an aspect? I’m aware that many astrologers only consider asteroids as forming a valid aspect if they’re within five degrees or less of the planet or point — fixed stars are of course bigger than the planets and asteroids but they’re also much further away which suggests that they should probably only be considered as forming a valid aspect if the aspect is very close.

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