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What The Astrological Signs Would Most Likely Get Arrested For


The Astrological Signs and What They Would Most Likely Get Arrested For—– Authored By Ed Draughn

Aries – Violence, Accidents, anything with Fire or in the
worst cases bombs.

Taurus – Anything financial of course. Though you would think
Leo’s as the Dictators we had some dangerous Dictators come
from Taurus. Robbery perhaps.

Gemini – Wow this is the “Conman” of the signs followed by
Sagittarius and lower developed Scorpios. So yes being
Con Artist, Drifting, Prostitution, Drug Dealing,
at the worst Serial Killers.

Cancer – Kidnapping, … Wow this is a hard one to figure out.
This has me stuck. Think of Cancer things I guess but on the
Negative side. Cancer and Libra I would think would have the
lowest Arrests

Leo – This one is easy TEMPER—– plain and simple.

Virgo – This is another tough one. I know I read in the book
by Joanne Woodward I believe her name is author of the “Only
Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” a book I started on. She said
the lower developed ones can be Pimps, Drug Dealers … Etc.

Libra – Well they say they are the “Charmers” out of the Signs
so possibly anything with conning.

Scorpio – The only problem here is where to start. Scorpios
tend to be EXTREME, the “Devil vs Angel” of the signs. You
have Charles Manson on one hand then Billy Graham on the
other. This is probably the one Sign that would get away with
Murder if any could. They are quite Vindictive and Cold at
times. They can be Sexual Sadist, Hitmen, all the way to
ruthless Drug Pushers.

Sagittarius – Coming in only second to Gemini you have the
true bullshit artist here. What makes them so dangerous is
most truly believe in there own bullshit. They can be quite
bullying too.

Capricorn – Almost like Scorpios when they go bad it’s off the
charts. These can be the coldest of the cold. Here you have
the “Natural” Hitman or contract killer and a few from this
energy have been. Like Taurus anything to do with money
especially extortion. They too can be Sexual Sadist.

Aquarius Another sign to pin down. Since they are the
natural rebels and protesters of the Zodiac anything with
Political crime I can see though to them it is and may be
justified. As this sign is the most “Bizarre” I think
really outlandish crimes I can see them doing the most.

Pisces – With this energy almost like Scorpio is the lesser
developed ones anything is possible. I would say anything to
do with Drugs is extremely High. Prostitution I can see
would be quite high with this energy. They are Charming to
but without putting the effort in. Along with Scorpio and
Sagittarius they could be “Natural” Cult Leaders. Their
innocence is what makes them so Dangerous.

~ Ed

Authored By Ed Eddini Draughn

2 thoughts on “What The Astrological Signs Would Most Likely Get Arrested For

  1. amiannKristie Jenkins

    My Scorpio Sun, Uranus and Venus (Rx) conjunct in the first (not to mention Neptune conjunct Mars & Mercury in the 2nd) landed me in jail over selling pot back in 98. All of the other times.. I just didn’t get caught 😉 haha – I’ve retired from that life style now. The chart never lies, Amy, people do. <3

  2. amiannPaula

    I completely agree with Pisces. The Pisceans I’ve known, were always involved in some sort of something, and it was drug-related, and they just looked up innocently.

    I have heard, repeatedly, that Cancers would be the one most responsible for crimes of passion. Murders especially. ?

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