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More Astrology Fun–Part Four

girl bubblesI like tidbits. I like morsels of information. I hope you do, too. Here goes 😀

1. A man with Venus conjunct Pluto will be obsessive when in love. Don’t attempt a casual fling in the case of his really caring for you. It may severely wound him.

2. A person with Moon in Pisces will be very sensitive, too sensitive for this world, perhaps. Be kind.

3.A person with the Sun conjunct Pluto will be strong, by nature.

4. A person with Moon conjunct Pluto may have had an enmeshed relationship with his mom. He may, also, feel emotions very deeply.

5. A person with Vesta conjunct the Ascendent, Sun or Moon will be a very helpful person to others.

6. A person with Nessus conjunct the Ascendent, Sun or Moon may be abusive. Beware.

7. A person with the Sun conjunct Chiron may have had a very harsh father. He may carry these scars forever.

8. A person with Mars conjunct Mercury will tell you the truth on anything.

9. A person with Saturn conjunct the Ascendent had to grow up early.

10. A person with Jupiter conjunct the Ascendent will have a lovely, positive vibe.

11. A person with Chiron conjunct the Ascendent may have been bullied quite severely.

12. A person with a ninth house stellium will, likely, be an avid reader.

13. A person with Ruler of the 6th house in the first house may be a hypochondriac.

14. A person with a Cancer Moon will be very protective of loved ones

15. A person with a Scorpio Venus may feel obsessed, often, when it comes to romance.

16. A person with an Unaspected Mars may have a bad temper which he will need to remedy, in order to stay out of trouble.

17. A person with a Gemini Moon may find it very hard to concentrate.

18. A person with Venus in any aspect to the Ascendent will, likely, be very attractive.

19. A person with Saturn conjunct the MC may feel she has to appear perfect.

20. A person with a sixth house stellium may be too self sacrificing.

2 thoughts on “More Astrology Fun–Part Four

  1. amiannsnoopie23

    interesting Ami!

    I’ve noticed a few comedians have mars conjunct mercury e.g. Bill Hicks and Coluche (French comedian.) Both had the compulsion to communicate the truth to people. Sharp, quick, supportive wit seems very mercury/mars!

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