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Astrology Signs —–Home Decor

A longe chairAries

Forgive me but I, always, think of Aries as having a Fred Flinestone cave. It would have a huge bed in the middle because he has short relationships.


Warm bread would be baking. Homemade  vegetable soup would be simmering on the stove. He would have candles lit in all sorts of delicious smells such as cinnamon buns.  His chairs would be recliners next to an end table with the remote. His sofa would be filled with comfy pillows  and a mohair throw, just right for snuggling.


Her house would be a mess and she would be sitting in the middle with a pile of books.


Her home would be beset with family photos.  The oven would be filled with a nutritious meal. Her kitchen would be the hub of the house. The table would have comfortable chairs for sharing a hot cup of herb tea with honey.


His house may not be well cared for. He would be too busy making himself beautiful. His closet, on the other hand, would be filled with all manner of stylish clothes, shoes and boots. Men do wear heels.


His house would be so clean that you could eat from any surface and I mean any.


Her home is her show piece. Her dishes match, as do her silverware and kitchen towels. She is the most gracious hostess of the Zodiac so prepare to be entertained well. She will not allow you to help with the dishes, either. She does the dishes in her Pottery Barn Apron with the inscription”Hostess with the Mostest”


His home is dark, dark, dark and I don’t mean in terms of illumination. He likes dark woods, art work with somber themes and music that plumbs the depths of the soul. Don’t go searching in his drawers if you don’t want to learn things that may haunt you.


His home is the world. He may rent a home with a TV, so he can watch the Judge shows. He has no long term lease, so he can move in with the next sexy chick he meets who captivates him with her boots.


He can shop at a thrift store and make it look like the Pottery Barn. Capricorn believes in quality in all things, from his home to his clothes to you.


You may think you stepped into a New Age shop with this one. Crystals may be hanging from the windows. He may have geodes as the primary living room decor. His bookshelf will be filled with books on how to live in the wild eating twigs. His poetry will be written by obscure authors whom no one can understand. He has signed copies.


First of all, he has a water bed. Second of all, his home is pastels. Third of all, he plays Enya.










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