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Astrology Fun–Part Three—Synastry

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The third time is the charm and I have had my computer in the shop for two days so am rearing to go.

1. Venus trine Venus will have the similar tastes such as in clothes and home furnishings. They will see good manners in the same way. They may have a similar sense of humor, such that if one makes a joke, the other will, likely, appreciate it.

2. Moon trine Moon has an effortless simpatico. If one meets someone and feels as if one could be best friends, this may well be Moon trine Moon. Chiron aspects can mirror this for a time but it will not last. I will discuss Chiron aspects, later. Moon trine Moon will, likely, last forever, no matter the nature of the relationship i.e friends, parents, children or lovers.

3. Moon square Pluto may bode for violence.

4. Moon square Moon may makes for a basic and enduring lack of understanding between two people.

5. Moon oppose Moon makes for an opposite perspective, which may be excellent for friends but not for partners, in my opinion.If one has this with a partner, find true simpatico elsewhere, in my opinion.

6. A man’s Pluto conjunct a woman’s Ascendent will make her weak in the knees around him.

7. A woman’s Sun conjunct a man’s MC may indicate a rise in social status and prestige for her. This aspect was in the synastry of Kate and William, Kate being the Sun.

8.If one person’s Jupiter conjuncts the Ascendent, Sun or Moon of the other, the Jupiter person will bring “feel good” vibes to the other person.

9. If one person’s Nessus conjuncts the Sun of another person, the Nessus person will have a great desire to abuse the Sun person.

10. If one person’s Saturn conjuncts another person’s Moon, the Moon person may feel criticized.

11. If a person’s Saturn conjuncts another person’s Venus, the Venus person may feel as if he is never worthy enough for the love of the Saturn person.

12.If the asteroid Nemesis of one person conjuncts the Ascendent, Sun or Moon of the other person, watch out for the person turning into an enemy.

13. If the asteroid Apollo conjuncts the Ascendent, Sun or Moon of the other person, the Apollo person may be put on a pedestal by the other person.

14. If one person’s Chiron conjuncts the Sun, Moon, Mars, or Venus of the other, the relationship will, likely, start as soul mates/best friends and end over something very petty, never to be resurrected again.

15. Mars trine Mars may make for wild sex but even wilder fighting that may cause the relationship to end.

16. Saturn square Venus may make the Venus person feel she can never measure up.

17. One person’s Jupiter conjunct the ASC of the other person will give an extra dose of confidence to the ASC person.

18. The name asteroid of one person on any personal part of the chart of the other will show a fated relationship. The personal parts of the chart are the ASC, IC, DSC, MC and the planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

19. Moon conjunct or trine Pluto may be once in a lifetime love, never forgotten by either, even if both have new loves.

20. Nessus and Dejanira of one person touching personal parts of the chart of the other may make for an obsessive relationship such that people may act out of character in outrageous ways.

13 thoughts on “Astrology Fun–Part Three—Synastry

  1. amiannsnoopie23

    may I ask a little regarding how you found out about the man’s pluto on woman’s ascendant making her go weak at the knees? what about a woman’s pluto conjunct a man’s ascendant?

    i had my pluto on someone’s ascendant. I had the impression he was jittery when i was around and I interpreted/internalized (assumed) I probably intimidating to him.. which made me shy/not want to disturb or “overpower” him. (How does this energy-dynamic thing work? lol..!)

    I never managed to find out what he actually felt. However I found out later that sometimes I/we misread intensity for being disliked… when sometimes we get intense ’cause we feel a strong magnetism… lol … pluto is strange animal- it’s entwined with our deepest wants/fears. In synastry I sometimes find it hard to read whether it’s love or hate :-p

    I personally find pluto/moon conjunction in synastry a little bit too much me- I imagine if the Pluto person was very clear with the line between guidance/influence and manipulation… then it could be great, but I’ve had no such luck. However I’ve also found Pluto trine moon to be sooooo lovely 🙂

  2. amiannnany

    Ami ! Hi… Happy new year (know I m a bit late)… What would happen if along with Pluto someone has Venus too on the other’s ascendant ?

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