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Astrology Fun–Part Two

girl bubblesDave requested a Part Two. I am eager to meet requests, so send some my way. For now, I will do what Geminis like to do best—Have Fun. Onward to Part Two.

1. Lilith conjunct the Ascendent or MC is very sexy, with no effort.

2. This is not fun, per se, just interesting. Chiron in the 8th House seems to try to reject her animal side, in favor of her rational side. This seems to result in a shutting down of primal passions, such that the person may not even feel them. In conversational parlance, we could call this repression.

3. An Unaspected Uranus will be, perhaps, the most creative native in the entire Zodiac. Even if he does not engage in a particular artistic discipline, his whole life will be a pursuit of creativity, expressed in all of his mannerisms. The Unaspected Uranus is very rare but very magical.

4. An Unaspected Pluto will need to master the dynamics of power. Hence, his life seems to be a singular pursuit to understand his own sense of power and how that works in the larger social venus.

5.The Unaspected Moon was not mothered as a child. She is THE most sensitive denizen of the Zodiac. Think of an itchy wool sweater against bare skin and you will have an sense of what it feels like to be an Unaspected Moon.

6. Moon conjunct the asteroid Nemesis had a mother who was a virtual enemy. Hence, she mistrusts women.

7. Saturn in the 5th House seems to have a block on his creativity. It is very hard for him to let go and have fun.

8. Sun conjunct the Descendent may look to shine through finding a partner who shines and reflecting in his glory.

9. Eris conjunct the Ascendent, MC or North Node is, probably, the most annoying person one will ever encounter. Think Steve Urkel.

10.Chiron in the 10th House feels he does not belong in polite society. He feels like an outcast.

11. Libra Ascendent confers beauty and grace.

12. Gemini Ascendent may have a beautiful and compelling voice.

13. Great intelligence is conferred when the Sun and Mercury have an orb for from 6-10 degrees. This is called a Sun/mercury conjunction.

14. Lack of detachment leading to an extremely self focused sense of life may result from the Mercury/Sun combust. The combust can be an exact conjunction to 5 degrees. The degree of self focus is greatly magnified at the as the orb narrows and mitigates as it widens.

15. The Asteroid Lie conjunct the Ascendent seems to be a liar.

16. The Asteroid Swindle conjunct the Ascendent seems to be a con artist.

17.The Asteroid Moira conjunct the Ascendent or Sun seems to be a person who is fated for a particular purpose in life.

18. The Asteroid Europa conjunct the Ascendent or Sun is a very glamorous person.

19. The Asteroid Nessus conjunct the Ascendent, Sun or Mars may be an abuser.

20. The Asteroid Nessus conjunct Venus seems to be a person who is a victim of abuse on a continual basis when in love.

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