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Asteroid Picks–Sedna (90377)

Sedna can make one you cry, just from reading the myth. Sedna is an easy one to apply as her life is linear. This is unlike many of the myths which the character does so many things that the Astrologer must really struggle to make it practical. Sedna is a story of betrayal by men.

One can feel Sedna’s innocence, at the beginning of the story. Sedna lives with her father. He is not good to her.She wants to marry to get away. This is so like modern times. A wonderful looking man comes to court her. She accepts his marriage proposal and becomes his wife. He changes into a mean monster.

She lives in a tiny cold hut that smells of fish. Her husband treats her terribly and she tries to escape. She escapes back to her father’s home.However, her father is afraid of Sedna’s husband, who has powers over the weather. Sedna’s father tries to escape by boat. Sedna swims up to the boat, begging for her father to take her aboard. Her father cuts off her fingers as they pry onto the boat’s side. Sedna dies and falls to the bottom of the sea.

I make a Sedna Asteroid pick if someone talks about betrayal by men. In the case of the Sedna Asteroid, the betrayal would have to be a life theme, not a one time event. When I hear a story that mirrors the above, I will make an Asteroid pick for Sedna. I have always been right, so far.


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35 thoughts on “Asteroid Picks–Sedna (90377)

  1. amiannKanwal

    Ami <3

    A daughter of my family friend has this natally. She just came out of a bad marriage. Her parents are now looking for another match 🙁 Let's see what happens.

  2. amiannmelissa

    Sedna conjunct Jupiter..
    Sedna trine Neptune
    Sedna opposite Pluto

    also trines Nessus and sextile Dejanira.
    I know that conjunctions are supposed to be the only thing that matters, but I still feel like it tells a story.

    Weirdly enough I had a dream once where my father made me get married to this old gross fisherman in a nasty dilapidated hut at the end of a pier. I tried running away in a wheelchair [I was like REALLY pregnant or something] and it was Halloween and people were all dressed up in their costumes. But then there were zombies all around, real ones and I tried to wheel myself away from them and tell people what was happening but no one would listen [Sun square Kassandra, anyone?!] My real dad WAS a fisherman [very Neptunian…alcoholic, idealistic, a bit mystic too and totally absent most of the time] and I have Sun square Neptune, and my IC in Pisces. The synchronicity of astrology never ceases to amaze me..

  3. amiannFishTaur

    So, I guess being a taurus rising means I will be either the betrayer, either the prey for nearly every woman on this planet who seeks revenge. That’s a bit ridiculous. I hope 🙂

      1. amiannFishTaur

        well, can’t be there any positive interpretation of this universal conjunction between all 1st/2nd-decan-taurus rising men and ALL women?

  4. amiannJane J.

    Hi, Ami, I’m trying to understand something that happened- someone important to me had transiting Sedna conjunct her Sun exactly in June 2018, then it moved forward, retrograded and crossed her Sun again in November. In June, she broke up with a man who was very devoted to her and wanted to marry her (he had failed her and hurt her badly once 10 years earlier when they were teenagers but they had come together and seemed very happy the last couple of years). They still had to work closely together. In November, on the day of the exact conjunction, she told him she was sleeping with his close friend and devastated him. I thought Sedna was betrayal by men, but it seems like it triggered these actions. I’d love to hear what you think. thank you in advance

  5. amiannHervea

    In synastry,
    -Her sedna conjunct his moon (exact) and his ASC (2dg)
    Both sedna are conjunct.
    In natal,
    -His sedna conjunct Asc and moon. (1st house taurus)
    -Her sedna conjunct his name asteroid (3rd house taurus)
    Can you tell me about that please? Thanks

  6. amiannHervea

    Sorry, I don’t speak English.
    I try to make my self understood. Would it be her or him who would create the sedna relationship? I think these are important aspects. Who would betray another

  7. amiannElizabeth

    What would Sedna conjunct Saturn represent? I would guess something about being patient and overcoming every hardship that comes their way.

  8. amiannJJ

    Do trines count in synastry for this? Like Sedna-Moon trine.
    I think I saw you mention only conjunctions and oppositions count?
    My father’s Sun squares my Sedna and you’re spot on, I always knew he hated me just never knew why. Still don’t.

  9. amiannStephanie

    I just found out I have Sedna on my IC.
    I am currently extracting myself and my children from an abusive marriage. My ex has Eris on his IC.

    My ex would say that my dad sold me off to an older man(him). In fact, one night my ex was arrested for domestic violence against me, and guess who bailed my ex out? My own father of course. :-/

    So this is a life long theme? Should there be no men living in my hone at all, ever?

    I even felt somewhat betrayed by the family dog (male) because I felt that he would stick up for my abusive ex whenever we would fight.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That is so sad, Stephanie! I think life is so sad and so unfair so much of the time. That is why I believe in Jesus. When I get to Heaven, it will be fair and wonderful! Please, consider a relationship with Jesus. Sedna conj the IC is a bad childhood. It does not mean all men will betray you. Sedna conj the Moon, Venus or NN would be more so of a fated Sedna thing, my Friend

  10. amiannHelen

    Oddly as a child I had a book called, “Song of Sedna,” that told this myth. I loved that book.
    Lived through much betrayal by men…just found out my Saturn conjunct Mars in Scorpio is in opposition (1.44degree orb) to Sedna. Juno also trines my 1st house Jupiter- luck that has come in really really useful in escaping abusive/dangerous situations with men. Feelin’ it.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      People born close in years have this–Sedna conj Sedna. However, if his conj your IC, he could betray you badly but it has to be close—1-3 degrees

  11. amiannGigiNYC

    I just realized *yesterday* that I have Sedna conjunct Moon at an orb of three degrees (Taurus in the 5th House) — it also forms a sextile with three of the planets in my 7th House stellium (Sun, Venus, and Mars) as well as a trine with my Jupiter. This certainly does appear to provide more insight into the reasons why my love life as well as my relationships with men in general have often proved disappointing. My father did not abandon or abuse me when I was growing up but I experienced him as being very aloof and undemonstrative as a child (I frequently thought that he was disappointed in me). I was not popular in school and was frequently bullied or teased by boys. I have a long history of attracting/being attracted to men who are not good for me — not physically abusive (thank goodness) but more often than not cold, controlling, dishonest, unappreciative, unavailable, unfaithful, unreliable, etc.. As a result, I have a few trust issues when it comes to men even though I would prefer to be in a long term romantic relationship with someone given a choice. What would your advice be for a woman in my position moving forward? Would you suggest that I reconcile myself to being single (which is certainly preferable to being in an unhappy relationship since then at least it makes SENSE when I feel lonely) and focus all my attention on other things?

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