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girl bubblesAfter I write too many articles on Depression( and I am not done yet), I want to relax, let my hair down and giggle. Hence, this article. I hope you like it.

1. Women with Moon in Cancer have a little girl manner about them. They, often, have large breasts, as well.

2. Men with Jupiter in the 8th may be well endowed.

3. Leo Ascendent can monopolize a conversation with me, me, me( and more me)

4. Sagittarius Ascendent, often, resembles a horse.

5. Leo Ascendent, often, resembles a lion.

6.Mars in Cancer is a natural dancer.

7. The sign of Gemini is known for lovely hands.

8. Libra Venus is the most refined Venus of the Zodiac.

9. Eros conjunct the Ascendent will be sexy.

10. Apollo conjunct the Ascendent will be admired.

11. Taurus Moon loves to eat and sleep.

12. Venus in Gemini falls in love with the mind of the other person, not the body.

13. Venus in Aries in a man does not like to chase. He will appear so, at first, but it will not last.

14. When it comes to chasing, Venus in Aries in a woman is aggressive( “cough* forgot my political correctness “assertive”)

15. Libra Ascendent is vain( and lazy)

16. Cancer Ascendent is said to have the shortest life span of any of the Ascendents.

17. Cancer Ascendent in a man will have a baby face( a la John Edwards)

18. If a man is abusive and he has a cardinal Ascendent, the abuse may be physical.

19. Naptune in the 12th House tends toward depression.

20. Pluto in the 12th House may feel excessive shame and guilt about his passions.

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